Public Opinion And National Defence in Estonia, Spring 2016

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Information about Public Opinion And National Defence in Estonia, Spring 2016

Published on June 13, 2016

Author: kaitseministeerium


1. Public opinion and national defence in spring 2016

2. 58% 77%in March 2016 in Februar 2001 The trustworthiness of the Defence Forces remains high People who trust the Defence Forces:

3. of the population are not in favour of mandatory military service 14% of the population supports the preservation of the national defence model 79% A conscript service based reserve army Strong support for the present organisation of national defence:

4. 76% National defence has been developed effectively of people think so

5. 81%of Estonian people are in favour of armed resistance 3% The desire of Estonian people to defend their country is strong! In the case of an attack: only 3% of Estonian people would definitely not put up armed resistance

6. 49% of men aged 65 and over 81% of men aged 15-34 82% of men aged 35-49 80% of men aged 50-64 Readiness to participate in defence activities is high

7. 24% 72% Security and threats. The world is becoming more unstable, but mostly outside of Estonia of people consider it probable that instability and armed conflicts in the world will increase of people consider it probable that a military attack will be launched against Estonia in the next ten years

8. 54% 2000 May 89% 2016 March 89% of Estonians support Estonia’s NATO membership

9. 91%of the population consider military service necessary 63%of the population condemn military service evasion Military service is considered necessary

10. 68% of Estonians are in favour of women also doing military service

11. of Estonian people feel it should be possible to study national defence in all secondary education schools 81% Knowledge of national defence is considered important

12. 77% 75% 78% 2014 2015 2016 spring that national defence is a duty of society as a whole 78% feel,

13. Public opinion on national defence in spring 2016. See more:

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