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Information about Prudence

Published on March 9, 2009

Author: frraul



PRUDENCE : PRUDENCE The intellectual/moral virtue which rightly directs particular human acts, through rightly ordered appetite, toward a good end. A prudent man does not merely know what is good. He is above all one who does the good. Right appetite is thus part and parcel of prudence. Slide 2: Universal principles certainty Particular situations less certain Requiring a special virtue, an intellectual/moral virtue (requiring right appetite) Integral Parts of Prudence : Integral Parts of Prudence Memory Understanding of first principles Docility Shrewdness Discursive Reasoning Foresight Circumspection Caution Slide 4: MEMORY IT’S THE ABILITY TO LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE. IT INVOLVES AN OPENNESS TO REALITY. Integral Parts of Prudence SYNDERESISUnderstanding of first principles : SYNDERESISUnderstanding of first principles Intellectual knowledge Rational appetite (knowledge of things intelligible) (intelligible goods) Life Truth Leisure Sociability Religion Marriage Integrity Naturally inclined to these human and intelligible goods Integral Parts of Prudence DOCILITY : DOCILITY The recognition of one’s finitude and need for advice. The ability to learn from others, to seek out and accept their advice. An open-mindedness Integral Parts of Prudence SHREWDNESSSolertia : SHREWDNESSSolertia Clear-sighted objectivity in unexpected circumstances The ability to quickly size up a situation Intuitive. Integral Parts of Prudence DISCURSIVE REASONING : DISCURSIVE REASONING The ability to research and compare alternative possibilities and to reason well from premises to conclusions in practical matters. Integral Parts of Prudence FORESIGHT : FORESIGHT Integral Parts of Prudence The capacity to estimate whether a particular action will lead to the realization of our goal. CIRCUMSPECTION : CIRCUMSPECTION The ability to take all relevant circumstances into account, since otherwise what seems to be a good end and a good means can be vitiated by factors that have not been considered. Integral Parts of Prudence CAUTION : CAUTION Care to avoid, when choosing good means to a good end--or at least anticipate-- those evils that will likely result from a good act that we contemplate doing. So it is by caution that we take steps, if necessary, to avoid such evils. So to be cautious is to be on the lookout especially for the bad consequences of a contemplated action. Integral Parts of Prudence Potential Parts of Prudence : Potential Parts of Prudence Counsel – inquiring into the means and circumstances. Practical Judgment – an assent to good and suitable means. Command – the direct application of the counseling and judging of action. Eubulia – the perfection by which we rightly deliberate about available means that will lead to a desired good end. Synesis – good common sense in making judgments about what to do and what not to do in ordinary matters. Gnome – the virtue by which a person, seeking to preserve the spirit of what is just, judges it right to perform an action not required strictly by the letter of the law. Belonging to a good judge when dealing with problems not wholly covered by the law. The principal act of prudence VICES CONTRARY TO PRUDENCE : VICES CONTRARY TO PRUDENCE Slide 14: Impetuosity: the vice of acting too quickly – failure to consider adequately the available means. Thoughtlessness: a defect of practical judgment – opposed to synesis and gnome Slide 15: Negligence: a defect on the part of the intellect to direct the will in carrying out some good action. Both vices are contrary to command Inconstancy: (wavering) – failure to complete a moral act by refusing to command that an act be done (giving way to inordinate pleasure). Slide 16: Intellect -- Prudence Will --- Justice reasoning understanding circumspection foresight docility caution memory legal justice [>] commutative justice distributive justice liberality religion piety observance gratitude truth affability equity Slide 17: Concupiscible appetite Irascible appetite temperance abstinence sobriety chastity humility meekness clemency modesty fortitude magnanimity magnificence patience perseverance

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