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Published on December 20, 2016

Author: SyedaNaila


1. Public Toilet !

2. Public Toilet Demand 20 Million People Living in Dhaka City 7.5 Million Demand 7.5 Million Public Toilet Demanding People 2.5 Million Commuters 1.5 Million Rickshaw Puller 1.5 Million Livelihood 1.5 Million Daily Commuters 0.5 Million Floating People

3. General Public Toilet 36% Public Toilet in Markets 14% Public Toilet with Restricted Use 49% Public Toilet for Special Occasion 1% Types of Public Toilets

4. Condition Non usable condition & Unhygienic condition 8% good 33% very bad Female Facility 74 % Unavailable 2/60 Female Caretaker Security Issues 39% unsafe toilets No secure locker No option to keep Rickshaw Cost for Use Issues Insufficient & Irregular Water & Light Other Purpose Use 70% Operation 8.78% fully operational 17.54% non- operational

5. Profit & Revenue Overdue Bills of 12 million to DWASA 307 % of Investment For Private Investor Annual Net Profit 511% Maintenanc e ? Litigation Problem Revenue

6. Problems Tough to Find No Female Provisi on Poor Location No Provision for Disable Poor Quali ty Less in Number Poor Monitoring System Relucta nt to Use

7. Reasons Policy Making Problem Ineffective Implementation & Maintenance Approach No Responsibl e Authority No Central Managemen t System No Coordination Among Agencies

8. Issues of Demand & Supply Ignored No Security Measure No Regular Awareness Campaign No Easy Locating System 3 42 1 Reasons

9. Mega Project Dhaka South 47 New 17 Repair Dhaka North 50 New 20 Repair After Construction Handover to Local & Private Authorities DCC Taken Measures

10. • 17 World Class toilets • Male, Female & disabled provision • Shower & Drinking facilities • Female Caretaker POBA Centre For Urban Studies Bangladesh Active Agencies

11. Social Prejudice to Create Awareness Existing Solution Long-term Solution Impact

12. Realistic Implementation Approach Efficient Awareness Campaign Proper Management System Viral Digitalization Recommendations

13. Realistic Implementation Approach Equity For Woman & Disable Choosing Feasible Location Increasing Visibility Incorporating with Over-bridge Public Toilet

14. Legal Resolution • Dedicated Long Day Celebration • Celebrating World Toilet Day • Building up the practice • Trimonthly Community Rally • T-shirt Distribution on opening -CSR Activities • Electronic Media • Implementations • Monitoring • Charge & Fine • Canvasser Campaign • Roadshow • Community Engagement • Place- Rickshaw stand, Slum etc. Campaign Event Promotion Compelling rightful message through careful planning, campaign & coordinated engagement. Efficient Awareness Campaign

15. Proper Management System Central Maagement System Security: Incorporating With DCC Server Through IP Camera Local Committee Formation Maintenance Through CSR ActivitiesNo Lease System Feedback System Cost Regulation

16. Story Telling & TVC Campaign

17. Viral Digitalization Viral Digitalization Geo-tech Mobile Application

18. GEO-TECH APPLICATION Banani Public Toilet Public Toilet User Manual Feedback Central Server Connection Share Gulisthan Public Toilet

19. Water | Sanitation | Hygiene For Sustainable Development The Global Goals For Sustainable Development

20. পাবলিক টয়লিট বযবহার করুন দেলের পলরছন্নতা এবং সুস্বাস্থ্য লনলিত করুন

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