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Information about Prototype UI Intro

Published on December 15, 2007

Author: kangax


Library of UI components

Who? • Samuel Lebeau, French student, JS/Rails developer, prototype contributor. Change Class.extend to allow for superclass method resolution and remove Class.inherit. Closes #9274. [Samuel Lebeau] • Juriy Zaytsev (kangax), New York based JS developer, UI expert. • Sébastien Gruhier, PWC creator, creator of many prototype-based open-source projects. • Vincent Le Moign, Designer.

Why? • Prototype Window Class (PWC) • Prototype Carousel • Prototype Portal • ... • ‣And classcourse Prototype 1.6: of New architecture (true inheritance) ‣ New event model ‣ ...

How? • Same license as Prototype (MIT). • ‣Same approach as Prototype: Subversion repository ‣ Functionals and unit tests ‣ Trac ‣ Core Team + contributions from community

How? • Documentation (automatic with NaturalDocs) that can be installed locally • Full distrib file or per component (will be available with first stable version) • PackR integration (25Kb only) • Active forum

Features • Independent components • Easy and fun to use • Highly configurable • Fully skinnable • Coherent API and documentation • Most of the methods are chainable

Components • Core (Adds methods to String, Array, etc.) • Window • Carousel • Shadow • Dock (experimental) • Context Menu (experimental)

Core • Adds core level methods (DOM, String, Array, etc. ) • UI.Option class to handle options of all components easily.

Class.Methods Method aliasing sample UI.Window.addMethods({ methodsAdded: function(base) { base.aliasMethodChain('destroy', 'buttons'); }, destroyWithButtons: function() { this.buttons.stopObserving(); this.destroyWithoutButtons(); } }

UI.Options Before Effect.DefaultOptions = { transition: Effect.Transitions.sinoidal, duration: 1.0, // seconds fps: 100, // 100= assume 66fps max. sync: false, // true for combining from: 0.0, to: 1.0, delay: 0.0, queue: 'parallel' } initialize: function(element) { this.options = Object.extend(Object.extend({ from: this.element.getOpacity() || 0.0, to: 1.0 },Effect.DefaultOptions), options || {}); }

UI.Options After UI.Window = Class.create(UI.Options, { // Options by default options: { theme: null, id: null, top: null, left: null, width: 200, height: 300 }, initialize: function(options) { this.setOptions(options); } }

UI.Options And more! UI.Window.optionsAccessor('top'); window.setTop(12); // 12 window.getTop(); // => 12 (

Window • Skinnable Design and Shadow • Modal mode • HTML and Ajax content • All PWC options and more

Carousel • Horizontal and Vertical • Always 100% skinnable

Context Menu • One more time: skinnable • Uses Shadow class

Example Let’s create a desktop behavior

Example Some includes <!-- Javascripts --> <script src=quot;../lib/prototype.jsquot; type=quot;text/javascriptquot;></script> <script src=quot;../lib/effects.jsquot; type=quot;text/javascriptquot;></script> <script src=quot;../dist/window.jsquot; type=quot;text/javascriptquot;></script> <!-- CSS --> <link href=quot;../themes/window/window.cssquot; rel=quot;stylesheetquot; type=quot;text/cssquot;> <link href=quot;../themes/window/mac_os_x.cssquot; rel=quot;stylesheetquot; type=quot;text/cssquot;> <link href=quot;../themes/shadow/mac_shadow.cssquot; rel=quot;stylesheetquot; type=quot;text/cssquot;> 1 And 3 line of Javascript code! <body> URL: <input type=quot;textquot; id=quot;urlquot;/> <input type=quot;buttonquot; value=quot;openquot; onclick=quot;openWindow()quot;/> <script type=quot;text/javascriptquot;> function openWindow() { new UI.URLWindow({url: $F('url'), theme: quot;mac_os_xquot;, shadow:true}).setHeader(url).show().focus(); } </script> </body>

Example Simplify creation code by using Option class function openWindow() { new UI.URLWindow({url: $F('url'), theme: quot;mac_os_xquot;, shadow: true}).setHeader(url).show().focus(); } UI.Window.setOptions({theme: quot;mac_os_xquot;, shadow: true, top: 40, left: 100, width: 700, height: 400 }); function openWindow() { new UI.URLWindow({url: $F('url')}).setHeader(url).show().focus(); }

Example Let’s create an desktop icon when closing a window

Example Add action on hide • Let's change default closing behavior from destroy to hide UI.Window.setOptions({theme: quot;mac_os_xquot;, shadow: true, top: 40, left: 100, width: 700, height: 400, close: quot;hidequot; }); • And add an event when a window is hidden function openWindow() { var win = new UI.URLWindow({url: $F('url')}).setHeader(url).show().focus(); win.observe(quot;hiddenquot;, hideWindow); }

Example Now the hideWindow function function hideWindow(data) { var win = data.memo.window; // Create a icon on desktop var icon = new Element(quot;divquot;, {className: quot;iconquot;}).update(win.header.innerHTML); icon.observe(quot;dblclickquot;, function(){; icon.remove(); }); document.body.appendChild(icon); } And some CSS for icon .icon { position: absolute; top: 40px; left: 20px; background: url(quot;safari.pngquot;) no-repeat top center; width: 128px; height: 64px; text-align:center; padding-top: 64px; font-size: 12px; }

Full sample with icon dragging UI.Window.setOptions({theme: quot;mac_os_xquot;, shadow: true, width: 700, height: 400, close: quot;hidequot;}); var windowPosition = {top: 40, left: 100}; function hideWindow(data) { var win = data.memo.window; if (win.icon); else { var pos = win.getPosition(); // Create a icon on desktop at window position var style = 'top: #{top}px; left:#{left}px'.interpolate(pos); var icon = new Element(quot;divquot;, {className: quot;iconquot;, style: style}) icon.update(win.header.innerHTML); // Observe double click to hide icon and show window icon.observe(quot;dblclickquot;, function(){; icon.hide(); }); new Draggable(icon); document.body.appendChild(icon); win.icon = icon; } } function openWindow() { var win = new UI.URLWindow(Object.extend({url: $F('url')}, windowPosition)).setHeader(url).show().focus(); win.observe(quot;hiddenquot;, hideWindow); += 40; windowPosition.left += 40; }

Next • Stable version • More tests, more documentation and more demos • Custom builds • Dialog class • New components (portal, layout manager, tooltips ...)

• Questions? • And see you soon on

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