Quality of Experience for *Inter-Destination Media Synchronization

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Information about Quality of Experience for *Inter-Destination Media Synchronization

Published on October 13, 2014

Author: christian.timmerer

Source: slideshare.net

1. Quality of Experience for Inter-Destination Media Synchronization Christian Timmerer Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt (AAU) w Faculty of Technical Sciences (TEWI) w Department of Information Technology (ITEC) w Multimedia Communication (MMC) w Sensory Experience Lab (SELab) @timse7 w http://blog.timmerer.com w http://selab.itec.aau.at/ mailto:christian.timmerer@itec.uni-klu.ac.at September 20, 2014 Acknowledgments. This work was supported in part by the EC in the context of the SocialSensor (FP7-­‐ICT-­‐287975) and QUALINET (COST IC 1003) projects and partly performed in the Lakeside Labs research cluster at AAU.

2. Outline • Introduction • Quality of Experience • Inter-Destination Media Synchronization • IDMS Building Blocks • Adaptive Media Playout & QoE Impact • Conclusions Sep. 20, 2014 QoMEX 2014, Singapore 2

3. Multimedia is Predominant on the Internet • Real-time entertainment – Streaming video and audio – More than 50% of Internet traffic at peak periods • Popular services – YouTube (13.2%), Netflix (34.2%), Amazon Video (1.9%), Hulu (1.7%) – All delivered over-the-top (OTT) – MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP Global Internet Phenomena Report: 1H 2014 Sep. 20, 2014 QoMEX 2014, Singapore 3

4. Quality of Experience • Quality of Experience – “… is the degree of delight or annoyance of the user of an application or service…” – Factors influencing / features of QoE may lead to application-specific definitions • Subjective quality assessments – Laboratory [ITU-T B.500 / P.910] – Crowdsourcing with special platforms or social networks • QoE of DASH-based services – Startup delay (low) – Buffer underrun / stalls (zero) – Quality switches (low) and media throughput (high) P. Le Callet, S. Möller and A. Perkis, eds., “Qualinet White Paper on Defini_ons of Quality of Experience (2012)”, European Network on Quality of Experience in Mul6media Systems and Services (COST Ac6on IC 1003), Lausanne, Switzerland, Version 1.2, March 2013." Sep. 20, 2014 QoMEX 2014, Singapore 4

5. Inter-Destination Media Synchronization • IDMS == the playout of media streams at two or more geographically distributed locations in a time synchronized manner [draft-ietf-avtcore-idms-13] • Use case: two friends watching football using a online platform and communicating via real-time communication channel – A: Goooooaaaaalllll! Have you seen this? – B: Whoaaat? No, here they’re still preparing for the free kick, thanks for the spoiler, dude! Live Sport Events -­‐ Olympic Games -­‐ NFL Superbowl -­‐ FIFA Worldcup -­‐ … Satellite Broadcast (Semi-­‐)Professional & Amateur Content AcquisiPon Consumer Consumer Consumer Heterogeneous Broadband Networks (wired, wireless) Geographically distributed consumers accessing the same content while communicaPng among them. Sep. 20, 2014 QoMEX 2014, Singapore 5 Synchronized Playout Online Community C. Timmerer, B. Rainer, "The Social Mul_media Experience," IEEE Computer, vol. 47, no. 3, pp. 67-­‐69, Mar., 2014

6. IDMS Building Blocks • Building blocks – Session management – Identify the synchronization point and threshold of asynchronism – Signal timing and control information among the participating entities – Adapt the media playout to establish or restore synchronism • IDMS schemes – Server/client (aka master/slave, MS) – Synchronization maestro scheme (SMS) – Distributed control scheme (DCS) Sep. 20, 2014 QoMEX 2014, Singapore 6

7. Adaptive Media Playout • Initially introduced for compensating the impact of error prone communication channels on the smoothness of the multimedia playout to avoid buffer under-/overruns • Static, simple, naïve approach – Skip/pause content sections – Easy to implement, non-negligible QoE impact • Dynamic Adaptive Media Playout (AMP) – Dynamically increase/decrease the playout rate for certain content sections – Find appropriate content sections where the media playout rate can be modified without significant impact on the QoE Sep. 20, 2014 QoMEX 2014, Singapore 7

8. Demo Sep. 20, 2014 QoMEX 2014, Singapore 8

9. QoE for IDMS • Increasing/decreasing media playout rate ➪perceptual distortion in audio and/or video • Select appropriate metrics, e.g.: – Audio: the spectral energy of an audio frame – Video: the average length of motion vectors between two consecutive frames • How do metrics correlate with QoE? Find out… ➪Subjective quality assessments (w/ crowdsourcing) • Define a utility model and incorporate into the media client to carry out the IDMS B. Rainer, C. Timmerer, "A Quality of Experience Model for Adap_ve Media Playout”, In Proceedings of QoMEX 2014, Singapore, Sep 2014. B. Rainer, C. Timmerer, "Self-­‐Organized Inter-­‐Des_na_on Mul_media Synchroniza_on for Adap_ve Media Streaming”, accepted for publica6on in ACM Mul6media 2014, Orlando, Florida, Nov. 2014. Sep. 20, 2014 QoMEX 2014, Singapore 9

10. Conclusions • QUALINET white paper on QoE definitions – Generally agreed definition of QoE – Factors influencing / features of QoE • App-specific Quality of Experience – Identify those QoE factors/features – Derive a utility/QoE model – Validate through subjective tests • IDMS is an interesting application area for a broad range of QoE topics – Everyone is invited – get involved in and excited about IDMS! Sep. 20, 2014 QoMEX 2014, Singapore 10

11. Thank you for your attention ... questions, comments, etc. are welcome … Priv.-Doz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Christian Timmerer Associate Professor Klagenfurt University, Department of Information Technology (ITEC) Universitätsstrasse 65-67, A-9020 Klagenfurt, AUSTRIA christian.timmerer@itec.uni-klu.ac.at http://blog.timmerer.com/ Tel: +43/463/2700 3621 Fax: +43/463/2700 3699 © Copyright: Christian Timmerer Sep. 20, 2014 QoMEX 2014, Singapore 11

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