QA Training Course Content Know About The Basics

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Information about QA Training Course Content Know About The Basics

Published on January 18, 2018

Author: RamkyJohny


slide 1: QA Training Course Content – Know About The Basics Any software product has to be tested for its consistency overall performance time taken for performing a group of functions or desired function and reliability to name a few. If you are all set to register for training program that prepares you for the job of software tester then you should know what the entire course covers. Reading further you will know about basic QA Training Course Content details. Even though that the process is referred as software testing there are different methods used for doing it. Some of these are:  Static vs. Dynamic testing  The Black Box Testing  The White Box Testing  Grey Box Testing  Visual Testing Just like different techniques there are different levels of testing too:  Integration Testing  Unit Testing  System Testing  Operational Acceptance Testing  Component Interface Testing There are several testing tools that are used for testing a software product. Thus it becomes essential for you to understand that choosing the right software testing course is essential for having clarity on different concepts. A good of amount skills and expertise is required to have excellence in this field. The decision to register for online training is often the preferred choice for many because it enables one to learn software testing at their convenient time. Also you can study from anywhere without any compulsion of being physically present. Online courses also allow you to choose the trainer of your choice. There are several software training videos as part of the Quality Assurance Classes. The videos narrate different aspects of the software testing step by step. Combined with info-graphics the learning becomes easy and fun. This means you can learn quality assurance without any assistance from a third person. You can clear doubts with the online trainer. Also you will be given an opportunity to work on live project that would further help you understand software testing in the best possible way.

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