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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: kerneng


THE POWERS AND PERILS OF INTUITION This lesson teach us about the memory is partly controlled and partly automatic. Our memory is not just actually the full memory. It just a copy of a part of memory. We can’t store everything inside the memory bank. The thinking, divided into controlled and automatic. Controlled thinking can be control by the owner and automatic thinking is unconscious. Automatic thinking contains schemas which mean the mental concept that guide our interpretation and perception. For example, when you tell a girl what the fox look like. Then, she wil imagine the structure of the fox. But, when she sees a wolf, she see the same characteristic on the wolf. She will initially call it is a fox. Besides, our life can’t without memory.It help us remember all important thing in our life and it cannot be replace by the technology. For example, we need to remember the important person phone number so that we can still contact them if the phone of anything is missing.It prove that memory can take an important place. Next, the emotional reaction means the happened before there is time to deliberate thinking. We also learn about the construction of memories. It states that our current feelings and expectation are used to combine information fragments. Besides, our self-image and present are not only shaped by the past. In a nutshell, I feel that the people who always feel too much as the attitude is under the feeling.

ATTITUDE This lesson teaches us about the attitude. As we know that, attitude is positive or negative evaluation of object of thought. However, it is not just only that. Attitude is important in our life. Positive attitude can let us think about the good thing and do work in a proper way. In opposite, negative attitude will lead you to think about the bad thing and also have a bad mood when working. During the lesson, we learn that attitude basically have 3 components which are cognitive, affective and also behavioral. Cognitive is about the idea while affective about feeling and behavioral means predispositions to act. For example, a person with positive attitude will let you feel energetic and will influence the people surround feel happy. But, a person with negative attitude will make you feel sad and no energy. That is the difference between positive and negative attitude. Some interesting advertisement will show the behind meaning of the advertisement. It’s always show the positive and negative attitude inside. So, this will attract the attention of the viewer and let them think about the interesting meaning. It is about the attitude. The roly-poly and the mouse experiment show that we have reinforcement after action. In case, we will have positive and negative reinforcement too. For example, when the adult become the example of the child that beat the roly-poly, the negative reinforcement will create. The child will start to follow what adult do even though they had not been teaching before. Another experiment, the mouse will learn something after get the punishment or reward. The negative reinforcement also created. In conclusion, I feel that attitude will influence a lot for a person. It is very important in our life. Lastly, always have a positive attitude will make the life more meaningful.


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