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Published on March 2, 2014

Author: balarsubramanian

Source: slideshare.net


Quantum computing is a new technology using which it may be possible to discover new knowledge that are too difficult for even super computers. This research proposal involves understanding thought processes, consciousness, individual perception and societal development.

QM as the basis for SM Study of the individual quantum in the societal quanta Prof: Dr. Bala R. Subramanian, Ph.D., bsubrama@kean.edu

Introduction Human endeavours hitherto have not been understood to be subject to the universal laws of physics. Given the nature of the evolution of thoughts it is not surprising. However, the theoretical foundations of the quantum mechanics is an ideal starting point to conduct this investigation. Historically, the philosophers have begun with the human will and its impact on human consciousness to choose between many options believing freedom as a given. What if, the freedom is only assumed and not a fact? Would it not change our perceptions and behaviours to know that while consciousness may be mass less like a photon, it is neither free nor independent from the physics of motion? Like a photon may it not disintegrate into many sub atomic particles of various kinds not unlike the leptons, the muons and the quarks, which gain mass due to the presence of the Higgs field, after disintegration? And, if the consciousness does disintegrate, what are the implications? What are the forces of attraction, repulsion and rotation (spin)? What are the fields that influence the consciousness and lead to the thought and the action? How the consciousness does binds to a cell and governs its progress using the proteins, the amino acids and the DNA? How are the fundamental forces connected to evolve the individual beings and ultimately the societies? Is there truth in the philosophies of the east and the ancient west that have claimed that there is a super consciousness to which the individual consciousness is linked? Could the methodologies of the quantum physics help us compute

Unified Theory of Everything It would seem with the use of the high performance computing (HPC), it would be possible to stitch together not only the fabric of the cosmos but also the very fabric of the universal consciousness to bring about the health, the wealth and the well being of both the natural world and the natural consciousness. The mystery of the self and the non-self may easily be understood and a single unified theory of everything might result applying the science of quantum mechanics to the transitional (decay of matter) lives of individuals and societies. The methodologies are simple enough and could easily be replicated by the social scientists to help this convergence. Where once humanity saw problems and conflicts, with this convergence, humanity may see opportunities and solutions. Philosophers as well as scientists may have a common platform and the theories could be verified both mathematically and experimentally. With such verification, progress might be made in all endeavours concurrently with validation and certainty.

Economics of Everything Since the invention of numbers (which are an abstraction of the time-space continuum just like words which are an abstraction of reality) humanity has discovered the power of computation along with its potential to aid justice, fairness and harmony. The economics of health, wealth and welfare are closely linked to our ability to count and calculate. It is with the help of the numbers that we can understand the various relationships that lead to harmony or disharmony. Applying the quantum mechanical principles to everything, we may understand the energies that form mass and bring about motion to either the consciousness or to the particle. These variegated processes give rise to both the phenomenal nature as well as the consciousness and ensure the law of conservation of energy and the economics of everything are in synch. A knowledge of the results of these computed values along with the physical outcomes for comparison and validation leads to a permanent consonance between what is real and true and what is perceived by consciousness.

Monetization of Everything The concept of monetization is useful to facilitate transfers from one entity to another. With the advent of this concept, societal transfers have become common and the substitution of one with another has become feasible. The concepts of equivalences enable restoration of what is lost with what is gained enabling harmony to prevail in spite of destruction and construction that take place both in nature and in consciousness. The concepts of peace and happiness are restorable through the use of monetization.

Sharing of Everything (Transparancy) When we write our thoughts down and have others read them, the sharing of our experiences enable us to live societal and have consciousness of things that are beyond our own knowledge and experience, which leads to validation and empathy. These methodologies increase our awareness of both the self and the non-self and leads to common and unified perceptions of problems and opportunities. These perceptions become the building blocks to raise the next generations of societal members and newer societies. Misunderstandings among the societal members and among the various societies help create dialogs and conversations which contribute to political thoughts, actions and results. Over long periods of history, these dynamic processes converge to holistic theories of the fundamental forces of nature and consciousness. Complementing the disintegration of particles and consciousness is the integration of knowledge, thoughts, systems and processes shared over the millennia that enable universalization of experiences, such that, the time-space continuum perpetuates in the presence of dynamic renewal and leads to the consciousness thinking and believing in the timelessness of knowledge.

Societal Mechanics Based on the methodologies of the quantum mechanics, the transitioning of an individual's consciousness from birth to adulthood, assimilating the shared experiences provides the societal forces necessary to bind that individual to a certain path of tradition. The rituals associated with earning a living and playing various roles of memberships cement this knowledge to the consciousness and moulds all of that individual's characteristics. Using the big data, can we not measure the value ( as correlation quotients) of these forces on an individual and on the collective psyche? Can we not build models of human psyche without such influences and compare and contrast such model behaviors to the biological or the organic mind? It will be through such studies alone that we can determine what other energies exist that influence the biology of evolution of consciousness. Could we not extract the relationships of the metaphysical to the biological and determine how evolution has progressed and what causes underlie such progress? If conscious choices are not free and independent, but are the outcome of the resolutions of many other unperceived forces, then, such understanding could lead to an enlightened behaviour that is less destructive and more constructive to the health, wealth and well being of coming generations. In addition to an individual model, we would need many layers of abstractions of the working society as well as the interconnections. Such a device that can help provide an in depth conclusion on many questions that we can only surmise or speculate now have to be built using a multitude of capabilities and resources extending to several decades if not a full century. Given the challenges involved, such an extensive undertaking using high powered computing can help us improve all of our sciences as well as the humanities. It is this research, that can ultimately lead to the mastering of destiny from mere discussions and speculation of what is or what might be. Big data, machine learning and the preservation of the individuals in the digitized cyberspace together; might be akin to what the LHC is, to the quantum mechanics; but instead for the societal-mechanics.

Conclusion The outcome of this research could help understand how we might govern ourselves without the need of an elected or any other form of government, saving trillions of money. If the forces governing an individual thought are the same as that which governs an individual particle of matter, then it is unlikely that the biological universe can be any different than what the nature makes it out to be. While humanity may seek to change its destiny, would it likely to succeed?

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