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Published on May 9, 2009

Author: quail.ridge

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Here's a catalog of all the books offered through Quail Ridge Press.

QUAIL RIDGE PRESS FA L L 2 0 0 8 Let’s Have a Party! We’re celebrating our 30th anniversary (1978–2008) with the publication of a Fast & Fabulous Party Foods and Appetizers cookbook.

Always Searching for the BEST For the past thirty years, Barbara and I have been searching for exceptional recipes to include in our BEST OF THE BEST cookbooks. We have sought those recipes that have been perfected over years of preparing and serving and that have achieved leg- endary status in a family or community . . . recipes that consistently produce those “Wow! This is really good!” dishes. We have deliberately focused our search for recipes that are not complicated to prepare and do not require bizarre, hard-to-get ingredients, but rather recipes that deliver maximum taste with min- imum preparation. For our thirty-year celebration, we are pleased to present our new Best of the Best Fast & GREG CAMPBELL PHOTOGRAPHY, INC. Fabulous Party Foods and Appetizers. This new cookbook contains over 400 of the best recipes we could find, plus menus and suggestions to make your next party a memorable event. —Gwen McKee Editors Gwen McKee and Barbara Moseley Quail Ridge Press has blessed and enriched my life! There have been so many won- derful and exciting publications that have originated at Quail Ridge Press. I am so very proud of Barney and Gwen McKee and everyone associated with this publish- ing house. They have remained in my home county of Rankin all these years and have both personally and professionally blessed my home and my state. . . . —Mary Ann Mobley Collins Actress and former Miss America from Brandon, Mississippi The Twelve Days of Christmas Cookbook 30th Anniversary Edition Published in October 1978, The Twelve Days of Christmas Cookbook was the first book to carry the imprint of Quail Ridge Press. This new special edition of this classic cookbook features 150 recipes for delightful holiday menus that enhance each of the Twelve Days of Christmas. It is no wonder that after thirty years, this cookbook is still in print and still a favorite. 978-0-937552-00-1 • 0-937552-00-3 51⁄2x 81⁄2 • 80 Pages • Comb-Bound • Illustrated • $6.95 2 QUAIL RIDGE PRESS • 1-800-343-1583

Best of the Best Fast & Fabulous Party Foods and Appetizers Editors Gwen McKee and Barbara Moseley have assembled a dazzling collection of party foods and appetizers in this fabulous new cookbook! From Crunchy Munchies and Big Dippers to Garden Goodies and Sweet Pick Ups, there are over 400 tasteful treats that will delight guests at your next party, or add sparkle to a pre-dinner snack for a small gathering of friends and family. These are recipes that are easy and fun to prepare, a sensation to enjoy, and pro- vide the extra bonus of exuberant praise for the host who served them. The cookbook also includes: • 24 party menus for a variety of party possibilites—bridal luncheon, deck or pool party, Super Bowl, etc. • Hundreds of hints and suggestions for enhancing the recipes and their presentation • Special section on Quick Fixes 3-20-8 5 x • $16.9 1-93419 es • Inde 3-20-4 • (recipes that can be prepared in -1-93419 ound • 288 Pag 978 • Comb-B 08 minutes) and Fun Foods (recipes 6x9 er 20 Novemb that add a fun and playful treat to an occasion, like Meatball Penguins and It’s Party Time! Hoppy Chocolate Frogs) Olé Chicken Stars 12 won ton wrappers (about 3 inches square) 11⁄2 tablespoons olive oil 1 large skinless, boneless chicken breast, diced 1⁄2 cup thick and chunky red salsa 12 sprigs cilantro Preheat oven to 400°. Press won ton wrappers in miniature muffin cups. Bake 5 minutes till golden brown and crisp. Heat oil in a large frying pan; cook chicken 5–7 minutes. Stir in salsa and cook another minute till heated. When pastry cups are done, remove from oven and fill with chicken mix- ture. Garnish each cup with a sprig of cilantro. Savory Pastries, page 206 • QUAIL RIDGE PRESS 3 WWW.QUAILRIDGE.COM

