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Information about Public Procurement Oct04 Notes

Published on January 7, 2008

Author: Maitane


Slide1:  EFCA, ECCE & ACE SEMINAR New EU Public Procurement Directive: EUROPEAN HARMONISATION OF PROCUREMENT PRACTICES IN THE SECTOR OF THE ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY AND ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES BRUSSELS, 21st OCTOBER 2004 Diana E. Maxwell, Secretary General ECCE Slide2:  The European Council of Engineers Who are we? Slide3:  ECCE was established in 1985 – a small number of professional organisations came together to share concerns regarding professional qualifications. From this the European Council of Civil Engineers was formed. ECCE seeks to promote and instil throughout the profession, the highest technical and ethical standards. Each of our member organisations is the sole representative of its country and represents a broad spectrum of civil engineering professionals. Our members include contractors, design engineers, academics and those working for public authorities and governments. ECCE thus represents over a quarter of a million civil engineering professionals around Europe. ECCE Collaboration:  ECCE Collaboration ECCREDI (European Council for Construction Research Development and Innovation), SEFI (Société Européenne pour la Formation d’Ingénieurs), ECF - EUROPEAN CONSTRUCTION FORUM comprising FIEC, the European Federation of Contractors, CEMBUREAU – the European Cement Association, CEPMC – the Council of European Producers of Materials for Construction, EAPA – the European Asphalt Pavement Association, FETTB –Federation Européenne de Travailleurs du Batiment et du Bois, UEPC – Union Européenne des Promoteurs Construction and, of course, EFCA, ACE and ECCE ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) JSCE (Japan Society of Civil Engineers) WFEO (World Federation of Engineering Organisations) . . THE EUROPEAN PROCUREMENT DIRECTIVES :  THE EUROPEAN PROCUREMENT DIRECTIVES FOR THE PRESENT: Ensuring that the directives are correctly implemented and that a ‘level playing field’ is there for all TAKING ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH AND SAFETY INTO ACCOUNT Reflecting the concerns of the public – protecting both the public and the natural environment LOOKING TO AN ELECTRONIC FUTURE Looking to the future of e-procurement CASE STUDY: THE U.K.’s NATIONAL PROCUREMENT STRATEGY :  CASE STUDY: THE U.K.’s NATIONAL PROCUREMENT STRATEGY REVIEW OF CIVIL PROCUREMENT IN CENTRAL GOVERNMENT - Peter Gershon, April 1999 “In order to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the current procurement arrangements, I considered the following seven aspects: Policy Organisation and Structure Process Measurement People Supply Base Implementation Gershon represents a move away from technical detail to a procurement culture – a sociological view. RECONCILING EUROPEAN LEGISLATION AND NATIONAL PROCUREMENT STRATEGY :  RECONCILING EUROPEAN LEGISLATION AND NATIONAL PROCUREMENT STRATEGY The need for clarity, conciseness and a clear vision. The U.K. government encourages local authorities to procure through regional centres of procurement excellence and to seek ‘collaborative working’ – building up partnerships in supply of architectural services that may be of 20-30 years’ duration – sharing expertise. What is the difference between a Framework Agreement and a Framework Contract? Might complex or ambiguous terminology undermine the new approach There is a need for a clear message and a co-ordinated approach. RECONCILING EUROPEAN LEGISLATION AND NATIONAL PROCUREMENT STRATEGY :  RECONCILING EUROPEAN LEGISLATION AND NATIONAL PROCUREMENT STRATEGY Some of the issues raised across Europe: Pleased to see there is choice in means of procurement The need to take national and geographical considerations into account Please avoid ambiguity and excessive complexity Need to monitor use of certain types of contractual agreement but Need to avoid excessive bureaucracy in supplying information Need to maintain transparency Let’s see how it works in practice!

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