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Information about Qrca 2009 - New Market Research

Published on October 10, 2009

Author: bwsmithee

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Presentation for the 2009 Annual QRCA Conference

New Market Research

Ben Smithee 2009

?’s encouraged @SpychResearch #QRCA09

The result of true engagement ask questions share thoughts personalize examples photo credit: flickr - theparadigmshifter

topics what is it? how is it changing research? what’s its value to us? where do we start? where is it going?

evolution of marketing and brand communication strategies the modern business is constantly innovating, not to “win”, but to survive

synergistic channel research, design, marketing, communication, feedback


it’s no longer about shouting 1,000 100 10

it’s about building and maintaining relationships 10 100 1,000

amazingly intimate Phto Credit http://weenieenema.blogspot.com/2006/12/anthropomorphic-bears.html

where does social media fit in MR?

names you are tired of hearing

names you are tired of hearing by understanding these

you can better understand these

SM helps to flip the funnel insights advertising Research marketing PR insights advertising Research customer marketing PR

companies are constantly implementing new SM strategies. how can we develop research that increases success, lowers risk and raises profitability?

companies are constantly implementing new SM strategies. how can we develop research that increases success, lowers risk and raises profitability?

experience today’s consumers: 1. blog 2. comment 3. vlog 4. tweet 5. talk to others 6. call customer service

results now!

benefits to understanding SM and its value to MR

the value potential value of SM

fastest growing community site -1,382% increase in visits 475,000 unique in Feb 08 - 7 million Feb 09 131% increase in March up to 9.3 Million largest age group adults 35 - 49

realize the massive potential... but don’t under-estimate the power of one!

US Airways flight – Janis Krum, ferry passenger, first to tweet before any traditional media

how can I successfully apply this?

seek first to understand

real-ti line? me up te on dates unica omm unbiased buzz er sc c tom us col Y my lege en do G how does utilizing SM make sense for your project? non-i ntrus ive m B2 onito techn B ring olog y o they a te hat to ols d tim tion in va w use? bs er o

social media monitoring

Monitor and Engage


bloggers have a voice

monitor traffic

video is crucial

video chat/journaling

vimeo and viddler



i’m finally on facebook... now what?

harness its power effectively

but my clients are interested in their company

so are all of these people

if you haven’t figured it out, it’s not about your network...it’s about theirs!

the power is in groups

isn’t YouTube just for ridiculous home videos?

not anymore Youtube - search - Sprint “now”

instant feedback and reviews

Merging Traditional and New Media video credit: Youtube.com - “Coleman Campsite”

customized for your needs

user and crowd-sourced customization

firewalled micro-blogging

Analytics, Internal Utilization

an example from experience?

thatsnotcool.com ✦guest videos ✦youtube ✦facebook ✦myspace

a socially interactive approach at SXSW 2009

SM in recruiting, interviewing, follow-up, logistics, deliverables

www.youtube.com/spychresearch videography and production by @JohnFilm

looking forward

enhanced corporate acceptance

further movement toward interactive communication

what is the bottom line?

SM is not for everyone and everything

we are past “twitter is cool” and “get a facebook page”

targeted messages are becoming less “targeted” as communication becomes more transparent

SM gives us another valuable tool to obtain consumer insights

as our clients begin to understand this evolution, they will expect us to as well.

please keep in touch!

Ben@SpychResearch.com 215.501.2341 SpychResearch.com @SpychResearch .com/in/Benjamin Smithee /ben.smithee

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