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Published on November 5, 2007

Author: Miguel

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Cucurbits:  Cucurbits Family Cucurbitaceae Includes pumpkins, squash, gourds, cucumbers, and melons Pumpkins and Squash:  Pumpkins and Squash Key points What are the differences between summer squash, winter squash, and pumpkin? The implementations of separate male and female flowers. Key production problems and their control. What are zucchini and blue hubbard squash? Important factors in processing pumpkins. Pumpkins and Squash:  Pumpkins and Squash How do you differentiate summer squash, winter squash, and pumpkins? Are they in separate species? Pumpkins and Squash:  Pumpkins and Squash No pumpkins and squash occur in four species Cucurbita pepo Native to North America north of Mexico City Most diverse of species includes squash, pumpkins, and _____________________ Cucurbita _________________________ Probably the earliest species to be cultivated Includes winter squash and processing pumpkins Pumpkins and Squash:  Pumpkins and Squash Cucurbita _____________ Native of South America Includes giant pumpkins Cucurbita mixta Grown in southern US Contains Green Striped _________________ Good flavor Pumpkins and Squash:  Pumpkins and Squash Then how do summer squash, winter squash, and pumpkins differ? Do they differ in maturity?…stay tuned Flower Characteristics:  Flower Characteristics Edible Monoecious Separate male flowers with _______________ and female flowers with ovaries on the same plant Requires _____________ pollination Results in cross pollination Can not collect and replant seed Key production Problems:  Key production Problems Cucumber beetle Viruses Key Production Problems:  Key Production Problems ____________________ beetles and bacterial wilt Beetles feed on plants and blossoms Can have very high numbers Transmit bacterial wilt More harmful to young plants Why are beetles such a problem? Are attracted by chemicals that plants release Are also called _____________ root worms Key Production Problems:  Key Production Problems How do you control cucumber beetle? Integrated pest management (IPM) Critical to control when plants are young Sevin or _____________ insecticides Row tunnels _____________ of the beetle Must be removed to allow bee pollination Natural predators include soldier beetles, tachinid flies, ___________wasps Key Production Problems:  Key Production Problems Viruses Are transmitted by ________________ Can limit the production of yellow summer _______________ Can you become ill from a plant virus? Key Production Problems:  Key Production Problems Managing cucurbit viruses Controlling the aphid vector _____________ oils – clean the aphid stylet of viruses Reflective mulches Grow ______________ squash – green fruit color masks the discoloration Grow “resistant” squash (i) Precocious yellow gene – makes squash unable to develop green color (ii) Cross between two Cucurbita species confers resistance to some ___________________ (iii) GMO cultivars containing gene responsible for virus coat protein Summer Squash:  Summer Squash Members of C. pepo Growth characteristics Fruit are harvested immature before the rind (________) hardens and seeds are mature Often the smaller the harvested fruit, the better tenderness and ____________ Summer Squash:  Summer Squash Zucchini Most popular summer squash Originated around 1900 and introduced into US by Italian immigrants in 1920’s Name from “zucca” Italian for squash or _______________ Zucchini and chocolate Winter squash:  Winter squash Harvesting Fruit when are uniform in color and rind is _______ Harvest after the _____________ die back Often this is after the first light frost but before a heavy frost Preparation Dry dense flesh that is ideally suited to culinary uses Winter Squash:  Winter Squash Blue Hubbard Named for Mrs. Elizabeth Hubbard from Marblehead, MA ~1842 “We were first informed of its good qualities by Mrs. Elizabeth Hubbard, a very worthy lady, through who we obtained seed…my father termed it the ‘Hubbard Squash’” James Gregory, The Magazine of Horticulture, Dec. 1857 Good for processing;used in _______________ food Stores well Pumpkins:  Pumpkins What is a pumpkin? Pumpkins are defined as the edible fruit of any Cucurbita species that is harvested mature and is not used as a ________________ vegetable The name comes from poumpon, the French word for ______________________ Pumpkin uses:  Pumpkin uses Carving for Halloween Comes from an Irish tradition Roasting the ______ Very old traditional use High in _________ Are hull-less, “naked” seed Pie filling Libby pumpkins grown in area around Morton, IL Processing Pumpkins:  Processing Pumpkins Processing pumpkins are actually in C. moshata more closely related to some winter squash Have thick flesh, little stringy _______________, and small seed cavity

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