Qlik sense and QlikView Making Sense of Business Data

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Information about Qlik sense and QlikView Making Sense of Business Data

Published on July 11, 2016

Author: tithikhadakwal

Source: slideshare.net

1. Qlik Sense & QlikView: Making Sense of Business Data Contemporaryentrepreneurshipdemandsbusinessestoextractandanalyze businessdatainrecord time.Itis the needof the hour to analyze datato catapultbusinessestowardsgrowthandsuccess. Consideringthe absolute complexityandvastnessof businessdata,itisimpractical forbusinessesto analyze themmanually,justifyingthe needforanintuitiveandeffectivetool forspeedydeliveryof businessdata.Quosphere concentratesprimarilyon businessdataanalytics,incollaborationwiththe businesstool Qlik. Quosphere,alongwithQlik,permits clientstounderstandcomplex data,delvemore deeply into insights, andcreate productdashboardscustom-made totheirrequirements.While QlikSensehelpsin makingsense of the businessdata bymakinguse of an easyto use data visualizationapp,QlikView connects usersto comprehensive datasources.Quosphere offersaQlik Sense Demoservice tohelp businesses inenablinganunderstandingoverthe feature. Featuresof Qlik Sense Listedbeloware the featuresof QlikSense: Intuitive QlikSense usesafairlyeasydrag-and-dropprogramforinteractiveandeffective data visualization.Qlik deciphersyourdataautomaticallywithsmartvisualizations,basedonguidelines insertedinthe visual imagestool. Smart Search Thiskindof feature usesnatural searchtodeciphercomplex informationandexpedite the processof data analysis.ChoosingaQlikSense Demo will givebusinessesaclearknowledge of the products proposedby Quosphere. Data Storytelling ThisallowsQlikuserstoexpressdifferentdetails of view,allowingdatatobe sliced inadifferentway. CentralizedAdministration Centralized Administration makesitpossibleforusers of Qliktosearch,access and talk aboutanalyzed data, includingtestimonies andapps,byusinga centralizedhub.

2. Data Integration Thisfeature unifies typesof dataof Quosphere'sclientstoprovide acomprehensive view of information,whiledoingawaywithloopholes,if any,assisting indecipheringhidden ideas. Responsive Design Thisfeature allowsforQuosphere togainaccesstodata from any device,irrespectiveof some place, by makinguse of Qlik.Quosphere setsupQlik Sense Demotohelpbusinessesfullygraspthisfeature effectively. Enterprise Scalability BusinessScalabilityinitiatesQlik Senseuserstoaccessthe featuresof self-service discovery,alongwith secure governance of informationandanalytics. DistributedVisualizationLibrary QlikSense userscantake the good thingabout data models,dashes,apps,andstoriestoproficiently analyze datawiththisfeature. Featuresof BusinessIntelligence QlikView Services The followingare the salientpopularfeaturesof QlikView Solutions: GuidedAnalytics Thisfeature of QlikView aidsindiscoveringinsights, thatassistinmakingeffectivebusinessdecisions and ensuringdeliveryof servicesefficiently.OptingforaQlikView Demo, structuredbyQuosphere,will helpbusinessestounderstandthisfeature. Data Integration Data IntegrationatQlikserviceshelpsincollecting singleQlikdatasourcesfordetailedanalysisand intelligence information,dataandon the inside managedapps. Thiscanhelpthe businessclientsof Quosphere togeta broad understandingof the businessenterprise statsservicesdelivered. Enterprise Scalability Thisfeature providesbusiness clientswiththe featuresof guidedanalyticswith dependable business data and analytics. Control Thisfeature makesbusinessintelligence data gatheredbyQuosphere customizable due tothe business clients.Quosphere offersQlikViewDemoservicestoitsclientstohelpthem fullygraspthisfeature.

3. Central Apps Thisofferscontrol overQlikbusinessservices,like dashboards,design,andlayouts. Flexibility Thispermits Quosphere toeffectivelybuildbusinessintelligence tools because of itsclients. Customizable QlikViewassistsQuosphere indevelopingcustom-madebusiness software withQlikscripting.Italso stretches developmentalserviceswithQlikWorkbench.

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