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Information about Protoceratops

Published on March 20, 2009

Author: mschoenberger


Protoceratops“First horned face” : Protoceratops“First horned face” by: Luke How Do You Say Its Name? : How Do You Say Its Name? Pro-toe-ker-ah-tops Click to hear its name Where Was It Found? : Where Was It Found? People Republic of China, Mongolia. What it Looked Like : What it Looked Like 1.8m long. 1m in height. It weighed 400 kg. Had 4 legs. It had grinding teeth. Cool Facts : Cool Facts It lived 85-80 (mya). It had a bird beaked nose. It was a Herbivorous. It used it’s shearing teeth to eat hard plants. The Protoceratops was 1m smaller than a grown man.

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Protoceratops; Skelett von Protoceratops andrewsi. Zeitliches Auftreten; Oberkreide (spätes Santonium bis mittleres Campanium) 85,2 bis 76,4 Mio. Jahre
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Protoceratops (genus Protoceratops), ceratopsian dinosaur found as fossils in the Gobi Desert from 80-million-year-old deposits of the Late Cretaceous Period
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To discover more about Protoceratops please select from: Classification How do scientists classify Protoceratops? Facts Some key facts about Protoceratops.
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Protoceratops was a quadrupedal dinosaur that was partially characterized by its distinctive neck frill at the back of its skull. The frill itself ...
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Protoceratops. Were the beak and clawed legs of Protoceratops fossil remains the origin of the lion bodied, eagle headed griffin of Greek legend?
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Standard YouTube License; Loading ... Velociraptor VS Protoceratops - The Land of Dinosaurs, #07, 벨로키랍토르 VS 프로토케라 ...
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The pig-sized Protoceratops is mostly famous for being on the lunch menu of the meat-eating dinosaur Velociraptor. Here are 10 fascinating ...
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Protoceratops Steckbrief / Datenblatt Name Übersetzung: Protoceratops heißt „ erstes Horngesicht“ Betonung: PRO-to-ZE-ra-tops benannt durch: Walter ...
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Protoceratops was a ceratopsian dinosaur from the late Cretaceous. It was a quadrupedal, frilled, beaked herbivore which was preyed upon by Velociraptor.
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Der Name Protoceratops verweist auf seine Zugehörigkeit zur Überfamilie der Horngesichter (Ceratopsia). Die Entwicklung der späteren Dreihorndinosaurier ...
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