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Published on September 24, 2014

Author: bowes96123

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task 3

Qualitative Research Results This is a presentation based on all my results around my question and what I found out.

Question 1 Question 1 was as expected and the simple non opiated question was all males. However I did not get a large response to this survey and so don’t believe that it is accurate to presume. I cant really change the question but I could of changed how I advertised it as it was mainly done by people who saw GTA and have an interest in the game because it was advertised on fb as a GTA survey.

Question 2 Question 2 was expected again and only fitted into the yes recipients, this allowed us to understand what age the recipients where and if they were older then that then we could discard the entry. However again as we did not get a lot of responses this cant be calculated as an average. I cant really change the question as it is a very general question and ends up being just a yes answer.

Question 3 Question 3 was the first open question and so allowed them to input there opinion, the two responses were good however 1 was more detailed then the other, from this we found out its popular because of the franchise history but also it’s a very good looking game and good story line. If I could improve this question I would maybe only ask did they enjoy GTA 5 allowing more elaborate detail in the next questions.

Question 4 Question 4 is all about the multiplayer/single player, this helps us find out which was more popular and why the results determine the decision was split between both for different reasons but again one was more detailed then the other If I was to improve on this point I maybe of been able to ask separately what they liked about each game mode.

Question 5 Question5 was based around characters, these results helped us decide which character was most popular and why, the common theme was Trevor as the main character, his psychotic nature and humor allowed him to become the lovable psychopath we all know. If I was to improve on this point may of asked which character they liked in the whole game because they may have chosen something different and would be interesting to see the results.

Question 6 Question 6 is based on improving the game and through this I managed to find out that over all it was a good game however I did not get a lot of results so maybe further my research for this. I don’t believe I can improve this question much as it is asking for an opinion and and there is no right/wrong answer

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