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Published on July 22, 2013

Author: YiYongSup

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20CYou are a citizen of one nationJust imagine…

Powerful Nation  The holy Roman Empire  Royal family ‘Habsburg Haus’ Once was a

After World War I

Redefine(lose) of the border War indemnity Attack of marginal states Desolated country

 Political unrest  Social unrest World wide economic depressionInflation & StrikeIncome fallen 43% Unemployed 6,000,000

Bread Egg 0.63201,000,000,000 0.90320,000,000,000 11 marks marks

National Hero Messiah Savior Need

Autobahn Superhighway Economic Revival Unemployment rate0% Recovery of National Status


BUSS420 Leadership: Theories & Practices Spring 2012 Team 8 Adolf Hitler May 10, 2012


Contents 01 02 03 2-1 2-2 2-3

About Adolf Hitler“The doom of a nation can be averted only by a storm of flowing passion,but only those who are passionate themselves can arouse passion in others.”

Messianic Leadership Crisis situation

leader Hitler Vision  Suggest consistent idealism  Opportunity  Appeal to the basic instincts (contingent, MBE)  Combine vision of the states & individual goal As a Leader  Timing decision, Simplification  Respect and trust himself  Learn from opponents  Indomitable spirit  Plans to run again

To Germans  Show the trust of Government  Emphasis the importance of people, public  Support of youth & women (reformation, education)  Mass wants to sacrifice himself for the social values  Care daily life of individuals  Use psychology of people (Compassion, protection)  Terror & Horror (MBE) Organization  Hierarchical political organization  Individuals have direct contact  Use loneliness and give them status  Helpers who can complement each talents  Make a system that one can exclude his own conscience  Pursue perfection  Convince people to do what they want

Development of the country Modernity, Industrialization Copy U.S. modernization Vision of the state Rhetoric of Mein Kampf Revival of Golden Age Deutsche ethnic integration Hatred against Jew Stock exchange, the media, Marxism, social disruption, negative political development Weak people strong nation Children National treasure(Education & Welfare) But… for the excellent ethnic group

 Theoretical insights  Excellent organizer Psychologist  Unlimited authority  ultimate responsibility  Given confidence & courage Ideal leader HERO “Cultural progress of humanity comes from individual genius & energy not from the public.” Born with all leader traits  Political activities and public relations  Capable of moving masses is the most important part of leadership (Propaganda)

Superhuman Comforter Like to speak enjoyable memories Closeness to working class Strong energy and endurance Germans Perception of Hitler Limited information (control of media) Keeping his promises  Unemployment rate falling  Superhighway  Diplomatic success  Social reforms Deification Looks good in the posters, pictures (Physically very small, Dress ugly) Talk what audience want to hear making them to loss their critical thinking Secret private made a myth legend

Distant & Personalized leader Adolf Hitler

Minister: Goebbels “Our führer is always right” Führer myth: Hitler is the Messiah who can save our people 01 Propaganda activities

Radio, TV Strategically used radio’s and TV’s in order to unconsciously implant the Nazism ideology to as many people as possible Goebbels Noted to be the first person to utilize radio and TV in politics. 01

Airplane performance, Music, Lights, Flags, Movies 01 Propaganda activities

Posters Depict Hitler having highly attractive and charismatic appearance Cf) Reality of Hitler: Height below average, well-rounded hips, narrow shoulders, short legs 01 Propaganda activities

Speech was the essential medium of his power. He spoke at too great length, often repetitive, lacked lucidity, frequently lost himself in cloudy phrases BUT extraordinary impression of force, immediacy of passion, intensity of hatred, fury conveyed by the sound of the voice alone overcame the shortcomings => Look at his rhetoric, gestures, tone of voice etc. 01 Speech

• Rhetoric 1) Targeted the mobs “ Propaganda should always be aimed for the public” 2) Simple, repetitive and immature 3) Created a sense of community by evoking great anger Anti-Jew, anti-communism, anti-capitalism, illiberalism 4) Metaphors, comparison, superlative “ Jews are like bacteria..” 01

“I shall annihilate every one who is opposed to me” Prohibited debates about any kinds of topics Censored the contents of newspapers, radios, movie s, school classes, ordinary chats, letters… 02 Personalized Charisma Uses power for Personal gain Demands decisions must be followed Censures Criticism Insensitive

Hitler used Germany in order to fulfill his personal wills 02

Business Implication Adolf Hitler Enron's Ken Lay "There was this ultimate faith within Enron, that,'We're all geniuses. We know we're geniuses. We're on the covers of magazines, and they're telling us we're geniuses,'"


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