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Published on April 7, 2009

Author: Qivana

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Business – Compensation Plan

Life keeps getting better
Now that you've decided to build a business with Qivana, you have a way to change your life for the better. Whatever drives you-building a retirement plan, supplementing your household income, or simply being solely in charge of your own business and your own time-you can achieve with Qivana.

Every time you sell a product, you'll make a retail commission. When you buy your products at wholesale and sell them at retail, you keep the difference. Your regular customers will want to order on a regular basis and can become preferred customers on AutoShip. Preferred customers enjoy a $5 per system discount off the retail price. On their purchases, you'll receive the difference between the wholesale price and the preferred customer price as your retail commission.

As long as you remain active with a minimum of 200 PV, you don't need to worry about unpaid volume because it carries over to the following week. For any week that your PV is over 225, the overage applies to your lesser-volume leg. Team commissions cap at $10,000 per week, per IBO.

Your commissions increase as you sponsor new IBOs and advance. The Executive Matching Bonus pays you on the Team Commissions in your personal sponsor tree (your personally sponsored IBOs, their personally sponsored IBOs, and so on) through seven generations, depending on your personal sponsoring activity and rank, and to unlimited width.

Your Executive Matching Bonus pays you after you have met the personal sponsor requirements for the first three generations and after you have personally sponsored and achieved the rank for the next four generations, on each personal sponsor tree leg; a generation ends when a qualified IBO is found.

The Executive Matching Bonus is paid weekly, based on a floating percentage with a guaranteed 50% weekly payout of commissionable volume. After all Qivana commissions are calculated, any remaining available commissions are allocated to the Executive Matching Bonus up to the 50% figure. Weekly commissions from an Executive Matching Bonus cannot exceed the volume from your lesser-volume leg.

Your potential to earn goes beyond your commissions. Qivana bonus structure gives you a way to maximize your income. As long as you're active with 100 or 200 PV, you can qualify for the Quick Start Bonus, Builder Bonus and Silver2 Bonus.

When an IBO you personally sponsor places a first time product order, you earn a one-time Quick Start Bonus of 10% of that order's PV, up to a maximum of $100. All you need to do is be qualified with 100 PV. You may increase your Quick Start Bonus to 20% of that order's PV, up to a maximum of $200 if you are qualified with 200 PV. If you haven't yet qualified during the week your IBO places their order, don't worry. As long as you qualify within the following three weeks, you'll earn your Quick Start Bonus.

Every time someone you personally sponsor places an initial order of 225 PV or more, you get a Builder Bonus. Simply be active with 200 PV, and you will earn a Builder Bonus based on the PV of your new IBOs order.

As your team grows, so do your bonus opportunities. When you're qualified with at least 200 PV, you'll earn a $40 Silver2 Bonus each time one of your personally sponsored IBOs reaches the rank of Silver. From the week that IBO qualifies, you have the following three weeks to become qualified in order to earn your bonus.

compensation plan B EAUTIFUL SIMPLICITY The beauty of a binary compensation plan lies in its simplicity. The structure of the Team Commissions binary tree is very simple. Each Independent Business Owner (IBO) has just two legs- a left and a right leg. However, there are several intricacies that we will explore to help you maximize the full value of the compensation plan. EA RN I N G MONEY There are three main ways to earn money in Qivana’s Team binary plan. 1. Team Commissions are the base of the compensation plan. As you build a team, you place them under you in either your left or right leg. You can qualify to earn a commission on their weekly purchases. 2. Executive Matching Bonus is a great way for you to earn an extra bonus on the people you personally sponsor, and the people they sponsor, up to seven sponsor generations. 3. Incentive Bonuses give you another way to begin earning income right after you become an IBO and have Personal Volume (PV) of at least 50. A QUICK LO OK Before we get into the details, here are a few quick take-a-ways: All commissions are paid weekly, on one week worth of activity, and will be paid the second Friday following the end of the commission week. Each commission week begins Sunday 12:00 AM and end the next Saturday at 11:59 PM. Your Qivana Pay Card is the most simple and quickest way to receive each weeks commissions. It is included as part of your sign up fee when you started your Qivana business. 200 PV each month will ensure you’re able to maximize your earning potential and take full advantage of all aspects of the compensation plan, including the Quick Start and Builder Bonus. You can begin earning Bonus Commissions with just 50 PV. You can also begin to earn Team Commissions and an Executive Matching Bonus with at least 100 PV each month.

