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Published on April 27, 2014

Author: jtagscott



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Protection From Emp

As serious survivalists we are persistently on the look- out for diverse techniques to protect ourselves as well as our equipment. One major concern being expressed by various survival group members centers upon the issue of the dreaded EMP threat. Some proclaim it will create havoc upon our newer junction centered semiconductor products while other schools of thoughts dismiss the dilemma as mere speculation.

Regardless of how you may view the issue and which side you lean towards we usually rely upon back up plans to ensure that our goals are achieved. In this short article I will provide you with instructions for what I call refer to as an EMP Oven. This item should allow you to rest easy at night and worry less about a potential EMP situation.

The Graham Commission recommends storing electrical grid components and any hard to make devices that are necessary to keep our infrastructure working.US citizens are not prepared for an EMP attack. Most people do not have more than three days-worth of food and water stored. Many do not have batteries on hand for flashlights, radios or other equipment for any length of time. Most people have no idea what an EMP attack is and how it could affect them.

Citizens who are interested in protecting their data or electronics should be able to buy such items as these boxes at Wal-Mart or Home Depot for $24.95 to fit a couple of laptops and four family cell phones. There is more and more talk about a detonation device launched high above our country or a suit case pulse detonation EMP bomb being deployed atop a building in a large city instantly frying all you electronics.

Following an EMP attack above the United States, a rapid and complete breakdown of our infrastructure would happen. Like a house built of cards when one supporting card is pulled out, our electronic infrastructure would come crashing down in seconds.Faraday Cage.You can protect your own devices by keeping them in containers made from aluminum or copper, commonly referred to as faraday cages. Your protected devices will be able to resist electromagnetic pulse effects.A galvanized metal trash can lined with insulation like thick cardboard makes a great EMP shelter. Metal filing cabinets work well too as long as the devices you are protecting do not come in contact with the metal cabinet.You

can wrap smaller electronic devices in aluminum foil, but be sure to wrap them in plastic first and use two or three layers of foil.

Batteries.Lithium batteries can last up to 15 years and are your best bet when it comes to stocking batteries in case of EMP attack. You should wrap your batteries in aluminum foil to keep them protected from EMP weapons.EMP protection also means you have to have enough food, water, and medical supplies for your family to survive shortages and social breakdown. The inability to communicate while the government tries to restore power will look like a war zone scene on TV as people suffer from lack of drinkable water and good food.

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