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Information about Props

Published on March 12, 2014

Author: ifrahk23


Ifrah Abdi Khalif

This watch would not be suitable for my character because it appears to be too girly and my character is more masculine. This watch appears to be over the top. For instance you would never wear this watch to a murder scene. You more likely to wear to a party so you can show off. I personally think this watch is a prefect for my character to wear because it red and it is suitable for the genre of my film, which is thriller and the watch is kind big allowing people to notice.

There is a high chance of me choose thing knife as my main prop because it is small and it can be hidden for site. I might not end up choosing this knife because it is kind long and it can be difficult for the actors to hold it and because it thin and sharp I have keep eye on where ever the knife goes. However as director I will not have the time to keep eye on all of the props. One why I do not like this Knife is because its kind wide and it can be noticed easily by people who are walking around and there is a high chance of them getting the wrong idea.

The watch will be one of my main prop in my film and I have chosen it to be red because it is a connotation that death will happen and it also reveals the killer because the killer will be Wearing this watch. The second prop is the knife, Which I will only show it for 10 second of it or even less then that because I do not want who are walking pass to get the wrong idea.

Detective Nadifa is an outgoing person so therefore the outfit she wears has to go with her personality. So that is why I have chosen a bright colour.

The main reason why I want the victim to wear these outfit is because he is an ex-criminal And usually ex-criminals never change there sense of style because they are still the same person. They just don’t commit crime anymore.

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