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Published on February 26, 2014

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Slide 1: Introduction PROJECT REPORT ON BIRLA CORPORATION LIMITED, SATNA (M.P) TOPIC:- QUALITY CIRCLE BRANCH:- MBA Submitted to :- Mrs. Preeti Dwivedi Submitted by :- Shambhavi CONTENT : CONTENT 1) Company Profile 2) Introduction of the Topic 3) Objective of the Project 4) Interpretation from the Graphs 5) Conclusion 6) Bibliography Slide 3: COMPANY PROFILE BIRLA CORPORATION LIMITED SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM : BIRLA CORPORATION LIMITED SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM Shri Harsh V. Lodha Chairman Shri B.R. Nhar MD & CEO Shri P.k. chand CFO Shri KK Sharma Jt President Management Audit Shri P.S Marwah President Satna cement works & Birla Vikas Cement Shri VK Hamirwasiya President Birla Cement works & Chittor Cement works Shri PC Mathur Jt President Durgapur Cement works. Birla Corporation Ltd., cement division has six plants in following places : Birla Corporation Ltd., cement division has six plants in following places Satna (M.P.) - two plants :- Satna Cement Works Birla Vikas Cement Raibareli (U.P.) - one plant Chittorgarh (Raj) - two plants Durgapur (W.B.) - one plant The cement is branded under the name of Birla Cement are Khajuraho Samrat Chetak Durgapure Premium Slide 7: SATNA CEMENT WORKS DURGA PUR CEMENT WORKS 7 Slide 8: 8 V R M MINES & CRUSHER COOLER CEMENT MILL PACKING PLANT DESPATCH SILO & P H CEMENT SILO ROTARY KILN HIGH LEVEL FLOW DIAGRAM FLOW DIAGRAM OF CEMENT PLANT PROCESS COAL MILL 8 Slide 9: INTRODUCTION OF THE TOPIC Meaning of Quality Circle : Meaning of Quality Circle Quality Circle is a small group of 6 to 12 employees doing similar work who voluntarily meet together on a regular basis to identify improvements in their respective work areas using proven techniques for analyzing and solving work related problems coming in the way of achieving and sustaining excellence leading to mutual upliftment of employees as well as the organization. It is "a way of capturing the creative and innovative power that lies within the work force" CONCEPT OF QUALITY CIRCLE : CONCEPT OF QUALITY CIRCLE Quality Circle concept has three major attributes:- Quality Circle is a form of participation management. Quality Circle is a human resource development technique. Quality Circle is a problem solving technique. Slide 12: Plan Do Check Action 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Identify Problem Select Problem Define Problem Analyse Problem Identify Causes Identify Root Cause Analyse Data Develop Soln. Foreseeing Probable Resistance Trial Implementation Regular Implementation Follow up & Review LEGEND DEMMING WHEEL STEPS DESCREPTION OF STEPS DEMING’S WHEEL pare to analysis flow diagram brain storming data collection BRAIN STORMING & C & E BRAIN STORMING GRAPHS, STRATIFICATION HISTOGRAM data collection brain storming DATA COLLECTION DATA COLLECTION CONTROL CHART P D C A CYCLE TOOLS 12 Slide 13: Man Method Machine VARIATION IN OPERATOR Material Variation in material quality variation in process condition L/S Quality IMPROPER FEEDBACK Identification of Causes Skill Variation in Raw material lack man power Laziness of man Development of changing technology Design problem OBJECTIVE OF QUALITY CIRCLE : OBJECTIVE OF QUALITY CIRCLE a) Change in Attitude :From "I don’t care" to "I do care" Continuous improvement in quality of work life through humanisation of work.b) Self DevelopmentBring out ‘Hidden Potential’ of peoplePeople get to learn additional skills.c) Development of Team SpiritIndividual Vs Team – "I could not do but we did it"Eliminate inter departmental conflicts.d) Improved Organizational CulturePositive working environment.Total involvement of people at all levels.Higher motivational level.Participate Management process Interpretation from the Graphs : Interpretation from the Graphs From the above data interpretation we can evaluate the following points: Many people are part of quality circle from the day it start in the SWC and many become part after its implement but many of them want to be part of Quality Circle. On the bases of the interpretation we can say many employees’ thinks that it will help in the development of them as well as company. Interpretation shows that employees are agree with the statement that program organized by HRD will ultimately help in there development. On the bases of close as well as open ended answer we can say that employees found all the competition interesting but they enjoyed presentation more as compare to others because it will improve their presentation skill and confidence. Conclusion : Conclusion According to the result and views of the employee in personal interview I got to know that all employees are enjoying the programs and activities of quality circle. As in all teams we have minimum 10 members and maximum 15 but according to employees there should be only 5 members in each team so they can learn more things. According to them they are enjoying all the activity but presentation gave them self confidence but they are not satisfied with HRD because they don’t know about the result of any particular competition. They are expecting that next time results are declared at that time when competitions had conducted. “Human Resource is the most valuable assets of an organization.” BIBLIOGRAPHY : BIBLIOGRAPHY Books Ashwathapa - Human Resource Management Ghosh Biswanathan – Human Resources development and Management VSP Rao - Human Resource Management Kothari C.R. - Research Methodology Quality Circle Booklet - Published from QCFI Newspaper Dainik bhasker Nav Bharat Dainik Jagran Website used – www.qcfihq.com ANY QUERY : ANY QUERY THANKS To ALL OF YOU

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