Pulmonary solutions for small and large animals

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Information about Pulmonary solutions for small and large animals

Published on February 14, 2014


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emka TECHNOLOGIES provides a complete suite of integrated solutions for pulmonary studies:
- conscious, unrestrained, freely moving animal in whole body plethysmograph
- conscious, restrained animal in head-out or double chamber plethysmograph
- anesthetized animal in standard plethysmograph, with spontaneous or ventilated breathing
- full pulmonary mechanics systems
- exposure systems :aerosol, gas, cigarette smoke

pulmonary solutions for small & large animals emka TECHNOLOGIES pulmonary.emka.fr

pulmonary solutions from emka TECHNOLOGIES software suite for all your needs iox2, data acquisition and real time analysis »» iox2 acquires, analyzes, displays, controls and stores data generated during an experiment »» one file per subject (can append data to same file during successive sessions) »» subject file contains all information (configuration, calibration, protocol, event and signal data) »» real-time monitoring, on line or off line review »» synchronized video signal stored in same file or in separate file (user option) »» protocols as experimental guideline or automation »» remote control of nebulization Specific analyzers for real time processing of: »» respiratory flow, penh, cough and apnea detection »» lung resistance/compliance ecgAUTO, advanced post-processing analysis »» analysis module for respiration from conductive belts »» synchronized video review »» pioneering shape-recognition techniques for in-depth analysis of ECG for all species, normal and pathological morphologies datanalyst, data post-processing software datanalyst processes calculated parameters from files generated by iox2. Fast and versatile data from an unlimited number of experiments are extracted automatically. Extraction of key data »» edits event markers, finds min, max, area, kinetics... »» automated extraction using protocols »» results as graphs & tables Data reduction »» pools subjects into single study »» full experiment review, identifies protocol events »» exclusion of artefacts Reporting »» distributes subjects in groups »» performs simple statistics, computes EC50, kinetics... »» versatile text format export studyDESIGNER, data base tool for your studies studyDESIGNER is a high level tool to organize data recording, analysis, review and archiving on large toxicology or safety pharmacology studies. During recording sessions, studyDESIGNER automatically drives iox2, ecgAUTO and datanalyst software to record and analyze data and send calculated parameters to its data base. GLP modules Available for all software: »» »» »» »» electronic signature audit trail user access management study management emka TECHNOLOGIES »» »» »» »» »» defines subject and study structure defines recording protocols and analysis configurations reviews and edits analysis results stores and archives results in database generates on-demand/custom reports for any combination of group, phase, subject and all parameters service & support emka TECHNOLOGIES provides a full range of support services: »» pre-installation audits to design optimal system setup, SOP »» installation and training »» hardware and software validation service »» warranty extension and maintenance

pulmonary solutions from emka TECHNOLOGIES provides a complete suite of integrated solutions for pulmonary studies: emka TECHNOLOGIES »» conscious, unrestrained, freely moving animal in whole body plethysmograph »» conscious, restrained animal in head-out or double chamber plethysmograph double chamber & head-out plethysmograph Conscious restrained animals can be used for long-term measurements and chronic studies. A large number of subjects can be screened, with no surgery, nor anesthetic. »» anesthetized animal in standard plethysmograph, with spontaneous or ventilated breathing »» full pulmonary mechanics systems »» exposure systems : aerosol, gas, cigarette smoke whole body plethysmograph The non-invasive whole body plethysmography is a proven way to study pulmonary function and evaluate bronchoconstriction on unrestrained conscious animals. »» moving freely, animals are neither stressed, nor influenced by anesthesia »» same subjects can be their own control and be studied several times »» start experiment on multiple animals only in a few minutes Key features »» for mouse, rat, guinea-pig, rabbit, primate »» regulated ventilation for noise-free air renewal »» drinking bottle for long experiments (24 hrs or more) Measured parameters »» respiratory rates and durations »» indication on breathing depth, volume and flow »» quantifies the degree of bronchoconstriction (penH) The double chamber plethysmograph measures nasal flow from the head chamber and thoracic flow from the body chamber. »» computes specific airway resistance using the time shift between nasal and thoracic flows »» measures ventilatory parameters on mouse, rat, guinea-pig »» conical restrainer for less stressed animal and easier manipulation »» aerosol can be delivered in head chamber »» the head-out configuration (head part is removed) can be combined with inhalation tower to expose several animals simultaneously, keeping them under measurement (all ventilatory parameters are measured except specific airway resistance) double-chamber plethysmography & implantable telemetry New Combining the lung pressure signal coming from a telemetry implant with flow signal from a double chamber plethysmograph in the head-out configuration allows direct resistance/compliance measurements in non-sedated animals. easyMATRIX Options »» tower for swivel/tether system, for IV injection or blood pressure »» temperature and humidity monitoring and compensation »» behavioral and EEG studies in rats. Height design ensures that the rat can stand on its hind legs into the plethysmograph combined measurement of respiration & ECG »» measures respiratory parameters (like in whole body plethysmograph model) »» gets complete 6-lead ECG signal ecgTUNNEL emka TECHNOLOGIES »» designed for conscious restrained mouse and rat Take advantage of the emka TECHNOLOGIES software suite with the easyMATRIX16, which synchronizes respiratory signal & pressure signal from DSITM implant. cough detection »» usually performed within whole body plethysmograph, sometimes in double chamber plethysmograh »» audio and respiration signals are correlated to reject random sound noise : only true cough bursts are processed »» optional video recording helps performing quick control

