Proposal to reclaim Chicago's lakefront from the highway using immersed tunnels

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Published on October 23, 2014

Author: JamesChuck



My exploration (and proposal) of how to improve Chicago's North Lake Shore Drive as a multi-modal transportation facility and reclaim the shoreline for the City and its Citizens.
A thoughtful and sustainable strategy to give urban shores and coasts a second chance

1. TAG Holding LLC’s Proposal for: Prepared by and Property of: James Price Chuck T: 312 507 9792 │ E: A: 5000 N. Marine Dr., Chicago IL 60640 09/05/2014 1

2. Page  2 1.4 Project Need Improvement needs vary throughout the seven-mile study area and fall into one of five categories: •Improve safety for all users. •Improve mobility for all users. •Address infrastructure deficiencies. •Improve access and circulation. •Improve modal connections and opportunities. Source:

3. Page  3 Situation Lake Shore Drive is an essential Chicago artery with more than 150K vehicles per day Roadway designed 100 years ago and unable to handle traffic demand Congestion, curves and potholes cause crashes and gridlock that have negative social and economic costs Physically seperates City from its Lakefront Negatively impacts viewsheds, environment and property values On/off ramps create dangerous interactions with Lakefront Trail users High Usage and Congestion A Grey Divide 5700N Red = > 100K vehicles ave/day Central Business District & Tourism Highest Value Residential & Recreational A 12-lane 250 foot – wide barrier Source: Illinois Department of Transportation

4. Page  4 Opportunity to Elevate Chicago Immerse Outer Drive in offshore two-level tunnel in shallow trench; eliminate weather impact from road conditions Expand Outer Drive to 6-lanes each direction; upgrade access points to alieviate congestion and stoppage risks Construct segments offsite at Port of Chicago; float into place. No disruption to the Drive while new one is prepared. Create 1000s of jobs via PPP Private, State, Federal funding Gain 80 acres of lakefront park and car-free Lakefront Trail Cover tunnel with beach erosion-prevention technology Lake Depth Immersed Tunnel Cross-Section Transformative Outcome Shallow depth and soft lakebed are optimal for immersed tunnel Protection layer General fill Locking fill Gravel bed Existing lakebed

5. Page  5 Source: Ramboll Group Note: Not actual NLSD render. For illustrative purposes only 6-lanes on two-levels of stacked tunnel + corridors for light rail and/or bus rapid transit NLSD-I capacity 2x greater than today; 300,000 cars a day without congestion New ingress/egress access to or “under and past” Inner Drive eliminate bottlenecks 80 acres of parks and expanded auto-free Lakefront Trail for safe capacity increase Existing lakebed

6. Page  6 What? An immersed tunnel is an underwater tunnel composed of segments made of steel or cast iron tubes lined with concrete using conventional shipbuilding techniques. Immersed tunnels are used in conjunction with other forms of tunnel at their ends to continue the tunnel from near the water's edge to the at-grade on-land surface. How? 1.The tunnel is made up of separate, prefabricated segments that are produced offsite and sealed at each end with bulkheads so that they can float like a boat. 2.In parallel to segment production, an underwater trench is dredged and graded along the tunnel’s planned route. 3.When a trench section and its specific segments are ready, the segments are floated to the appropriate location above the trench, then slowly sunk into place. Once in place, they are aligned and connected to the adjacent segment(s). 4.After a segment is connected, a water-tight seal is created between adjacent segments, the tunnel is emptied of water and the underwater trench is then backfilled and any necessary protection is installed. 5.Once the immersed tunnel is connected and sealed airtight from end to end, it is linked to its bored or above-ground access points. Once these connections are completed, then the roadway/infrastructure inside the tunnel can be constructed. Where? USA: New York City’s 63rd St. 4-bore rail tunnel; San Francisco’s TransBay subway rail tunnel; Oakland’s subway rail tunnel; Baltimore’s 4-tube Fort McHenry tunnel; Detroit-Windsor 2-lane auto tunnel; Boston’s Ted Williams 3-lane auto tunnel. Global: Montreal, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Sydney, UK, Japan.

7. Page  7 = Man-made underwater and underground access island Returns to above- ground, existing Lake Shore Drive at Montrose Avenue Returns to above- ground, existing Lake Shore Drive at Grand Avenue Access points feed into existing roadways via “merge/yield” instead of stop lights

8. Page  8 Segments produced at Port of Chicago Segments floated into place Segments placed into trench, roadway installed and connected to access points 1a. Segment Production 5. Roadway Installation 4. Tunnel Preparation 3. Segment Submersion 2. Segment Transportation 1b. Trench Preparation Images: Creative Commons and Ramboll Group

