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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: Teresadrian

Source: slideshare.net

Quand et si clauses The future and conditional and the imperfect

Si clauses • “Si” clause in the present • Main clause in the future • Si tu passes ton permis, tu auras une voiture. • Tu auras un bon travail si tu as ton bac. • S’il vient me voir, on ira à la Tour Eiffel.

Quand clauses • Quand tu écriras un livre, tu seras riche! • Quand tu seras à Rome, tu voudras une pizza. • Tu m’enverras une carte quand tu seras aux Iles Caymen? • Both clauses are in the future.

Si clauses when the “si” clause is in the imperfect. • Si j’avais mon bac, je chercherais un travail. • Si clause in the imperfect and the main clause is the conditional. • Si tu avais de l’argent , tu irais en vacances,

• “si” clause in the imperfect and the main clause in the conditional. • Si j’avais un diplome, je ferais un stage de banquier.

The quand clauses • The “quand” clause tells that when something happens, something else will take place. • When you go to Paris, you will see the Louvre. • In English we use the present tense and the future tense. •

En Francais • Here is the way it is done in French • Quand tu iras a Paris, tu verras le Louvre. • The future is used in both clauses.

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