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Published on April 3, 2008

Author: Durante

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Slide1:  1 1 1 © 2001, Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Presentation_ID Putting the “e” to Government:  Putting the “e” to Government วรกร ภัทรายานันท์ Vorkon Patra-Yanan Regional Managing Director Cisco Systems (Thailand) Ltd. Agenda:  Agenda Forces Driving Change in Public Sector Emerging Internet Applications Experiences from Leading Organizations Next Steps Forces Driving Change in Public Sector:  Forces Driving Change in Public Sector Economic Development and Global Competition Increasing Demands from Taxpayers Internet as Cost Effective Service Delivery Medium Need to Improve Government Productivity The Internet and Public Sector Services Delivery Objectives:  The Internet and Public Sector Services Delivery Objectives E-Government online evolution:  E-Government online evolution Systems Integration & Business Process Reengineering Increasing Strategic Viability Electronic Government Applications:  Welfare/Human Services Benefits Distribution Eligibility Determination Case Management Training/Employment Government Administration Accounting Procurement Human Resources, etc. Public Safety & Justice Identification Integrated Case Management Employment Training & Education Job Availability Courts Case Management Health Hospital & Clinic Mgmt. Patient Tracking Immunization Vital Records Transportation & Motor Vehicles Intelligent Transportation Sys. Transit Information Titles & Licensing Professional Licensing Education Schools Libraries Taxation Audit Collection Environment Permitting Reporting Electronic Government Applications US local government online transactions:  US local government online transactions *PTI/ICMA 2000 Electronic Government Survey Feb 2001 Evolution of e-government initiatives:  Evolution of e-government initiatives PAST PRESENT State/ Regional Programs Federal/ National Programs Ubiquitous Access to the “Public Sector “ Program Direct Access Channels Federal/ National Program State/ Regional Program Local Program Vertically Integrated Delivery Infrastructure Vertically Integrated Delivery Infrastructure Vertically Integrated Delivery Infrastructure Personalize the experience….:  Personalize the experience…. Launched 3/2000 Consortium led by BT and HM Government Pilot to full implementation in Summer 2001 Component of countrywide ‘Access’ initiative E-Government barriers:  E-Government barriers *PTI/ICMA 2000 Electronic Government Survey Feb 2001 Need to Improve Government Productivity:  Need to Improve Government Productivity Redundancies in Bureaucracies Politicians Recognize Opportunity Streamline Operations Economic Development and Global Competition:  Economic Development and Global Competition United States Glasgow, Kentucky Fairfax County, Virginia North Carolina Latin America & Caribbean Brazil Costa Rica Asia/Pacific Australia Malaysia Singapore Taiwan Philippines Increasing Demand from Taxpayers:  Increasing Demand from Taxpayers 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Cut programs More state/local responsibility More effective government The Public's Message to Government 54% 31% 8% KPMG’s survey of top public executives, 1998 Increasing Number of On-Line Citizens:  Increasing Number of On-Line Citizens Source: IDC, 1998 % of households Public Sector Internet Applications:  Public Sector Internet Applications Permits/Licensing Internet Procurement Vehicle Registration Electronic Tax Filing Internet Procurement:  Internet Procurement Vendor Registration Bids and Proposals Ordering Invoicing Payments Catalogs Permits/Licensing:  Permits/Licensing Common Needs in State and Local Business and Professional Fish and Game Parks and Recreational Environmental Electronic Tax Filing:  Electronic Tax Filing Collected $443 Billion in 1997 Individual and Corporate Customer Service Security and Authentication Vehicle Registration:  Vehicle Registration States and Counties Example of Government Efficiency Vehicle Registration Renewal Personalized License Plates How Public Sector is Changing:  Old World Internet Economy “One Stop” Shopping Budget by Inputs Outcome Measurements Virtual Government Command & Control Mgmt. Employee Empowerment Employees and taxpayers access valuable format Centralized Information Bricks and Mortar How Public Sector is Changing Separate Agencies Consumers and voters Constituents Experiences from Leading Organizations:  Experiences from Leading Organizations Florida Purchasing DIRECT:  Florida Purchasing DIRECT Vendor registration Bids and proposals submitted online Vendor payments Santa Clara County CLARANet:  Santa Clara County CLARANet HR management Training registration Welfare eligibility determination Access Washington:  Access Washington Electronic tax filing Online ordering Local govt. finance reporting State Internet portal Indygov.org:  Indygov.org Right of way permit submittal Parking fine payments Mayor’s “eGovernment” launch soon Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles:  Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles Vehicle registration Personalized license plates Employee