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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: twgsbasmedia7

Source: slideshare.net

Q4/Q5. Who would be the target audience for your media product? How did you attract/address your audience? Dan Wild! Ross Galloway! Will Burden

Core target audience ❖ Demographics:
 - 15-28 year olds
 - Male and female
 - ! ❖ Psychographics:
 - Enjoy (supernatural) horror films
 - Adventurous and daring
 - Antisocial behaviour

Character Appeal ❖ The teenage boys in our film appeal to our target audience, because they match our description.! ❖ They are naive teenage males, who are adventurous enough to venture in to the house rumoured with a demon woman.! ❖ This will attract our target audience as they can relate to the teenage males.

Character Appeal ❖ For the majority of our film, we conformed to conventions of supernatural horror.! ❖ This means that any fan of supernatural horror should already be familiar with our film even without any prior knowledge of it.! ❖ This is good as we can presume that anyone who has chosen to watch it on the basis that they like supernatural horror, will like ‘Wakefield Manor’.

Initial Research ❖ We created a questionnaire on survey monkey which tested our concept, then sent it out to our target audience.! ❖ An analysis of this survey is up on our blog.
 Audience Research Analysis

Pitch ❖ We presented our pitch to our media class and got feedback about our ideas. ! ❖ Our class luckily fall into our target audience. ! ❖ We were made aware of certain improvements that would help our film to look professional and conform to conventions of supernatural horror.! ❖ An analysis of our pitch is up on our blog.
 Pitch Analysis

Rough Cut ❖ We presented our rough cut to our media class and got feedback about our ideas. ! ❖ We showed them two rough cuts.! ❖ 1 being the rough cut on our YouTube channel.! ❖ 1 being a rough cut with our final shots before we got in to the detailed editing.

Rough Cut ❖ The first rough cut was to demo our story board and test location.! ❖ We got feedback about how to maximise verisimilitude and show our story convincingly.! ❖ This mainly focused around mise-en-scene and dressing our set.! ❖ This was achieved in the final cut.

Rough Cut ❖ The second rough cut was to demo the shots; order and length, basic titles we had at the time, and a basic sound mix.! ❖ We identified that everyone loved the tracking back from the door shot.! ❖ We identified that our titles needed to be positioned better.

Final Cut ❖ After completing our final cut, we tested it twice to our target audience.! ❖ Once to our media class.! ❖ Once in a focus group.

Final Cut ❖ When testing to our class ______.! ! ! ! ❖ (I missed the lesson to need to talk to my group)

Final Cut ❖ We held a focus group of 10 people, who watched our opening then filled out a few questions.! ❖ It was conventional of the supernatural sub-genre.! ❖ Everyone was interested in watching more.! ❖ It looked professional, and most said it was clear.! ❖ The most effective shot was the tracking out from the door.! ❖ The most frightening aspect was the sound mix.

Appealing to Audience ❖ After our focus group and class viewing it is evident that we have appealed to our target audience.! ❖ Everyone that watched was interested in continuing the film, and the majority found it effective and conventional.

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