Q2.12: Using Conflict For Good

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Published on March 20, 2014

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Resource: Q2.12
Name: Using Conflict For Good
Date: 30-05-2012
Speaker: Vicky Janicki

Vicky  Janicki   Program  Director,  Linaro  Member  Services   Conflict

Why Conflict Happens? Viewpoints Passion Motivation Importance

Why Conflict is Good Gets  ideas  in   the  open;   healthy  debates   Improves  plans   and  ideas   Increases   energy   Generates   passion     Increases   engagement  

Conflict Strategies Collabora'on   Avoiding   Accommoda'ng   Controlling   Compromising  

Conflict Strategies: Avoiding Need  more   Ame  to  collect   informaAon   Need  to  cool   down  emoAons   Doing  nothing   outweighs  the   benefit  of   resoluAon   Sidestep,   postpone  or   withdraw  

Conflict Strategies: Accommodating Preserve   harmony  and   avoid   disrupAon   Need  a  quick  or   temporary   soluAon  under   pressure   RelaAonship  is   more   important  than   being  right   Yield  to   another   point  of  view  

Conflict Strategies: Controlling Results  in  a   win-­‐lose   situaAon;  your   authority  must   be  absolute   In  emergencies   or  personal   welfare  at   stake   When   unpopular   acAons  must   be  done   Pursue  own   ends  without   agreement  of   others  

Conflict Strategies: Compromising Both  parAes   are  commiLed   to  different   goals   Quick   temporary   soluAons  to   complex   problems   Not  enough   Ame  to   collaborate   Mutually   agreeable  soluAon   where  both   parAes  give  up   something  

Conflict Strategies: Collaboration ParAes  are   interdepend-­‐ ent  on  each   other   Both  sets  of   goals  are  too   important  to   compromise.   Need  to  gain   commitment   and  acceptance   Have  the  Ame  to   work  out  a   soluAon  that   meets  the  needs   of  both  parAes  

Success with Conflict Need  basic  trust  between  parAes   Those  involved  are  able  to  be   uncomfortable   Those  involved  have  setup  basic  conflict   rules  

Conflict Tools: Clarity Define  the  problem   Specific,  measurable,  data/facts   Set  the  Agenda/Goals   Frequent  reminders  

Conflict Tools: Ask Questions How  do  you  know  that?   What  is  your  assumpAon  based  on?   What  actually  happened?   Can  you  elaborate?  Simplify?  “X”  is  not  clear  to  me   Name  counterproducAve  behavior  and  effect  on  you   Can  you  accept  this?  

Conflict Tools: Fist of Five Fist  -­‐  A  no  vote  -­‐  a  way  to  block  consensus.  I   need  to  talk  more  on  the  proposal  and  require   changes  for  it  to  pass.   1:  I  sAll  need  to  discuss  certain  issues  and   suggest  changes  that  should  be  made.   2:  I  am  more  comfortable  with  the  proposal   but  would  like  to  discuss  some  minor  issues.   3:  I’m  not  in  total  agreement  but  feel   comfortable  to  let  this  decision  or  a  proposal   pass  without  further  discussion.   4:  I  think  it’s  a  good  idea/decision  and  will   work  for  it   5:  It’s  a  great  idea  and  I  will  be  one  of  the   leaders  in  implemenAng  it.  

Name that Conflict! Scene  1   Scene  2   Scene  3  

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