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Published on January 5, 2017

Author: vamsi501909

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A1 TRAININGS: A1 TRAININGS QLIKVIEW online training course content Slide 2: About QlikView Online Training Best Online Training Institute is a leading online training provider with real-time and placement oriented QlikView Courses. Our Team of QlikView Trainers are certified experts and working Professionals with hands on experience on real time QlikView Projects.  Our QlikView Online Training course is custom made and is suitable for both working professionals and beginners which includes basic to advanced levels. we provide easy to learn free video tutorials, course content, interview questions and training material for our QlikView Online Training course along with 24/7 online support from our expert trainers. Contact us today for Free Online Video Classes on QlikView Online Training Course. Slide 3: QlikView Online Training Course Content QlikView training course content and Syllabus QlikView Course Content Introduction : What is Qlikview ? Why Qlikview ? Unique Features compared to Traditional BI Tools Complete Dataware Housing Basics Slide 4: QLIKVIEW PRODUCTS: Desktop Server Publisher AccessPoint ROLES INVOLVED: Developer Designer Administrator Slide 5: DEPLOYMENT PROCESS: Standalone Server Publisher INTRODUCTION TO DATA AND SCRIPTING: Relational Databases Dimensional Data Structures Comparing Data Models to QlikView Data Model Data Structures in QlikView Data Source Files The QWT Primary Data Source The QWT Secondary Data Files Edit Script Explanation Slide 6: LOADING DATA FROM THE DATABASE: Script Generation Comments in the Script Script Debugging STRUCTURING THE SCRIPT: Creating Tabs in the Script BASIC DATA MODEL AND TABLE VIEWER: The Table Viewer The System Table Explanation of Document Properties Slide 7: BASIC DATA TRANSFORMATION: Load data from multiple data sources Renaming a Field Script Expressions Loading an XML File Renaming Fields Using the Qualify Statement Key Fields Loading Generic Tables Including Images and Media content Loading a Field into a Table Multiple Times Using a Record Counter on Key Fields Slide 8: Loading Cross Tables and Info Tables Handling Null Values Changing Date Formats Changing Metadata Complete discussion about concatenation Resolving Synthetic Keys Resolving Loops Preparing QVD Files Performing Incremental Loads Optimization Techniques at Script Level For more information please contact below details: For more information please contact below details Email: contact@a1trainings.com Phone: +91 7680813158 WebPage : http :// a1trainings.com/onlineqlikviewtraining.php

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