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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: allymoona

Source: slideshare.net


QR Codes in ART Education

+ QR Codes in ART Education: who, what, where, when, why, how & ART? Allyson Uttendorfer Half Hollow Hills High School East

+ Art History

+ Photography


+ WHAT are QR (Quick Response) codes? • A QR code is a matrix barcode readable by smartphones, mobile devices with cameras and more • Typically seen as white squares with black geometric shapes (also multicolor codes and logos) • Information such as text, a URL or other data can be easily encoded using a QR Code generator • Users point their device, scan, and are quickly taken to the encoded data • http://qrcodetracking.com/qr-code-technology/ - beQRious • “Black & White and Scanned All Over” by McGuffey School District in Claysville, PA http://www.edlio.com/blog/2011/08/the-ultimateeducators-guide-to-qr-codes/

+  The World’s Largest QR Code http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=64i n_yApB2Q#%21

+ More…  QR code was originally invented in 1994 by Denso Wave, a Toyota subsidiary, as a way to track vehicles as they were assembled, and to scan components at high speeds. While Denso Wave does hold the patent on the technology, it has granted free license on it, going so far as to publish the spec online, and allowing anyone to use it.  Can not only hold 100 times more data than 1D barcodes and they can also be digitally scanned by anyone with a phone.  http://www.qrcode.com/en/history/ - A History from qrcode.com

+ Types of Codes UPC code


+ WHO uses them?  Tracking Vehicles – 1st use Japan  Marketing and Advertising  Museums  Schools  Libraries

+ WHAT is potential? QR Codes Kill Kittens – To use or not to use?   Article: http://adage.com/article/digitalnext/qr-codes-dead-toppledeasy-apps/240548/   http://youtu.be/ukzY4v_aOEE WTF QR Codes: http://wtfqrcodes.com According to Scanbuy, which creates QR codes for brands, 13 million scans were processed in 2012 and ScanLife said it processed 18 million scans via its ScanBuy application in Q1 2013. Fad, trend, practical? How long will QR codes stick around? Does it matter? What’s next… What if you don’t have a phone?

+ Voice… generate a code of your voice  http://qrvoice.net/?id=19NLmD1

+ WHERE can you find them?  Everywhere!  Packaging  Billboards  Stores  Libraries  Museums

+ Largest HUMAN QR Code – those are umbrellas! http://www.worldrecordacademy.com/mass/largest_ Human_QR_Code_Mission_Hills_China_sets_world_record_213222.html


+ The Principles and Elements of Design

+ ART 40 Outrageous Examples of QR Codes: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/qr-code-artworks/ QR Code Faces reveal music: http://gizmodo.com/5804985/read-this-qr-code-art-forvideos-of-the-musicians-whose-faces-make-up-the-art

+ http://hyperallergic.com/48885/qr-code-art-makes-its-wayinto-the-galleries/ The installation view of Kyle Trowbridge's The Politics of Time at Dorsch Gallery. Image courtesy the gallery. Miami.

Mini Masters has the concept + Netherlands-basedplayful yet artistic creatively turnedbeautiful of QR codes into a idea. Other than decoration pieces, their ceramic tiles are embedded with a unique QR code that sends inspirational or funny quotations to anyone who scans them using a smartphone.

+ Jeannette Paillan, a Mapuche documentary filmmaker, was the inspiration for this 2012 textile, titled Lukutuwe (Fertility). Scanning the QR code embedded in the tapestry reveals a quotation from Paillan, in Spanish, about the importance of sustaining the Mapuche language. (Ronald Dunlap) on Twitter

+ Wow!  http://www.tnooz.com/article/behold-the-qr-code-hotel/  http://www.dezeen.com/2012/09/20/qr-code-hotel-roomby-antoine-peters/

art is created entirely by + The QR codescanned by either a tablet hand, but is fully functional and can be or a smartphone. The creation of the entire collection was recorded as a video which is just over five minutes in length, but is fascinating enough to make it worth the time it takes to watch it.

+ WHEN will YOU use them?  http://www.slideshare.net/jonesytheteacher/40-interestingways-to-use-qr-codes-in-the-classroom?from_search=1        Scavenger Hunts & Games Quizzes Organizing Posters Books Interactive Resumes ART Periodic Table: http://www.flickr.com/photos/periodicvideos/5912075438/siz es/o/in/ Great Resource: http://www.schrockguide.net/qr-codes-inthe-classroom.html

+ Professional Development WIKI http://hhhqr.wikispaces.com

+ WHY? • FREE Smartphone and mobile research shows exponential growth in mobile use. Mobile year in Review 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdWmIoeLyfc 2013 stats - 1 in 5 have scanned a qr code in 2013 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEwkryGRrV4 • Added value content • Easy & low threshold for technology • Convenience • Keep us connected • Saves Paper & Time

+ HOW?  Free converter sites:   Snapvu  Kaywa   Delivr Qrstuff What if someone doesn’t have a phone? They works on computers too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMKBF3LKNak&feature=pl ayer_embedded

+ QR Code Lesson in AP 2-D Goals: Incorporate the use of QR codes in the arts to enhance a photograph beyond the still image. Promote, support, and model creative and innovative thinking and inventiveness. Engage students in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using digital tools and resources. Communicate relevant information and ideas effectively to students, parents, and peers using a variety of digital age media and formats. Personalize learning activities to address students’ diverse learning styles.


+ My websites… Uttendorfer Arts E-Board

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