Psoriasis_ health and human rights

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Information about Psoriasis_ health and human rights

Published on February 22, 2014

Author: VeronicaMitchell



Raising awareness of rights issues related to Psoriasis at a meeting of the South African Psoriasis Association

Health and Human Rights @ South African Psoriasis Association General Meeting February 2014 Veronica Mitchell

Psoriasis What about stigma, discrimination … Access to health care ?

South African Laws, Policies & Programmes Personal experiences ?

Frequent violations occur In the health system In our communities Societal prejudice towards difference Lack of understanding and awareness about disability

Common experiences Stigma Discrimination Judgement Worried by Aha-Soft from The Noun Project

Types of stigma Doug Souter General Secretary International Federations of Anti Leprosy, UK @ IFPA workshop in Madrid 2013

Types of stigma e.g. Enacted Losing a job Perceived Fearful of sexual relationships Self Changing behaviour - Social exclusion

Stigma “ a negative response to human difference

Different reactions Hiding skin Isolation Mental health issues …. we sometimes have choices Shocked by Aha-Soft from The Noun Project

Colle c Indiv idual s tive p soria sis s Rights to: dignity non-discrimination freedom (to be ourselves) uffer e rs

Access to treatment is a right Costs Public health system spending limitations Medical insurance selection of treatment Transport

Access to treatment is a right Patents Power of transnational pharmaceutical groups

To realize our human rights Raising awareness / education Confidence Collective effort gloabally Happy by Aha-Soft from The Noun Project

Sourcing information Information at our finger tips Support & Sharing e.g. social media Computer by Dan Hetteix from The Noun Project Icons by

Sourcing information Open Educational Resources (OER)

Sourcing information by Dan Hetteix from The Noun Project 9a468b556ce2/Human%20Rights%20Key/files/dKey.html

Importance of empathy and reflection by Dan Hetteix from The Noun Project 9a468b556ce2/Human%20Rights%20Key/files/dKey.html

Call for Action Glob al mo v emen t

World Health Organization Psoriasis is a non-communicable disease with co-morbidities that need to be considered Stacey Stent Illustration

South African Psoriasis Association website

Conclusion Human rights need to be upheld Global Plan of Action through WHO Implementation of laws is problematic Social awareness and education can contribute to change present attitudes of stigma and discrimination

Thank you Stethoscope by kesaryvamshi from The Noun Project

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