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Published on December 28, 2013

Author: poetrybylinda

Source: authorstream.com

QUAILS: QUAILS By: Linda J. Hutchinson PowerPoint Presentation: Morning mist was slowly dissipating from the beautiful green meadow where a pair of Gambel’s  quail lived; the two had met and mated, now it's time to find a place for a nest. The male or the female scratches out a shallow place in the ground, it will be filled and lined with twigs, grass and leaves, nests hidden near big rocks and under bushes and logs are best. PowerPoint Presentation: Quails hunt for food in the morning and evening; they love fruits, weeds, seeds, dig up roots and enjoy a tasty bug or two, then back to the nest to sit again, neither mate stays away too long. Quails need very little water to survive and they have no teeth; for digestion they eat small rocks and dirt, down into a gizzard they go to help grind their food, later they and waste passes on. PowerPoint Presentation: Incubation time is soon over;  a chick starts pecking from the inside of their egg trying to get out, i t is not helped; the process is important, it may take minutes or hours to hear their first cry. As the chicks chip their way free from the egg they seem to have a sign language telling the others to take their turn entering the nest, too many too soon crowds them, some could die. PowerPoint Presentation: Often an egg may not hatch and sometimes chicks die, the ones that live can eat, run and fly upwards in short quick bursts soon after birth, due to the pungent soiled nest they leave it quickly to survive . New births invite predators,  they forage the nest, it and egg shells are scattered everywhere; the  new ground nesters must quickly hide, they eat, get stronger and learn to run, and they thrive. PowerPoint Presentation: Both mates teach and tend to their chicks; a male sentry often stands a distance away from  his own clutch or when they join a covey and lets out a loud “Q-wack - Q-wack”   sound when danger is near. Quails and their eggs are easy prey from hawks, coyotes, foxes, raccoons and snakes to name a few, often with quick flights and fluttering wings they scare off their predators including bears and deer. PowerPoint Presentation: A quail’s plumage has many uses, out in the wild with a permit they are hunted for sport and food, without a permit you will be fined; many places allow no hunters, there the birds can live wild and free . They are raised in brooders to be sold to hunting clubs and some set free in isolated places, they and their eggs are also sold to be eaten in homes and restaurants, they are considered to be a delicacy . PowerPoint Presentation: Many say quails mate for life, they are affectionate to each other too, and often they join coveys for warmth and safety, do not know why they walk in a row, but perhaps it's to keep them all in better view? The males head plumage is fuller and brighter than the females, he wears them like a crown, as he struts to places the others follow, letting out a language of mixed cooing and gurgling sounds; he is ever vigilant, they are too. PowerPoint Presentation: Quails' are also found in towns, parks, yards and zoos; they roam from place to place seeking food, they avoid  people, cats and dogs, they squawk, run and try to hide when threatened with bodily harm. They are beautiful and a joy to see as they go to and fro uttering their own sounds; loud town noises bewilder them at times, their instincts tell them they should be living safe and free, on a quiet farm . PowerPoint Presentation: Written with love for a friend of mine who adores quails so much she said someone should write a poem about the extraordinary little creatures… so I did! Written By: Linda J. Hutchinson

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