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Published on December 25, 2016

Author: SuryaNarayanan3

Source: slideshare.net

1. Pun-da Quiz Dr. Pun-dit

2. What would you call a tea that’s brewed perfectly?

3. ‘Quali-tea’ of the QM:D • No intro required. • Loves puns and tea’s of course – (Pun-tea-t) sounds nice too! • So, let’s have some pun! • Fiftea-n ques-tea-ions!

4. Star Uno-verse!

5. Star Uni-wars continues

6. Star Uni-wars continues

7. Han-sers :P

8. • 3DPO – R3D2 • Pan Solo • Nuke Skywalker • Lan Solo • Quebacca

9. Faf ‘deux’ Plessis • Faf du Plessis was found guilty of ball tampering in the recently concluded Aussi-SA test. While apologizing to the media about how it had affected the Protea’s tour, he dropped a pun. • ‘It's disappointing to see that such a small thing has taken away all the _____ from it,’ said he. FITB

10. Answer • Shine

11. Poul-three! • President Obama recently officiated the final White house turkey Pardon of his eight years in office. He loosened up thus and fired a cannon of puns. • Let's get on with the pardoning because it's Wednesday afternoon and everyone knows that Thanksgiving traffic can put people in a _______ mood • FITB

12. Answer • Fou(w)l

13. Fou-rio • Rio Paralympians Yip Pin Xiu and Theresa Goh were at the supermarket when they got into a round of quick-fire punning. • Theresa Goh looks at the Fiji water cans and says, ‘When you get restless, do you get ______?’ • FITB

14. Answer • Fiji-ty (Fidgety)

15. A list of Five puns (+2 for each)

16. An international environmental organisation

17. Something often in the news

18. A simple summary of the year

19. An A-list actor

20. Another Hay-list actor ;)

21. Answers • Greenpeace • UFO caught on tape • 2016 in a nutshell • Br(e)ad Pitt • Christian Bale

22. An event that took place about ‘Six’ months back!

23. Answer • Brexit!

24. Se-vin diesel • The 8th movie of the Fast franchise has been named the ‘Fate of the furious’. The change in it’s name from Fast to Fate has kept the audience wondering and there is a speculation that the name has an nice pun to it and is thus appropriate. Put Punda

25. Answer • F8 and thus fate!

26. The bob’s burger Eight-speriment

27. Answer • Cheeses is born burger

28. ‘Nau’ he has planned for another. • Elon Musk recently announced about his new venture after he had a hard time dealing with ever-increasing traffic. The new venture will be in the business of building tunnels or underground freeways to eliminate traffic. What has he decided to call this firm, that apparently is a very bad pun?

29. Answer • The ‘boring’ company

30. Ten-der

31. Answer • Cantaloupe

32. Elev-One Direction

33. Answer • Nun Direction

34. Recipe of a Mandarin-in middle Christmas Pudding • 140g raisins , • 140g sultanas, • 140g currants • 140g glacé cherries, halved • 50g blanched almonds, chopped • 1 medium Bramley Apple , peeled, cored and grated to give 175g/6oz flesh • 50ml orange liqueur (I used Cointreau) • 150ml medium or sweet sherry • zest and juice 1 orange

35. Q.12 • Why is a Christmas pudding like the Atlantic Ocean?

36. Answer • Because it’s full of currants

37. 13 •If you were to kill a conversational goose, what vegetable would she allude to?

38. Answer • Asparagus (Ah-spare-a-goose)

39. Board-teen Set of puns displayed on the boards of Inversnecky café.

40. Answers • 6.30 • Macaroni, Pasta • Fish oil • Point

41. Fifteen! (One from my arsenal) •What is it called, when someone cuts down on their attitude?

42. Grate-itude G R A T I T U D E (Well I’m extending my gratitude!)

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