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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: chirurgiemammaire154


Breastfeed With Implants In Your Breasts - Prothèse Mammaire Pri ___________________________________________________________________________________ By James Stephen - When a child is born, the only food that it knows for the first six months is breast milk. This is the best nutrition that you can ever give to your child. Breast milk has all the nutrients that is required and very healthy for your child. When a baby is breastfed it protects them against any infection that might come. It also decreases the chances of your baby being allergic and also to conditions like diabetes and asthma. Not only to babies only but to you as well. It reduces the risks of getting diseases like ovarian cancer, diabetes and breast cancer. Well, there are mothers who like having bigger breasts and because they do not have they usually go for implants. The implants make their breast look bigger and fuller, so can you breastfeed with implants. Click Here This is a question that most women ask a lot especially after or when they are thinking of getting an implant. Breast implants are filled with saline water or silicone gel and are usually very small bags. Breast prosthesis is put inside your breasts using surgical means. One can put them in one breast or to both of them. This type of surgery that is used in placing the implant is called breast augmentation.

The year that marked the first portentous signs of the coming economic recession. Conversely, the numbers for breast reduction surgery were also up by 13% on the year before. So how can you breastfeed with implants? It is possible for one to breast feed with their breast prosthesis.The implants pushes near a breast tissue and it pinches it. This action can cause a reduction in the quantity of milk made or reserved in your breasts. The breast implants can as well pinch the milk ducts which blocks the flow of your breast milk hence, making your breasts swell. At times when there is a lot of milk in your breasts that makes it swell it might make you feel pain. This pain will continue as you breastfeed and so you will feel like you want to stop breastfeeding. In case you are worried that the breast milk will cause harm to your baby. Sometimes the surgery can affect your breastfeeding. Your milk ducts, nerves and milk glands may be damaged during the surgery process. Once they are injured then it will reduce the feelings that are in your nipple area. This affects the responses to your breast milk. The milk ducts will as well affect the production of your breast milk where it will be less. Your breast might have scarred areas which might cause the breast tissue to die hence affecting the shape of your breasts. Breast enlargement involves inserting a breast implant in a discrete place. The purpose of this intervention is the obvious aesthetic benefit (a higher volume of the breasts), as well as ensuring complete satisfaction in accordance with the result. Postoperative scars will be located in an area or place that is less visible and will have a size and quality of healing that will quickly become negligible. Introduction of prosthesis can be made through the submammary ditch or through the areola. Regardless of the technique used the prosthesis will be placed behind the mammary gland, so that the mammary gland can be examined whenever this is necessary.

It is recommended that patients indicate the existence of prosthesis in case of gynecological checkups, since they are sometimes difficult to detect. Performing a breast implant medical intervention does not affect breastfeeding in case of a possible pregnancy in the future. The breast enlargement intervention can be performed in many cases. For example, aplasia (complete absence of development of one or both breasts) can be easily healed. A temporary contraindication is deciding to become pregnant in the period immediately following the medical intervention. Instead, giving birth should only take place 6-8 months after undergoing surgery, since there are some local changes to the breasts that will take place during that specific period. Temporary contraindications include hormonal treatment, local skin lesions, intercurrent diseases, acute depression, major emotional conflicts etc. Generally, the demand for prosthetic breast is accompanied by an excellent awareness of the patient's body. So… What’s Next ? To learn more about prothèse mammaire pri, Click Here: http://drlalanne-

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