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Published on January 10, 2014

Author: nortecehr



Once you switch to the electronic health record system, you will soon realize that providing the health care practices is becoming easy.

Once you switch to the electronic health record system, you will soon realize that providing the health care practices is becoming easy Visit at :

introduction  Medical offices are now gradually converting their systems into the electronic health records  Maximum businesses are taking benefits to computerize their elementary functions and reduce the quantity of work their staff is supposed to do  Developers have responded accordingly by making their EHR software advance Visit at :

Cons of the EHR software  Privacy is the most important tool for the electronic health record system  Paper based record system disturbs the privacy of patients  Identification of theft can be noticed when dishonest people raise their access to confidential and sensitive records.  A false person can access the patient’s data and easily fraud Visit at :

 Educating your staff  Physicians, practitioners, clinicians and staff must have to get basic knowledge of the software  They must avail whenever they get chance for training Visit at :

 Cost  The main boundaries for the switch to electronic health record is cost  The main money is important for the system and the preparation and requirements of hardware  There must be a standby storage system to defend the EHR in case of any emergency Visit at :

 Conversion  Paper charts need to be scanned into the form of electronic and to placed in new patient records  Previous paper charts don’t scan into electronic form, but required to be reserved for some period. Visit at :

Pros of EHR system  Physicians can access and enter the patient data very rapidly with the EHR  The system will present the data fields to be filled by your staff  The promise of related records is another advantage of EHR software  EHR system, when upgrade regularly, will let your organization to progression the patient information by using the ICD code Visit at :

 Financial incentives  Qualified professionals can represent the meaningful use to get incentive of up to $45,000.  Eligible professionals can get the incentive of up to $63,000.  Another financial bonus for practices in undeserved and rural areas. Visit at :

 Management task  EHR will update the procedure of the office to keep up with the changes in the patient’s record  Some staff will be able to work in the similar chart immediately by reducing the staff hours.  The results will be digitalized and can be sent to the electronic health records system of patients without the intervention or delay of staff. Visit at :

 Availability  The patients will ultimately have access to their online medical records  This makes it stress-free to get the correct information when required, switching of the system between the providers and in emergency situations. Visit at :

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