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Published on September 7, 2007

Author: Spidermann


PROVISION OF CHILDCARE SERVICES IN THE CITY OF LOHJA, FINLAND:  PROVISION OF CHILDCARE SERVICES IN THE CITY OF LOHJA, FINLAND Elina LEHTO Mayor of the City of Lohja 8.5.2007 FINLAND´S CHILD DAY-CARE SYSTEM- ENSURING EQUALITY AMONG CHILDREN:  FINLAND´S CHILD DAY-CARE SYSTEM - ENSURING EQUALITY AMONG CHILDREN the right of small children to receive day-care id based on a statutory subjective right municipalitys are reqvired to provide or supervise daycare to such extend and in such forms as required to meet local needs a child is entitled to receive day-care parents have the right to choose the form of day-care their child receives: municipal day-care, private day-care or child home care the fee for municipal day-care is determined according to family´s income and size DAY-CARE SERVICES IN LOHJA 1 / 2:  DAY-CARE SERVICES IN LOHJA 1 / 2 ECEC and educational system are both under the auspices of the local educational board Services provided in finnish and swedish Almost 3200 children below school age Municipal services (about 43 % of children): 15 day care centers, 6 group family day-care centers and 63 family child-miners, open day-care services (playground and club activities) including care in the evening, at night and at the weekend 99 % of six-year-olsds participate in pre-school education activity for first and second year pupils in basic school DAY-CARE SERVICES IN LOHJA 2 / 2:  DAY-CARE SERVICES IN LOHJA 2 / 2 Outsoured day-care services (3,6 % of children) Aid of the private day-care allowance ( 9 % of children) Aid of the child home care allowance (27 % of children) open day-care is offered as an alternative to day-care centre services =andgt; do not affect families´access to child home care allowanse or the size of the allowance club activities comply with goals of the ECEC curriculum THE CENTRAL AIMS OF ECEC IN LOHJA:  THE CENTRAL AIMS OF ECEC IN LOHJA Day-care services tailored to family needs The continuum of child´s growing and learning ( day-care -andgt; pre-school -andgt; basic school ) Early intervention High quality services THIS IS HOW WE REACH THE AIMS 1 / 4:  THIS IS HOW WE REACH THE AIMS 1 / 4 Multifaceted day-care services are provided on five districts, corresponding to school catchment areas Regional cooperate between parents, child welfare clinics, day-care and schools Staff training - in Finland a statutory obligation to provide day-care staff with further training (3-10 days/ year) THIS IS HOW WE REACH THE AIMS 2/4:  THIS IS HOW WE REACH THE AIMS 2/4 Period-of-life' –evenings for parents - led by a public health nurse or a kindergarden teacher to give parents better understanding of special charasteristics of children and the confidence to deal with the problems children face at this age Kehu-method - before check-ups of five-year-olds were carried out exlusively in child welfare clinics now the part of the check-up concerned with assessing skills and possible need for support in varios areas is conduced in day-care centres parents are involved in assessing the child and his test results THIS IS HOW WE REACH THE AIMS 3/4:  THIS IS HOW WE REACH THE AIMS 3/4 The child and family welfare policy programme - in practice drawn up in collaboration with diffrent players - expected to lead to greater diversity in the forms of support available to families and to target recources to areas where there are obvious shortcomings in service provision Curriculum work as basis for cooperation between day-care centres and schools concerning the content of education - continuity of curriculums for day-care, pre-schools and basic school THIS IS HOW WE REACH THE AIMS 4/4:  THIS IS HOW WE REACH THE AIMS 4/4 Parents and day-care staff meetings - establish specific goals for child´s growth and learning over the next year =andgt; the goals are recorded in the individual ECEC plan drawn up for each child - in spring parents assess how well the goals set for their child have been achievedand give feed back on the implementation of the plans from the child´s wiewpoint Quality evaluation (focuses on both service availability and service content) - evaluated from the standpoint of local inhabitants cliants; parents and children (once in 2 years) staff - is taken into account in action plan for the following year

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