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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: srujanirulzzworld



This presentation is about how should one go about becoming a good public speaker

Public Speaking Walk With World (WWW) 10/03/2014 Srujani Shrawne 1

Public Speaking An act of speaking to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner intended to  inform  influence  entertain a listening audience 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 2

Categories             Impromptu Debate Manuscript Extemporaneous Story telling Informative Poetry News casting/Broadcasting Persuasive Entertaining Specialized Ceremonial 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 3

Impromptu On the spot Topic quotation an object proverb one-word abstract 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 4

Debate Debate is contention in argument; dispute controversy discussion questions of public interest in Parliament or in any assembly 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 5

Manuscript The speech is written beforehand and is read It could be by Official personals Academicians Administrative personals 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 6

Extemporaneous A topic is given beforehand Few minutes to frame ones thoughts 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 7

Informative Factually right and knowledgeable Types Paper presentations Seminars Product launch 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 8

But how many of us dread from this idea of 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 9

Glossophobia Fear of public speaking Stage fear Anxiety Nausea Stammer 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 10

Overcome the obstacles Follow the process that has already been practiced because everyone was afraid at some point of time 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 11

The preparation 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 12

Know your material  Pick a topic of your interest  Research-be authentic  Be over prepared than under  Never say “no one will notice”  “no one will ask about that” 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 13

Know the audience  Know what they hope to achieve from the speech  Find out who shall you will be addressing their knowledge their age the number of people you will be lecturing or speaking to novices in the subject or experts 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 14

Practice      Rehearse out loud in front of a mirror Revise as necessary Work to control filler words Practice, pause and breathe Practice with a timer and allow time for the unexpected 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 15

Know the room  Arrive early  walk around the speaking area  Practice using the microphone  Practice using visual aids 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 16

Dress up You need to be comfortable Dress up according to the occasion 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 17

The speech 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 18

Amazing beginning Walk in confidently Adjust your mike Check the audio and video system Introduce yourself with a certain level of self worth Tell the audience how glad you are Begin with the end in your mind 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 19

Bad starts Never ever say This is my first time I’m little nervous I usually don’t do public speaking I’m generally not good at it 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 20

Add a persona Create a persona in the originality and never imitate, you don’t want people to think that you are a fake Let there be individuality 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 21

Memory Keywords Headings Organize your ideas logically Link the headings in your mind 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 22

Relax Begin by addressing the audience  Pause, smile and count to three before saying anything Transform nervous energy into enthusiasm Be aware of yourself 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 23

Concentrate on the message – not the medium  Focus your attention away from your own anxieties concentrate on your message and your audience Simplify your message 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 24

Keep the audience engaged Audiences want you to be interesting, stimulating, informative and entertaining Use humour  personal stories  conversational language Involve them(in case of small audience) Connect 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 25

Body language  Use certain gestures  Hand movements depict your involvement 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 26

Q&A round Understand the question and be to the point If you are asked a question you do not know the answer to, do not be afraid to admit to not knowing, you could say “that is an interesting line of thought, which I hadn’t considered” “I’m sorry I’m not aware of that.” 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 27

See your self transform into the kind of public speaker you want to be 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 28

Thank you -Srujani Shrawne (SE- Environment) 10-03-2014 Srujani Shrawne 29

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