All New Edition! Best of the Best from Michigan Cookbook Selected Recipes from Michigan’s Favorite Cookbooks Sixty of Michigan’s leading cookbooks have contributed 354 of their most popular recipes to this completely new edition of Best of the Best from Michigan Cookbook. Open Fire Walleye Fish Fry, Michigan Nut and Berry Bark, and Cherry Cheese Brownie Bars (see recipe below) are a sampling of the delights that await you. The cookbook also contains photographs and illustrations, plus interesting and fun-to-read historical facts and trivia about the Great Lakes State. 978-1-934193-15-0 • 1-934193-15-1 6x9 • Comb-Bound • 288 Pages • Index • $16.95 Cherry Cheese Brownie Bars 1 (16-ounce) package fudge brownie mix 2 teaspoons vanilla 1 egg 1 (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk 1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, softened 1 (21-ounce) can cherry pie filling Prepare brownie mix as directed on package, except bake only 20 minutes. Beat vanilla, egg, milk, and cream cheese until smooth and pour over partially baked brownie mix. Bake until topping is set, about 25 minutes. Cool. Spread cherry pie fill- ing on top. Contributed by Serving from the Heart Collect the Series! Best of the Best State Cookbook Series Quail Ridge Press is no longer offering a BEST OF THE MONTH CLUB where individuals could sign up for an automatic shipment of a state cookbook each month. Now we are offering a Collect the Series Discount Coupon Booklet where individuals can order Best cookbooks at even greater discounts and with greater flexibility regarding when and which title you prefer to receive. To request a free discount coupon book- let, simply call 1-800-343-1583. There is no obligation upon receipt of the coupon booklet. 4 QUAIL RIDGE PRESS • 1-800-343-1583

The Acclaimed Best of the Best State Cookbook Series Alabama Arizona Arkansas Big Sky California Colorado Alaska Florida Great Plains Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Georgia Iowa Louisiana Louisiana II Michigan Mid-Atlantic Minnesota Kentucky Mississippi Nevada New England New Mexico New York N. Carolina Missouri Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania S. Carolina Tennessee Texas Oklahoma Texas II Virginia Virginia II Washington W. Virginia Wisconsin Utah All BEST OF THE BEST STATE COOKBOOKS are 6x9, comb-bound, and have photographs, illustrations, trivia, and an index. They range in size from 288–352 pages, and each contains 300–500 recipes. *NOTE: Big Sky includes Montana and Wyoming; Great Plains includes North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas; Mid-Atlantic includes Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C.; New England includes Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. • QUAIL RIDGE PRESS 5 WWW.QUAILRIDGE.COM

Ringing in Great Recipes Best of the Best from Calling All Cooks Cookbook The Most Popular Recipes from the Four Classic Calling All Cooks Cookbooks Best of the Best from Bell’s Best Cookbook The Most Popular Recipes from the Four Classic Bell’s Best Cookbooks 978-1-893062-93-1 • 1-893062-93-7 978-1-934193-21-1 • 1-934193-21-6 6x9 • Comb-Bound • 288 Pages 6x9 • Comb-Bound • 288 Pages Index • $16.95 Index • $16.95 • September 2008 The Telephone Pioneer Associations of Alabama and Mississippi have each published four cookbooks over the years that have been tremendously suc- cessful. The Calling All Cooks cookbooks (Alabama) and the Bell’s Best cookbooks (Mississippi) contain a combined total of approxi- mately 11,000 recipes. Each of these four-cookbook sets have been condensed to single BEST OF THE BEST cookbooks, each of which contains approximately 400 of the most exceptional recipes to be found anywhere. The BEST OF THE BEST COOKBOOKS also contain fascinating facts and illustrations that convey the history and evolution of the telephone. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these cookbooks creates revenue for the Pioneer Association of each state. This revenue is used to finance a variety of projects that assists and enriches communities throughout both states. Over 90,000 copies sold since publication in ‘07! Best of the Best 500 Fast & Fabulous Five-Star 5-Ingredient Recipes These recipes all contain five ingredients and usually only five or so lines of instructions. They are quick, easy to prepare, and, as with all the BEST OF THE BEST cookbooks, they consistently produce incredibly tasteful dishes that you will serve again and again. For fun, enjoy the trivia related to the number 5 scattered throughout the cookbook. 978-1-934193-05-1 • 1-934193-05-5 6x9 • Comb-Bound • 288 Pages • Index • $16.95 6 QUAIL RIDGE PRESS • 1-800-343-1583

