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Published on January 8, 2009

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Quality of work in Europe: 2010 and beyond Jorma Karppinen Director, Eurofound 2 October 2008 18/12/2008 1

Quality of work in Europe Large-scale economic and social change over 30 years Traditional model of work is being questioned Structures for analysing work need to evolve to meet needs of workers and businesses Eurofound and ANACT working to respond to these new challenges Plotting path towards sustainable models of economic, social performance 18/12/2008 2

What is Eurofound’s contribution? 30 years experience researching working conditions and quality of work issues across the European Union European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS) European Company Survey (ECS) European Working Conditions Observatory (EWCO) European industrial relations observatory (EIRO) Core research: industrial relations, working conditions, quality of work and employment 18/12/2008 3

Eurofound’s contribution: European Working Conditions Survey Unique survey across 27 Member States (plus candidate countries Turkey and Croatia, Norway and Switzerland) Comparative analysis of European working conditions Every four years : first survey carried out in 1991 Expanded with enlargement waves Questionnaire has evolved over time in order to better capture world of work, but capturing trends remains key 15 years of charting the trends in working conditions Differences between EU15 and NMS progress, convergence, divergence 18/12/2008 4

Eurofound’s contribution European Company Survey European Company Survey on working time First comparative survey across companies/establishments in former EU15 and six new Member States in 2004 /2005 Complements existing Foundation data and research on working time (e.g. EWCS results) Whether, why, how companies make use of various working time arrangements (e.g. part-time work, overtime, flexi-time, shift work, phased and early retirement, childcare leave arrangements) Includes all companies with 10 or more employees across all sectors of activity, including public sector Second ECS to be carried out in 2008 18/12/2008 5

Eurofound’s contribution European Working Conditions Observatory EWCO Established in 2003 Part of Eurofound’s Network of European Correspondents Provides regular information on quality of work and employment issues in EU Member States and at EU level Comparative analytical reports on specific related issues Research focus on four key dimensions of quality of work and employment ensuring career and employment security; maintaining the health and well-being of workers; developing skills and competencies; reconciling work-life balance. 18/12/2008 6

Eurofound’s contribution European Industrial Relations Observatory EIRO Established in 1997 Part of Eurofound’s network of European correspondents Collects, analyses and disseminates up-to-date information on industrial relations developments at Member State and EU level Comparative analytical reports on selected issues Industrial relations research Key research into role of social dialogue in development of working conditions comparisons of industrial relations situation in Europe, the US and Japan mechanisms for dispute resolution new tools of governance 18/12/2008 7

Eurofound’s contribution: 2010 and beyond…2009-12 work programme New forms of corporate ownership and governance Implications of new forms of corporate ownership, governance, partnerships and company networks for restructuring practices and industrial relations, employment levels, human resources policies, working conditions, implications for social dialogue. New services in a single European market Identification of sectors where liberalisation may be expected to have a significant impact on pay, employment, working conditions and quality of both public and private services in many Member States. Explore sectors of possible employment growth such as health and care in light of ageing population. Mobility of workers within free movement of services has implications for pay, working conditions, and social security. 18/12/2008 8

Eurofound’s contribution: 2010 and beyond…2009-12 work programme Social dialogue and the employment relationship Role of social partners and dialogue at all levels as well as on impact of policies and legislation to achieve sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and social inclusion. cross-border cooperation, developments in collective bargaining at different levels, European Works Councils, European Company Statute, information and consultation, evolution of inter- professional and sectoral social dialogue, European and international framework agreements. Working conditions Working conditions and sustainable productivity, precarious groups; working conditions and older workers; work–life balance; work organisation; absenteeism, violence and harassment, stress with particular focus on the NMS Working conditions and social dialogue, links between social dialogue and certain aspects of working conditions (i.e. health and safety, work organisation, workers participation, wages, stress, violence and harassment, etc.) 18/12/2008 9

Eurofound’s contribution: 2010 and beyond…2009-12 work programme Social innovation, productivity and organisation of work What kind of IR will contribute to success and productivity of new production models, implications for traditional IR system? What kind of organisational innovations required for companies today and what is their impact on quality and productivity of work? What are the emerging types of organisation of work ? Gender, work and employment conditions Gender differences in pay and working conditions, different career choices of men and women and managing work-life balance Particular focus on solutions agreed by the social partners at company, sectoral, national and European levels. 18/12/2008 10

Eurofound’s contribution: 2010 and beyond…2009-12 work programme Labour market adjustment to structural change Analysis of impact of drivers of change on quantity and quality of jobs - European Employment Trends (EET) monitor. Addressing labour shortages Specific topics to include measures to increase labour force participation of all groups where participation is currently low; long term unemployed, older workers, women, young people, foreign born residents, low-skilled workers, people with disabilities. Matching existing and future skills with new demands. 18/12/2008 11

Eurofound’s contribution: 2010 and beyond…2009-12 work programme Flexicurity Comparisons of flexicurity in MS with special emphasis on life-course perspective and involvement of social partners. Flexible employment, employment security, active labour market policy, labour law and social security as well as interaction of these policies and different aspects of flexibility and security at workplace level. Builds on existing work on flexicurity Flexicurity resource pack – available to all participants! 18/12/2008 12

Wish you every success with the conference Positive cooperation with ANACT Thank you 18/12/2008 13

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