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Published on September 26, 2017

Author: noahkorgs


PTSD Throughout History: PTSD Throughout History Noah Korger Sorry about audio, I am sick… What is it?: What is it? PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Categorized as a mood disorder Often initially caused by stressful or frightening events Doesn’t always show effects right away Could be months or even years People can recover on their own, but that is often not the case Therapy Bad coping strategies Origins?: Origins? First Documented in Ancient Times Battle of Marathon 490 BCE Greek historian Herodutus documented a spearman who lost his sight Spearman also had ‘psychogenic mutism’ Even Before That Assyrian Dynastny 1300 – 609 BCE Soldiers were often reported to have their ‘minds changed’ following a deployment The King of Elam said he had nightmares and was haunted by his enemies History: History CIVIL WAR “Soldier’s Heart” or “Da Costa’s Syndrome” Thought it was from overstimulation of the heart Mass casualties in many battles WWI “Shell Shock” Seen in soldiers following attacks and defenses that including artillery strikes Thought it was hidden damage to the brain from shockwaves of explosions Fear of new machines of war and gas attacks History continuted: History continuted WWII “Combat Stress Reaction (CSR)” or “Battle Fatigue” Thought to be from long surges and expeditions “Everybody has a breaking point.” Gen. Patton thought it was just weakness “Thousand Yard Stare” MODERN (Korean War-War on Terror) Guerilla warfare Improvision from enemy and fear of unknown Estimated 31% of Vietnam vets Drug problems stateside 10% of Desert Storm/Gulf War vets 11% of Afghanistan War vets History of Treatments: History of Treatments Ancient – ‘potions’ and tonics Expel the spirits Civil War – drugs and medications to treat symptoms Soldiers were rushed back to combat as fast as possible After the war, many committed to insane asylums WWI – drugs and a few days rest Sent immediately back to the front after a few days Confinement in asylums as well History of Treatments: History of Treatments WWII – immediate identification and recognition from field medics, PIE (Proximity, Immediacy, Expectancy) Sent soldiers showing symptoms back from the front lines and get some light therapy and drugs before returning Soldiers with lasting symptoms got lobotomies stateside Modern – no return to combat unless cleared by medical doctor stateside Better therapy and treatment has lead to a decrease of lasting symptoms and full recoveries Continuing research into different drugs and therapies to help veterans treat symptoms and relief References: References / https:// https:// /

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