Recently Published Cookbooks Louisiana’s Best Restaurant Recipes Imagine preparing signature dishes from over 100 of Louisiana’s leading restaurants right in your own kitchen! These 350-plus recipes will enable you to do just that. World-renowned Louisiana cuisine is captured here in all its tasteful glory. 978-1-893062-96-2 • 1-893062-96-1 • 71⁄4 x 91⁄4 • 384 Pages Lay-Flat Paperbound • Index • $19.95 Best of the Best Air Force Cookbook Favorite Recipes from USAF Families This unique collection features not only 300 outstanding recipes, but also includes stories, photographs, and interesting facts about our brave men and women who have served us proudly throughout their careers in the United States Air Force. 978-1-934193-08-2 • 1-934193-08-9 6x9 • Comb-Bound • 288 Pages • Index • $16.95 Recipe Hall of Fame Cookbook Collection 978-1-893062-19-1 978-1-893062-26-9 978-1-893062-08-5 978-1-893062-38-2 1-893062-19-8 1-893062-26-0 1-893062-08-2 1-893062-38-4 7x10 • 240 Pages • Index 7x10 • 304 Pages • Index 7x10 • 304 Pages • Index 7x10 • 304 Pages • Index Paperbound • $16.95 Paperbound • $19.95 Paperbound • $19.95 Paperbound • $19.95 Also Available in Comb-Binding! Special Offer! Four-book collection for $40 All four Hall of Fame cookbooks shown above can be ordered as a set for $40.00, nearly 50% off the total list price of $76.80. Over 1,600 incredible Hall of Fame recipes for about 21⁄2¢ each—an amazing value! 978-1-893062-69-6 • 1-893062-69-4 • $40.00 1-893062-48-1 1-893062-65-1 Retailer discounts are limited. 978-1-893062-48-1 978-1-893062-65-8 6x9 • $16.95 6x9 • $16.95 • QUAIL RIDGE PRESS 7 WWW.QUAILRIDGE.COM

Celebrating Mississippi—Our Home State From the Delta . . . Delta Dreamin’ by Gary Walters In his distinctive, dreamy style, Gary Walters’ paint- ings capture the haunting beauty of the Mississippi Delta. From endless dirt roads, flat farmlands, and simple shotgun houses, to cotton fields and juke joints, the essence of Delta landmarks are captured and celebrated in Walters’ symphony of bright and vibrant watercolors. 978-1-934193-18-1 • 1-934193-18-6 10x81⁄2 • 96 Pages • Hardbound with Jacket Full-Color Reproductions • $39.95 • October 2008 to the Coast . . . A Decade of Beach Walks by George Thatcher George Thatcher’s daily beach walks and his poignant observa- tions are a delight to read. He enables us all to vicariously feel the gentle breeze, hear the lapping water, and witness the fasci- nating daily routines and struggles of a great variety of seaside creatures. His keen eye and sensitive prose capture the small miracles of nature in a way that is both calming and inspirational. Read them slowly and savor their beauty. 978-1-934193-16-7 • 1-934193-16-X 51⁄4x 71⁄4 • 240 Pages • Hardbound • Illustrations • $12.00 • July 2008 and Everywhere in between Everywhere in Mississippi by Laurie Parker This classic—published twelve years ago—still delights readers with its whimsical tale of a man in search of his lost dog, Skippy. His journey across the state takes him through over 300 Mississippi cities, towns, and communities, all ingeniously integrated into this twisting, turning tale. Parker’s lyrical, rhyming verse and vivid illustrations will engage and amuse Mississippians of all ages. 978-0-937552-71-1 • 0-937552-71-2 81⁄2x11 • 32 Pages • Hardbound Full-Color Illustrations • $15.95 8 QUAIL RIDGE PRESS • 1-800-343-1583

Other Mississippi Titles Ghosts! Modern Mississippi Hauntings From Miriam Weems 978-0-937552-46-9 Manhattan Mostly Mississippi 0-937552-46-1 to Mississippi 7x9 • 144 pages 978-1-934193-07-5 • 1-934193-07-0 Paperbound 10x81⁄2 • 112 Pages • Hardbound with Jacket A New Yorker Photographs Full-Color Reproductions • $39.95 Falls in Love with $9.95 the South 978-1-934193-09-9 Story of a Storm 1-934193-09-7 A Book about Hurricane 51⁄4x81⁄2 • Hardbound 120 Pages • Illustrations Katrina $12.00 978-1-893062-86-3 1-893062-86-4 32 Pages • 11x81⁄2 • Hardbound Full-Color Illustrations • $15.95 NOTE: All proceeds are donat- ed to the Hurricane Relief Fund at Coast Episcopal School in Long Beach, Mississippi. Retailer discounts are limited. Amidst the Fray Memoirs by Billy Mounger 978-1-893062-97-9 Straight Ahead 1-893062-97-X 6x9 • 496 Pages Memoirs by Hardbound with Jacket Bill Waller Photographs • $26.95 Mississippi Alphabet 978-1-934193-04-4 1-934193-04-6 978-0-937552-92-6 • 0-937552-92-5 6x9 • 288 pages 10x81⁄2 • 32 Pages • Hardbound Hardbound Full-Color Illustrations • $15.95 Photographs • $24.95 • QUAIL RIDGE PRESS 9 WWW.QUAILRIDGE.COM