TEA M COM M I SS I O NS Team Commissions are the foundation of the compensation plan. They are paid from the binary tree structure. Your binary tree has two legs - a left leg and a right leg. Everyone in your team will fall into one of these two legs. As you sponsor people into your team, and as they sponsor new people, you are entitled to receive a Team Commis- sion on their weekly purchase volume. The calculation is simple. Your commission is 10% of the total volume in your lesser (volume) leg. To begin earning Team Commissions, you must qualify as a Silver Pro, personally sponsor two IBOs on AutoShip and have at least 500 Group Volume (GV) in your lesser leg. EXEC UT I V E M ATC H I NG B O N U S : The Executive Matching Bonus (EMB) entitles you to receive a share of the Team Commissions on the people you personally sponsor, up to a total of seven generations. A generation is defined as all the people you personally sponsor, and the people they personally sponsor, down until an IBO is found who qualifies for EMB. Everyone you personally sponsor is placed on your first level and each level pays out on unlimited width. This EMB tree is com- pletely separate from the Team Commission tree, and simpy follows the chain of personally sponsored IBOs. To qualify for your first generation Executive Matching Bonus you must: * be qualified as a Silver * have at least 100 PV a month on AutoShip * personally sponsor at least 4 active IBO’s on AutoShip As your rank and the number of people you personally sponsor on AutoShip increases, the number of generations you can earn with the EMB also increases. Note: Purchasing 500PV as your initial order automatically qualifies you to receive Executive Matching Bonus on your first generation for your first four weekly commission cycles with no other requirements. Purchasing 1000PV on your initial order automatically qualifies you to receive Executive Matching Bonus on your first generation for your first twelve weeks with no other requirement. PLUS RANK PLATINUM25 PLATINUM20 PLATINUM15 PLATINUM10 PV 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 REQUIRED PERSONAL 4 6 8 12 16 24 28 SPONSORED 1 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% G E 2 8% 8% 8% 8% 8% 8% N E 3 8% 8% 8% 8% 8% R 4 A 8% 8% 8% 8% T 5 8% 8% 8% I O 6 10% 10% N 7 8% S *THE 4, 6, 8 ARE PERSONALLY ENROLLED IBO’S. THE NEXT 4 RANKS ARE A COMBINATION OF PERSONALLY ENROLLED IBO’S (12, 16, 24, 28) AND RANK ACHIEVEMENT (PLATINUM 10, 15, 20, 25).

INC E N T I V E BON U S E S : Silver2 Bonus- As your Team grows, you will become eligible to earn extra incentive bonuses. To begin building your team, simply help each of your personally sponsored IBO’s achieve the rank of Silver (they have at least 50 in Personal Volume a month and they personally sponsor two IBO’s on AutoShip). As a qualified Silver, every time one of your personally sponsored IBO’s achieves the rank of Silver, you will automatically receive the $40 Silver2 Bonus. Silvers who make Silvers will receive this bonus. To qualify for the bonus you must be a qualified Silver and have at least 50 PV in the four week period your personally sponsored IBO hits Silver. Quick Start Bonus- The Quick Start bonus is the fastest way to earn commissions as a new IBO in the Qivana Compensation Plan. To qualify for a 5% commission on the first order of those you personally sponsor, you simply must have 50 PV in the month of the order. If you have 100 PV you automatically qualify to receive 10% of the initial order, and if you have 200 PV or more, you will receive 20% of the initial order of those you personally sponsor. Builder Bonus- The Builder Bonus is a very simple bonus and an added incentive for you to help your new person- ally sponsored IBO’s get their businesses going quickly. You earn an additional commission on each initial orders of 225PV or more of your personally sponsored IBO’s. The Builder Bonus is above and beyond your Quick Start com- mission you may have already earned. If you have an AutoShip option of at least 100 PV, you are eligible to receive up to $35 in Builder Bonus. However, if your AutoShip is 225PV or greater; you are eligible to receive up to $80. BUILDER BONUS 100 AutoShip 200 AutoShip BONUS BONUS SYSTEMS PV 4 225 $8 $18 8 450 $16 $36 16 1000 $35 $80

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