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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: robboynes



A broad talk about the "what ifs" of publishing. This concentrates on what user focused content could become and how the user could become central to - and co-design - the potential future of brands.

What is in the package? @robboynes ! #pubpack

What is in the package? @robboynes ! #pubpack could be X

What if we placed the user at 
 the centre of the package?

‘The Product of One’ Unique per user. Built to individual specifications and preferences. Develops taste profiles based on data and behaviour.

..using big data and looking to The Echo Nest, we create a package that only means something to the individual using it. 
 It develops depending on where they go, 
 what they consume and who they interact with. what if…

Product as an ecosystem. Users build communities. Users build their own products. Users hack existing products and make new things. What if we co-design with our users?

…using likeminded users we build a package that changes with the people that use it and the skills they bring. ! Change is welcomed and people are free to build, develop, hack and influence the package. what if…

Beyond the container. Content can go beyond the screen or page. Content can exist in locations, architecture and nature. Content can be combined with time, location, mood, 
 association and recommendation.

…we create a package that is architectural and linked to other global geo locations. ! Collecting the interactions and emotions in these spaces becomes the content. what if…

Let go of the brand. Brands become unique to the individual. Brands can change with location, time and interactions. Give ownership to the user. The user becomes the brand.

…users owned the brand and embodied it? what if…

Create personal narratives. What if the content was about just you? What if the content understood your emotion? What if we helped users to personalise and create 
 content that enabled them to do something amazing?

…using wearable technology and personal devices we create a package that allows people create their own narrative? ! This could be done in real time based on their activity, local news around them - and the emotional states this generates. what if…

Create trust. User trust is now a battle ground. How can we be more trustworthy? How can we be more transparent? How can the package be humane?

…using constant user feedback we create a package that operates a real time trust index that measures not just content consumption - but user trust of the content? ! What if we made content decisions based on this index? what if…

Create habits and achievements. What if we can create positive user habits with game dynamics? How could we reward users for getting involved? How do we get users to keep coming back? What’s the hook?

…we create a package that develops it’s narratives based on user achievements? ! The narrative becomes more than the package - the experience of it becomes equally important. what if…

Everything dies. What if we reinvented brands constantly based on user data? What if users constantly iterated the content? What if we ignored nostalgia, lost sympathy and created new things rather than trying to maintain existing things?

…we create a package with an expiry date, 
 and allow users to iterate it? ! At the expiry date the package will reinvent itself, but what that reinvention is will depend purely the current users. what if…

…what could this mean for the package? so…

You are the package. Go create it.

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