Best-Sellers from the Backlist The Complete Venison Cookbook The definitive book on venison cooking addresses virtually every aspect of venison processing, preparation, cooking, and preserva- tion. Now you can enjoy mild, tender venison—no more tough gamey meat. The cookbook contains over 700 venison recipes, plus another 250 recipes that complement venison, plus recipes for canning, drying, sausage making, smoking, pickling, and pre- serving venison. 978-0-937552-70-4 • 0-937552-70-4 81⁄2x11 • Lay-Flat Paperbound • 432 Pages • Illustrated • Index • $19.95 The Southern Cook’s Handbook A Step-by-Step Guide to Old-Fashioned Southern Cooking This how-to manual explains the fundamentals of southern cooking with advice about kitchen equipment and choosing fresh produce, plus over 200 of the South’s most treasured recipes. Great gift for young brides. 978-1-893062-70-2 • 1-893062-70-8 6x9 • Comb-Bound • 288 Pages • Illustrated • Photographs • Index • $16.95 Beyond Grits and Gravy The South’s All-Time Favorite Recipes An incredible collection of over 300 classic southern dishes including The World’s Best Shrimp and Grits, Creamy Pralines, or Real Southern- Style Greens and Cornbread. 978-1-893062-47-4 •1-893062-47-3 7x10 • Hardbound • 288 Pages • Photographs Index • $24.95 Best of the Best from America Cookbook Each state has its own chapter with recipes, facts, and trivia. Includes full-color story about Gwen and Barbara’s travels finding the Best recipes in America. 978-1-893062-71-9 • 1-893062-71-6 7x10 • Hardbound • 304 Pages • Photographs • Index • $29.95 Now 30% OFF!! Special Price: $19.95 The Little New The Little Gumbo Orleans Cookbook Book Recipes for fifty-seven of New Twenty-seven carefully selected Orleans’ most popular dishes — recipes that will enable every- Beignets, Jambalaya, and Trout one to enjoy the special experi- Almandine to name a few. ence of gumbo. 978-0-937552-42-1 • 0-937552-42-9 978-0-937552-17-9 • 0-937552-17-8 41⁄2x8 • 80 Pages • Hardbound • $9.95 41⁄2x8 • 64 Pages • Hardbound • $9.95 10 QUAIL RIDGE PRESS • 1-800-343-1583

Two Texas Favorites at a Special Discount Texas State Bird Pageant The delightful story of how Molly Mockingbird, called a “copy-bird” by the other bird contestants, found her own voice, composed and sang her own original song— the beautiful Texas Pride (What I Like About Texas)—and became the official state bird. 978-1-893062-75-7 • 1-893062-75-9 32 Pages • 11x81⁄2 • Hardbound • Full-Color Illustrations • $16.95 Texas Alphabet 2-BOOK SET Fun-to-read rhyming verses capture 50% OFF the people, places, and things of which Texans are so proud. $32.90 C is for cowboys on gridiron and saddle, $16.45 Cotton Bowl, cactus, coyotes, and cattle. 978-1-893062-17-7 • 1-893062-17-1 10x81⁄2 • 32 Pages • Hardbound • Full-Color Illustrations • $15.95 Ordering Information All orders shipped within 24 hours. RETAILERS: • Order a minimum of six books (single or assorted titles) to receive a 40% discount. • Order 15 to 29 copies for a 45% discount. • Order 30 or more copies for a 50% discount. • Retailers can prepay invoice total to receive free shipping. • Prices, shipping costs, and discounts in this catalog are subject to change without prior notice. Books will be billed at the current price at the time the order is placed. • Authorization to return books is not required. Books must be in resalable condition. Books may not be returned in fewer than four months nor more than twenty-four months from date of invoice. A credit memo will be issued. No cash refunds. WHOLESALERS/DISTRIBUTORS: • Call toll-free (1-800-343-1583) to place an order or request a more detailed discount schedule. LIBRARIES: We offer a 20% discount to libraries. INDIVIDUALS: • Individuals may order directly via check, money order, or major credit cards. Postage is $4.00 per order for any number of copies ordered. Mississippi residents must add 7% sales tax. Visit our website at www.quailridge.com for: • Monthly discounts on select titles • News releases and reviews • Even greater discounts on overstock titles • A complete listing of all QRP • Free recipes and cooking tips publications QUAIL RIDGE PRESS P. O. Box 123 • Brandon, MS 39043 • 1-800-343-1583 • FAX 1-800-864-1082 info@quailridge.com • www.quailridge.com

PRSRT STD QUAIL RIDGE PRESS U.S. POSTAGE P. O . B O X 1 2 3 • B R A N D O N , M S 3 9 0 4 3 PAID FAPDM Cheery Cherry Parfaits from the Delightful Desserts section of Fast & Fabulous Party Foods and Appetizers. See page 3 for more information on this book.

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