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Published on March 27, 2008

Author: jabernethy




B What word is spelled incorrectly? A. Action B. Amazincg C. Concert

Fact Opinion Opinion Write fact or opinion for each sentence. My dog is the best! That butterfly isn't pretty. The colony is over there. Micheala is wearing a jacket. Fact

B. What is the word that goes along with the following defination: When the author interupts the story to tell you about something that happened earlier in the story. A. Onomatopeia B. Flashback C. Foreshadowing D. Hyperbole

A. What word matches this defenition below: Using one thing to represent another. A. Symbolism B. Onmatopeia C.Flashback D.Hyperbole

C. A pattern of sounds in a poem or sentence. A. Metaphor B.Alliteration C.Rhythm D. Prefix

Based on feelings. What is the defination for optinion? Write it on the following lines.


A. What is a scalene triangle? A. A triangle that has no sides that are the same. B. A triangle that has all the same sides equal. C. A triangle that has two equal sides.

trapizoid What is the correct name for the hidden shape below. Write the name on the line below.

64 Find the missing angle measurement without measuring. 78 38

B. What is the measurement of the angle at the letter I without measuring? A. 40 B.90 C.30 D.70

D What is the word that goes along with the following defination: The area around a circle. A. Perimater B. Diamater C. Range D. Circumfrence

Color in 6/8ths of the circle.

Found by subtracting the minimum and the maximum. Write the defenition for the word Range. On the line below you may write the defenition.

What is the definitation for the word Prime Number. Write it on the lines below. Numbers with only one factor.

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