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Published on January 2, 2009

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Mastering MAR-COMProven Direct Marketing TechniquesMarch 29, 2001 : Mastering MAR-COMProven Direct Marketing TechniquesMarch 29, 2001 JOHN M. COE DATABASE MARKETING ASSOCIATES SCOTTSDALE, AZ 480-778-9900 4 Levers For Successful Direct Marketing Campaigns : 4 Levers For Successful Direct Marketing Campaigns List 50%+ (Targeting & Segmentation) Offer 20% (What’s the deal?) Creative 10% (Copy & Art) Media 20% (Sequence & Frequency) 1. Targeting & Segmentation = List : 1. Targeting & Segmentation = List The key process is the strategic thinking behind list selection. It may differ for each topic. Sales Training vs. Global Marketing Trends This process applies to everyone independent of product or service Targeting: : Targeting: Past sales predict future opportunities New prospects or markets Competitive opportunities Others specific to you situation Targeting Tips : Targeting Tips Recent inquiries/interest may be more reflective of today’s market. Be sure that how you define the target can be linked to public databases. Data description Not all targets are created equal. An valuation of the targets helps set priorities and resource allocation. Segmentation:How Are You Getting There? : Segmentation:How Are You Getting There? Macro segmentation -- the large groups of targets, such as, hi-tech companies. Micro segmentation -- clusters for direct marketing campaigns. One-to-one segmentation -- sales effort either in person or on the phone. (Also called advanced database marketing) Segmentation: Why do it? : Segmentation: Why do it? Relevancy of communication and offer Tighter targeting. Identifies that data elements for the database. Leads to customer focused communications. Micro Segmentation;A Definition : Micro Segmentation;A Definition Micro segmentation is a process of grouping together individuals and/or companies who share a common characteristic(s) that are relevant to your topic or marketing objective. Demographic Segmentation:Facts That Describe Companies : Demographic Segmentation:Facts That Describe Companies Geography: Zip, SCF, Area Code, State SIC/NAICS Company size: employees or revenue Location type: headquarters, plant, etc. Fiscal Year Relational Demographic Segmentation : Relational Demographic Segmentation Factual information that is linked to your topic or product. Equipment in use Type of technology used Who can’t think of one? Sales Cycle Segmentation : Sales Cycle Segmentation Suspect – you have a reason to believe Inquiry – they raised their hand Lead – budget, need, timing and authority First sale – a customer Repeat sales – a good customer Past customer –what’s wrong with them? List Selection:Five Types of Lists : List Selection:Five Types of Lists Customer – your internal customer file Pooled lead – all the leads you have Developed – you create the list of potential Response – people have responded/bought Compiled – their existence qualifies them Response Lists : Response Lists People on these lists have done something Bought a product or service Attended a seminar or trade show Subscribed to a magazine (paid or free) Inquired or otherwise responded Looking for affinity to your topic or product SRDS book of mailing lists Compiled Lists : Compiled Lists Existence = list People Associations Business Compilers Info USA – Omaha, NB Experian – Anaheim, CA D & B – Parsippany, NJ The List Business : The List Business Owners Managers Brokers Rules of usage – rental vs. full use Seeded lists – you may be caught Cost and accuracy – data decay 2. Offers : 2. Offers The offer is the catalyst or motivation to respond now! What you sell is the “offering”. Do not confuse the two. Quantity vs. Quality dilemma In general, offers are intended to move the individual to the next stage in the buying process. Offer Types : Offer Types Inquiry generation: Lead development: Closing: 99 offers – a list of ideas to use Offer Dangers : Offer Dangers Neat idea but unrelated to your topic or the client’s need or interest. Premiums Cost for fulfillment. Internal or external Does not move the buying process forward. Awareness does not always equal behavior 3. Creative : 3. Creative Creative is always the subject of great debate and disagreement -- everyone has an opinion as everyone is an expert! What works in direct marketing is not always what you think will work. Remember that direct marketing is copy driven! Creative Tips : Creative Tips Take your personal opinion out of the process to act as your own creative director. Use known and proven principals plus the “eye of the beholder” Cost should not be the first consideration. Results, as measured in gross margin or profit terms is the guiding factor. Creative Tips : Creative Tips Relevancy of message and offer fights through the clutter. Remember that a “flat” piece of mail is handled differently than a 3-D or something that goes “bump in the mail”. Don’t try to trick the audience. Remember, we sell people and not companies -- emotion works. Direct Mail Creative Guidelines : Direct Mail Creative Guidelines Direct mail is a conversation with one person. Design the envelop to get it opened! Letter is the heart of your communication and does the hard work. Design the response vehicle first and then write the letter. Who’s the “hero”? Offer, reader or you? Seven Copy Guidelines : Seven Copy Guidelines Feature the most important benefit no later than in the headline, first sentence or first paragraph. Immediately enlarge on your most important benefit. Identify specifically what they will get if they act now. Seven Copy Guidelines : Seven Copy Guidelines Back up your statements with proof, endorsements or testimonials. Call to action -- tell them what to do, when and even how . Highlight what they might lose. Rephrase the prominent benefits in the closing offer. Direct Mail Creative Tips : Direct Mail Creative Tips Design the letter 1st, 2nd and 3rd order scanable Z path – start upper left; exit lower right Folds – reader will open to widest point Color out pulls b/w – 2 to 1 Cartoons vs. picture – a tough choice No more than 7 lines per paragraph Type size should be no less than 10 point Creative Tips : Creative Tips Opening paragraph should have no more that 11 –17 words. All sentences should average no more than 14 words. In a 2-page letter, break the last sentence into the next page. Quotes increase readership and interest – unless they are by you. Odd numbers are more believable than even Be as specific as possible Creative Tips : Creative Tips Don’t ever use an * Serif type is best for letter readability The eye goes to anything out of order Use screen tints – red and yellow are best After their name people read either the P.S. or response card Avoid reverse-out type – decrease readership by 33% 4.Media Sequence & Frequency : 4.Media Sequence & Frequency Stage of the buying process is a strong influence on the selection of media. Mix it up between Internet, mail and phone. Slow drip vs. compression. Ask the audience how they would like to be contacted? Permission marketing is a powerful boost to results. Mail Formats : Mail Formats Post card Self mailer Complex self mailer Letter package – standard Letter package – oversized Impact mailing Testing : Testing The most overlooked item in direct marketing. What to test? How to test? What to do with your results? Measurements : Measurements ACTIVITY MEASURES Response % Cost per inquiry Cost per lead RESULTS MEASURES Cost per sale Breakeven Lifetime value The Telephone : The Telephone Our love/hate relationship. Cost efficient and dynamic media Different roles In-bound Response media Customer service Out-bound Telemarketing Telesales The Telephone : The Telephone It’s not as much a matter of knowing but doing! Outside service vs. internal efforts. The people who excel at telemarketing and telesales are different. The Internet/Web : The Internet/Web Common roles of web sites in a direct marketing campaign? On line fulfillment of offer Dialogue or other type of interaction New technologies – streaming video E-mail is now permission based. TouchScapes ASP solution Combine e-visits with other media Telephone call as prospect views web site Final Thoughts & Questions : Final Thoughts & Questions Think Different! – like a direct marketer. It’s a process of doing and learning and then doing it again but this time -- better. Lot’s of help -- books, magazines, and seminars. Local AZ Direct Marketing Club. Your feedback and questions??????

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