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Published on January 4, 2014

Author: snisonko


PowerPoint Presentation: PSYCHOLOGY FOR MBA STUDENTS Be patient: Be patient Being a young MBA ,students want initially Rs 5 lakhs ctc , a car and a free furnished bungle in a posh locality. Wishes are horses. Think of the market and your value. Wait for right time. WRATH/BLAME: WRATH/BLAME “I work hard ,but my boss is not impartial”, is a negative approach. It is easy to be taken over by Emotions and Angers . Check your EQ. It plays a vital role. Look within ; prepare yourself with multi-skills because it is your formative years. Don't play blaming game which will lead to your disastrous fall. HUMILITY: HUMILITY KEEP YOUR EGO OUT OF YOUR JOB. THERE ARE MANY REASONS FOR YOUR FAILURE. ADMIT,TAKE HELP AND PROCEED. REALITY-CHECK: REALITY-CHECK CHECK YOUR ABILITIES,YOUR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES. SELF MONITORING YOUR BEHAVIOUR AND PERFORMANCE MAY YIELD GREAT RESULT INSTEAD OF JEALOUSY. CAREER PLANNING: CAREER PLANNING YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR FAT; THOUGHTS AND AMBITIONS LEAD TO ACTIONS AND PERFORMANCE,LEADS TO HABITS . It builds your personality and destiny . SLOTH: SLOTH Never neglect your duties to your superior, workers, colleagues and customers . They will earn your survival and growth. Don't ask before you give. Dependency: Dependency Dependency is a serious illness of a capable person; do rely on your abilities ,imaginations and images ; not those of your parents, nor of caste or community. PowerPoint Presentation: The seed of success is within you! Nourish it. You shall be a global manager. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank you. Dr. sibram nisonko,Associate professor,IBMR

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