benefit enrollment Some Are Moving…:  Some Are Moving… My.CA.gov Web Foundation Arlington County North Carolina Employee Portal eMichigan:  eMichigan Executive Leadership and sponsorship Enterprise-wide intentions based portal Enterprise technology infrastructure Agency process re-design Tied to enterprise HR and Finance systems Office of e-Michigan, EO Change management process: Transformation Electronic Services in Hong Kong:  Electronic Services in Hong Kong Registration and ID cards App. Voter Registration Searching for a Birth Cert. Change of Address Payment of Bills Job Search Filing Taxes Apps/Drivers’ License/ Car Registration App. Senior Card Social Welfare Dept. Community Care Singapore eCitizen Centre:  Singapore eCitizen Centre Leading E-commerce/communications Hub/Wired Island One Stop Government site “Life event” portal for citizens Includes business and employment Wired With Wireless Enterprise Approach to E-Government:  Enterprise Approach to E-Government Policy Goals Internet Business Solutions Network Infrastructure ERP (Finance, HR, etc.) Web Foundation Entitlement Integration E-Publishing Legacy Systems Tax/ Revenue Trans-portation Public Works Public Safety/ Law Enforce-ment Legal/ Courts Health Welfare Educa-tion Hundreds of Functions Thousands of Applications E-Learning Workforce Optimization E-Finance E-Commerce Customer Care Solutions Services Available Evolution of eGovernment:  Evolution of eGovernment Movement is to Enterprise Portals Movement is to increase Citizen value Movement is to Transformation Movement is to Employee Self Service Movement is to Integrated apps and services Movement is to customization of user experience Presence Interaction Transaction Transformation Cost/ Complexity Time Trigger Strategy/Policy People People Process Technology Public Approval Existing Streamline Processes Web Site Markup Searchable Database Public Response E-mail Content Mgmt. Increased Support Staff Governance Knowledge Mgmt. E-mail Best Prac. Content Mgmt. Metadata Data Synch. Search Engine E-mail Competition Confidentiality/ Privacy Fee for Transaction E-Authentication BPR Relationship Mgmt. Online Interfaces Channel Mgmt. Legacy Sys. Links Security Information Access 24x7 Infrastructure Sourcing Self-Services Skill Set Changes Portfolio Mgmt. Sourcing Inc. Business Staff Job Structures Relocation/Telecommuting Organization Performance Accountability Multiple-Programs Skills Privacy reduces Integrated Services Changes value Chain New processes/Services Changed relationships (G2G, G2B, G2C, G2E) New Applications New Data Structures Funding Stream Allocations Agency Identity Big Browser Constituency Value Four Phases of e-Government Source: Gartner Research What Are the Critical Elements?:  What Are the Critical Elements? Enterprise-wide portal and transformation Customer-centric applications Telephone and e-mail support Ability to track service requests Customer relationship management Employee relationship management Connected employees and constituents eGovernment Is Here—Tie Current Projects to Workforce Optimization:  eGovernment Is Here—Tie Current Projects to Workforce Optimization Why? Implement enterprise projects Create a cohesive workforce Plant the seeds of e-culture across departmental silos Improve employee productivity and satisfaction by shifting employee focus G2E Portal: Eliminating the Friction Points:  G2E Portal: Eliminating the Friction Points Framework for Building an eGovernment:  Framework for Building an eGovernment Net Readiness E-Government Projects Web Foundation Key Success Factors: Cisco’s Recommended Approach:  Key Success Factors: Cisco’s Recommended Approach Principles Approach Portfolio of initiatives:  Rational Experimentation Breakthrough Strategies New Fundamentals Operational Excellence Low High Low High Business Criticality Innovation/Newness Portfolio of initiatives Web Foundation Infrastructure Is More than the Network:  Web Foundation Infrastructure Is More than the Network Employee Services Commerce Customer Care More… Supply Chain Networked Applications Prerequisite Systems and Info Repositories (Systems, Platforms, and Data) Enabling Technologies (Presentation, Knowledge, Process, Content, Data) Network Integration Content Mgmt. Entitlement/ User Mgmt. Foundation Technologies Business Goals Consequences of e-government:  Consequences of e-government Increased citizen involvement & satisfaction Move to “real-time” & transparent operations Increased compliance / revenues “Customer-centric” delivery model Cost efficiencies Employee satisfaction Inter-departmental collaboration Strain on government infrastructure Privacy & security Cultural conflict Wins Challenges Lessons from the pioneers:  Lessons from the pioneers Develop a comprehensive e-government vision and strategy Design a 12-24 month roadmap to get there Prioritize projects using culture and business impact as considerations Develop governance and web-foundation Manage e-government investments like a financial portfolio Develop an internal and external communication strategy Slide43:  43 43 43 © 2001, Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Presentation_ID

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