complete pulmonary mechanics on rodents plethysmograph for anesthetized rodents On anesthetized animals, pulmonary pressure and flow are measured. This allows to access lung resistance and compliance and, as well, full list of ventilation parameters. Mainly used on ventilated animals, this models is also used with spontaneously breathing subjects. »» »» »» »» »» »» for mouse, rat and guinea-pig tracheotomized or intubated animals thoracic flow is computed from pressure changes in the plethysmograph pressure is measured from a cannula inserted in the pleural, oesophagus or trachea can be combined with vital signs monitoring aerosol can be delivered during ventilation large animals with Fleish tubes For large animals, plethysmographs can not be used and are replaced by heated Fleisch tube measuring flow. On anesthetized animals, pressure is measured from pleura or oesophagus. advanced respiratory mechanics with flexiVentTM flexiVentTM »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» broadest range of measurements in a single platform volume or pressure-controlled mechanical ventilation customized or standard pressure or volume manoeuvers dynamic R&C measurements low frequency forced oscillations unique distinction between central & peripheral lung mechanics animals from 10 g to 40 kg pressure-volume loop with static compliance automatic Control of Peep advanced µCT & µMRI lung gating enhanced drug delivery system dose/response curves files exported under Excel® or text Options »» FEV extension for FEVx, FVC and PEF measurements: flexiVent can uniquely perform both forced expiratory and forced oscillation measurements. »» Multi-Subject extention, for measurement in parallel subjects (1 to 4 subjects) FEV extension MSX Multi-Subject extension

respiratory parameters from large animals RIP respiration from belts Lung volume measurement via respiratory inductive plethysmography (RIP) is a proven method for quantitative and qualitative non-invasive respiratory measurements on large animals: »» for freely moving primate, dog, pig etc. »» thoracic and/or abdominal belts are fully adjustable and directly connected to emkaPACK4G transmitter »» emkaPACK4G transmitter is housed into a jacket, worn by the animal »» data is wirelessly transmitted by telemetry »» respiration flow is derived from lung volume »» »» »» »» all standard pulmonary parameters phase shift computation for bronchoconstriction assessment easy subject specific absolute calibration ECG, blood pressure, acceleration & temperature can be optionally acquired, simultaneously with respiration emkaPACK4G transmitter with RIP belts Ask for specific brochure and see all our telemetry solutions on telemetry.emka.fr exposure systems aerosol generation and delivery Precise and automated aerosol delivery with Aerogen Aeroneb® nebulizer, emka TECHNOLOGIES’ nebulizationCONTROLLER and iox2 software: »» »» »» »» »» generation rate adjusted from 5% to 100% of maximum delivery continuous nebulization or only during inspiration nebulization started manually or by iox2 software large variety of nebulization protocols automatically executed drives up to 4 Aerogen Aeroneb® nebulizers »» multiple controllers can be linked to drive more than 4 Aeroneb® nebulizers nebulizationCONTROLLER ® and plethysmograph with Aerogen Aeroneb nebulizer mass flow controller »» option for plethysmography »» deliver a specific gas mixture »» ideal to evaluate the effects of hypoxia, hyperoxia, hypercapnia etc. »» aquisition is performed in iox2 software which also controls the mass flow controllers »» modify the composition of the gas mixture in real time, directly from iox2 software exposure to cigarette smoke and toxins inExposeTM for exposing laboratory subjects to cigarette smoke, aerosolized liquids, solutions, suspensions, inhaled toxins, compounds, vapours, gases... : »» controlled delivery of multiple gas/toxin mixtures »» nose-only and whole-body exposure »» cigarette smoke exposure for mice and rats: . computer-controlled & programmable rotary cigarette smoker . up to 24 cigarettes smoked in any possible parallel/sequential combination, with programmable puffing profiles and automatic lighting & ejection inExposeTM cigarette smoking robot pulmonary.emka.fr

4 compelling reasons to choose emka TECHNOLOGIES pulmonary systems! 1 complete solution for pulmonary studies Our systems include all needed hardware and software components. A one stop shop solution to be sure to obtain a reliable, field proven setup. 2 wide array of options, solutions & add-ons Cough detection, temperature and humidity correction, combined telemetry measurement, automated aerosol generation, synchronized video, connection to LIMS and many more solutions to answer your specific study requirements. Do not compromise; challenge us with tough questions! CONTACT US! for simple to very demanding projects, please call on us europe emka TECHNOLOGIES SA 3 20 years of experience emka TECHNOLGIES has been providing in depth pulmonary study systems from its start in 1991. 4 21 cfr part 11 compliance Our list of references includes more than 300 users worldwide. We produce single files per subject which not only contain the raw data and the calculated data points, but also the complete copy of all settings, calibration values etc. This is a major advantage when having to comply with 21 cfr part. 59, bd. Général Martial Valin - 75015 Paris - France tel:  +33 (0)1 40 60 76 00 - fax: +33 (0)1 40 60 65 55 emka@emka.fr north america emka TECHNOLOGIES Inc. 307 Annandale Road, suite 203 - Falls Church,VA 22042 - USA tel:  +1 (703)237-9001 - fax: +1 (703)237-9006 emkatech@emkatech.com china Beijing GYD Labtech Co Ltd Rm 935 Laho Studio, No.15-A1 East Jianguo Road Chaoyang District, Beijing 100024 tel: +86-(0)10-85376382 or +86-(0)13-031151180 or +86-(0)13-01151181 fax:+86-(0)10-58208944 info@bjgyd.com emka TECHNOLOGIES All contents Copyright © November 2013 emka TECHNOLOGIES SA. All rights reserved. Because emka TECHNOLOGIES has a policy of continuous product improvement, we reserve the right to change design and specifications without notice. pulmonary solutions from emka TECHNOLOGIES

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