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Published on December 11, 2008

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I/O Psychology: Introduction and History : I/O Psychology: Introduction and History Psyc 231 Industrial/Organizational Psychology Rice University Sylvia J. Hysong, Ph.D. Overview : Overview What is I/O psychology? What do I/O psychologists do? I/O Psychology as a field Ethics History What is I/O Psychology? : What is I/O Psychology? The field of psychology concerned with the development and application of scientific principles to the workplace. Two major areas: Industrial -- concerned with efficiency Organizational -- concerned with the individual’s role in the workplace context What do I/O Psychologists Do? : What do I/O Psychologists Do? Academia -- research and teaching Industry consulting in-house practitioner Government research in-house practitioner I/O Psychology as a Field : I/O Psychology as a Field Educational Requirements Consulting / Licensing Requirements Professional Associations Research Ethics : Ethics Competence Integrity Professional/scientific responsibility Respect for people’s rights and dignity Concern for others’ welfare Social responsibility How did it all begin? : How did it all begin? 1879 -- Wundt opens 1st experimental psychology lab 1890’s -- Taylor conducts time and motion studies 1913 -- Münsterberg writes first I/O text, Psychology and Industrial Efficiency Scientific Management - Taylor : Scientific Management - Taylor Each job should be analyzed so that the optimal way of doing tasks can be specified Employees should be selected according to job-related characteristics (I.e., merit selection) Employees should be carefully trained to do their job tasks Taylor, Cont. : Taylor, Cont. Employees should be rewarded for their productivity to encourage high levels of performance Managers do the thinking, workers implement management’s plans (clear separation) Scientific Management -- Fayol : Scientific Management -- Fayol Unity of command Scalar principle Staff and line division Specialization Parity of authority and responsibility Centralization Critical Events : Critical Events World War I-- Army Alpha and Army Beta Hawthorne Studies Civil Rights Act of 1964 Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 Summary : Summary What is I/O psychology? What do I/O psychologists do? I/O Psychology as a field Ethics History

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