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Published on January 18, 2014

Author: chloeatkinson121


Publisher Research

Bauer media Bauer publish a range of different magazine: women’s, music, car, gossip. sports and fashion. They appeal to both men and women. They also publish in different ways such as television, radio, mobile and online. This allows the company to be well known because it is accessible on a rang of different devices.

IPC IPC publish a lot of different types of magazines and within these headings they have over 5 different magazines. There are lifestyle, sport & leisure, television, women’s weeklies and young men & music. This range allows the company to appeal to a range of audiences and will make more people buy them because of the range that they have. They also publish using magazine, television, radio, website, mobile and multi-platform. This also allows the company to advertise their magazines and get more readers.

Future PLC Future PLC also publish a range of different magazines, for example: music, film, games, sport, creative & design etc. They publish through twitter, you tube and email as well as having the option of subscribing, this allows the readers to access their different types of magazines in a variety of different ways. They publish in the UK, Australia and USA which expands their audience and can allow people to access it throughout their day. The subscription option makes sure that readers don’t miss a week/month of having their magazine. There’s no need to go out to the shop and buy it as it arrives to your

ABC statistics The ABC age range is aimed at a wide range of people. Some magazines that they produce are aimed towards the younger generation and some for the older generation This company shares their magazines through social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it also has apps that people with smart phones can access and is multiplatform as it is produced in many different ways. It is also print based, in 5 different ways which allows different styles of magazines to be published in different way and intrigue the readers

NRS statistics The NRS have a wide range of age ranges, all above 15+. The women’s monthly statistics show us that, for example: the magazine Take a Break was printed 4658 times but the online version only got 102 views, which we find surprising seen as it’s easier to view magazines online. The chart shows that the readership is roughly 900 in 2010. The NRS shows us a range of magazines to suite a wide audience, some of these include; beauty, food and retail, golf, young women, women’s weeklies, slimming, wedding and parenting. This allows the NRS to assess every type of magazine and get the data they need. The NRS have a subscription that allows subscribers to the company to view more information than a non subscriber, this is good for the company as it will interest people to see what magazine is the most read and what magazine isn’t really bought.

The publisher I have chosen The publisher I have chosen is Bauer because it is most suited to the magazine that I have chosen to make, it also has a range of different ways to get my magazine out there and the genre I have chosen will fit right in with the genres they already produce. They have experience with this genre and will be able to tell me what audiences look for in a magazine better than any of the other magazines would be able to.

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