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Published on October 9, 2009

Author: ukdpe


Rapid Application Prototyping with SketchFlowViral Tarpara – Technical Evangelist - Microsoft

Utopian Workflow

Dev-Fat Agencies

How Agencies REALLY Work

Concept This Leads to... #FAIL

Why Concept Phase is a Nightmare

Feedback Customerswho aren’t “design-centric” do not give you actionable feedback. They remain focused on the details like colorandimages, rather than “look ‘n feel” and design

You end up wanting to do this…

So Why ?

05/11/2009 Rapidly Model the Look and Feel

05/11/2009 Enterprise-Ready Applications

05/11/2009 Multi-Version/User Feedback

Automatically Generate Documentation

Sketchflow Interface

Feedback Player in Browser

Full Interaction and Commenting

This Paper Sketch Actually Rotates Try to Explain this on Paper!

05/11/2009 Demonstration

Sketchflow Tasks Import Adobe files into Full Functioning UIs Application Navigation System with NO CODE Add State to the application Drag and Drop usable Sample Data

05/11/2009 “We Don’t Use Silverlight”

“We Don’t Use Silverlight” HTML/Flash Shops Fast Prototyping Conceptualize in Silverlight/WPF Finalize Changes before Development Multi-user / Multi-version Feedback Firefox, IE, Safari Support on PC/MAC/Linux*

Getting Started with Sketchflow Download Silverlight 3 Download Microsoft Expression Blend 3 trial Checkout Sketchflow Starter Kit Videos Guides Assets Contact Me : Blog: TwitterID: @TARPARA

05/11/2009 If after all this you remain unconvinced then...

“I find your lack of faith disturbing”

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