9. Page  9 Segment Investment Income A Montrose Avenue - Fullerton Avenue Montrose Access Ramp (1640 ft) 10,838,443 One-way Toll $1.00 Immersed Tunnel 1,065,340,909 Tolls / Day 130,000 Fullerton Access Ramp (1640 ft) 10,838,443 Days / Year 365 Contingency Reserve 27,175,445 Toll Income / Year $47,450,000 Segment Cost $ 1,114,193,240 Payback Period 23.5 years B Fullerton Avenue - North Avenue Fullerton Access Ramp (1640 ft) 10,838,443 One-way Toll $0.75 Immersed Tunnel 349,431,818 Tolls / Day 145,000 North Avenue Access Ramp (1640 ft) 10,838,443 Days / Year 365 Contingency Reserve 9,277,718 Toll Income / Year $39,693,750 Segment Cost $ 380,386,422 Payback Period 9.6 years C North Avenue - Oak Street North Avenue Access Ramp (1640 ft) 10,838,443 One-way Toll $0.75 Immersed Tunnel 242,897,727 Tolls / Day 125,000 Oak Street Access Ramp (1640 ft) 10,838,443 Days / Year 365 Contingency Reserve 6,614,365 Toll Income / Year $34,218,750 Segment Cost $ 271,188,979 Payback Period 7.9 years D Oak Street - Grand Avenue Oak Street Access Ramp (1640 ft) 10,838,443 One-way Toll $0.75 Immersed Tunnel 370,738,636 Tolls / Day 105,000 Grand Avenue Access Ramp (1640 ft) 10,838,443 Days / Year 365 Contingency Reserve 9,810,388 Toll Income / Year $28,743,750 Segment Cost $ 402,225,910 Payback Period 14.0 years E Project Design and Management Initial Feasibility Study 175,000 New Parkland 80 acres Project Preparation and Management 73,083,589 Time to Construct 2 years Cost $ 73,258,589 Total Project Budget $ 2,241,253,139 Project Payback Period 13.7 years

10. Page  10 World-Class Partners Global leader in tunnel analysis, design, engineering, advisory and project mgmt; designed and currently leading implementation of 11 mile immersed tunnel (Fehmarn Belt Tunnel); large-scale project experience in Chicago Largest Chicago-based general contracting, construction mgmt, and design-build firm with relevant experience in civil and transportation Premier Chicago-based regional development think-tank with expertise in transportation, environmental management and innovative infrastructure finance Timelines NLSD project management: –2014: Identify and evaluate alternatives –2015: Alternatives carried forward –2016: Select Preferred Alternative –2017: Obtain environmental and design approvals TAG Holding’s Immersed Tunnel (I.T.) Team: –2014: Provide IDOT with I.T. proposal –2015: Provide IDOT with additional I.T. Information and Ramboll offer to perform feasibility analysis for $175,000 –2016: If I.T. is selected, then develop detailed design and engineering plans; work closely with DOTs to redesign and prepare access points –2017: Obtain environmental and design approvals, prepare Port of Chicago I.T. segment production –2018+19: Manufacture segments, prepare lakebed trench, complete tunnel installation, begin roadway fitting and connect to access points –2020: Complete roadway, open new I.T. Outer Drive NSDL project management and DOTs: –2020+21: close and remove former Outer Drive roadway, enhance Lakefront Trail and Inner Drive, recover 80 acres parkland

11. Page  11 TAG Holding’s proposed solution for evolving North Lake Shore Drive through the use of a two-level, stacked offshore immersed tunnel meets and exceeds the defined NLSD Project Needs for safety, mobility, addressing deficiencies, and improving access, circulation and model connections and opportunities. TAG’s solution resolves the myriad micro-problems with NLSD’s current design in one fell swoop and strategically elevates Chicago by: 1.Eliminating a highway from its visible downtown Lakefront 2.Creating the space for profound Inner Drive and Lakefront Trail improvements 3.Increasing Lincoln Park’s area 7% with 80 new acres. By making use of existing tunnel technology in an innovative manner, TAG’s solution elevates Chicago to a level of global leadership in multi-modal transportation infrastructure. Leveraging innovative infrastructure finance for the $2.2 billion PPP budget provides the capital needed to invest in job creation and preparing Chicago and the metro region for a more sustainable future. And the pay-per-use toll model via I-Pass enables a sub-14 year project payback period. If we are to follow Daniel Burnham and “make no little plans”, then TAG’s immersed tunnel solution should be selected as the preferred alternative and implemented over two years by 2020. Thank you for your time and consideration.

12. TAG Holding LLC’s Proposal for: 12 Prepared by and Property of: James Price Chuck T: 312 507 9792 E: A: 5000 N. Marine Dr., Chicago IL 60640 Disclaimer: Some statements made or information contained in this presentation are forward-looking in nature. As such, they are subject to certain risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond the control of TAG Holding Alpha LLC. This could cause the actual results to differ from those referenced, projected or contemplated herein.

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