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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: makoshimomura


2014 Ye Chen Mako Shimomura Manita Meiburg Lorenzo Ascencion Matthias Vermeulen 13-3-2014 Social Entrepreneurship: Stichting Hoedje van Papier

Social Entrepreneurship: Stichting Hoedje van Papier Rotterdam Business School Pagina 1 TABLE OF CONTEN 1. NAME OF THE PROJECT 2 2. HISTORY 2 3. ORGANIZATION 3 3.1 Target group 3 3.2 Method 3 3.3 Purpose 4 4. ASSIGNMENT 4 4.1 The objective 4 4.2 How? 4 4.3 What? 4 5. HOW TO CONTACT COMPANIES 5 5.1 Step 1: Get in touch with the right people 5 5.2 Step 2: Making the call and plan an appointment 6 5.3 Step 3: Follow up by an email confirmation 6 5.4 Step 4: The appointment & Aftercare 6

Social Entrepreneurship: Stichting Hoedje van Papier Rotterdam Business School Pagina 2 PROJECT PROPOSAL 1. NAME OF THE PROJECT Identify companies who are interested in collaborating with Hoedje van Papier. 2. HISTORY The activities of Stichting Hoedje van Papier have their base in Peru, a country of great contrasts and extreme poverty. Liesbeth Kerstens (1975) as from 2005 with her foundation “Asociación Pasa La Voz”, she organized workshops for children growing up in difficult circumstances, such as working children, orphans, children from slums and children who grow up in a home or juvenile detention. Common problems include social neglect, physical and sexual violence, broken families, alcoholism and extreme poverty. Through multimedia workshops children are taught to take action to improve their living conditions. They make their own newspaper called Pasa la Voz, self-produced radio programs as well as private TV items. The workshops and radio or television journalism and film making sure that the children develop a critical attitude, to form an opinion and to seek solutions to the problems they encounter in their immediate vicinity. Stimulating creativity and strengthen self- confidence plays a major role. Liesbeth's work in Peru was recorded in 2006 by a Dutch camera crew broadcasting LLiNK.

Social Entrepreneurship: Stichting Hoedje van Papier Rotterdam Business School Pagina 3 To support its activities in Peru from the Netherlands, Hoedje van Papier was founded in 2005 in the Netherlands. Due to the good response and enthusiasm in the Netherlands, Hoedje van Papier started in 2007 with the multimedia workshops in Rotterdam. Meanwhile, this project involves more than 50 schools in 14 districts in five different towns in Rotterdam. Hoedje van Papier also started in Breda in the end of 2010. 3. ORGANISATION 3.1 Target group In the Netherlands, approximately 12% of the children live below the poverty line as announced by the European Union. These children have fewer opportunities to develop themselves than their peers, because they grow up under different circumstances. This is often due to a combination of problems, such as unemployment of parents, school, and health problems in the family situation. Most of these children and young people growing up in deprived areas. 3.2 Method The foundation Hoedje van Papier want the kids to bring out this potential and give them the opportunity through different means of communication and encourage actively using their neighbourhood, society and the decisions that relate to their immediate environment. At the same time, the presented communication will give children the opportunity to show at a local, national and international audience this potential. The current activities are reading to kids and computer classes. 3.3 Purpose

Social Entrepreneurship: Stichting Hoedje van Papier Rotterdam Business School Pagina 4 Hoedje van Papier spends extra attention for language during their activities. They teach language through organizing playful activities with the children in real life situations; to work creatively, they make acquaintance with certain aspects of the language. This way they will learn to write lyrics, create scripts, preparing interview questions, conduct interviews, present themselves, their views on paper and oral expression on topics that are important to them and analyze texts from the Internet or conversations with other people. In this way, their oral and written language skills will enhance their vocabulary. 4. ASSIGNMENT 4.1 The objective Contact MVO NL or alternative umbrella organisations to identify companies who are interested in collaborating with Hoedje van Papier to deliver volunteers. 4.2 How? Consult the report of the former group and use their recommendations as starting point. They made a list with potential contacts and companies; also how to contact them. The information they left behind is really going to help us. 4.3 What? Potential output: A list of interested companies with contact persons and their fields of interest. Looking from the perspective of (potential) volunteers, to see how they take part in volunteering from within their own job and company. To bring HVP into contact with a company that has their own volunteering section. Recruit volunteers from business life, what do they want?

Social Entrepreneurship: Stichting Hoedje van Papier Rotterdam Business School Pagina 5 1. Away from the drudgery 2. To do volunteering, leaving a good and satisfying feeling 3. Maintaining their salary Stimulate and inspire people with a social heart into volunteering. Check how to combine this with companies and volunteering section. (Tax benefits, budget / subsidy) 5. HOW TO CONTACT COMPANIES When you want something from a company, you have to approach them in such a way that they won’t slam the door in your face as soon as they see you. This requires a specific way of contacting both new and familiar companies. Although there isn’t an optimal or ‘best way’ to do so, we do know that there are certain guidelines that will improve your chances of success. 5.1 Step 1: Get in touch with the right people This might seem a bit obvious, but many people think that contacting a company is the most important step and people sometimes have the impression that everyone knows everything about the other company. Needless to say, this is not the case and you need to know who to contact in order to get in touch with the right people. Which person you should get in contact with, depends on what company you are contacting. If it’s a small business (local supermarket) it is easier to get directly access to for example the director than when it involves a large company (Shell or Unilever). For this reason it is best to first dial the regular phone number, which usually gives you the secretary desk, or information desk. From there they can reconnect you to the person you actually need to contact, or you can just simply ask for his/her phone number so you can call him/her back another time.

Social Entrepreneurship: Stichting Hoedje van Papier Rotterdam Business School Pagina 6 5.2 Step 2: Make the call and plan an appointment Once the right person(s) is/are found, you can talk about the actual topics you wanted to discuss with him/her. Start with introducing yourself and briefly state the reason why you are calling. After you have done that, ask him/her if it is possible to talk some more on the phone, because it is very well possible that the other person is waiting for an important phone call for example. When he/she has some time, elaborate some more and also mention the fact that you want to have a meeting so you can discuss things face-to-face. After you both agree on a date and time, say that you are going to send a confirmation email so he/she can read over the things you discussed when that person needs to. 5.3 Step 3: Follow up by an email confirmation Step 3 is pretty self-explanatory. It simply states that you put all the details you just discussed with your contact person in an email, so that he/she has the possibility to re-read any important information if that is required. Do not forget to include the date and time of the appointment, so you avoid any misunderstandings. 5.4 Step 4: The appointment & Aftercare Make sure you have everything, you might need something during your appointment; make it ready the day before. This will greatly decrease the chance of you being late at the meeting. It doesn’t matter who you are having an appointment with, being late is a no-no, so make sure you are early. For this reason it is also important to leave your house well in time, so traffic jams or canceled trains won’t have a big impact on you. Once at the location of your meeting, do all the usual formalities: shake hands, get some coffee and start talking about something unimportant (the weather for example), after which you can start talking about business. If it is necessary, make some notes and be sure that you discuss every issue that is important to you. After the meeting, thank the person for his/her time and say that you will keep in contact. As soon as you get home, send the person you had the meeting with an email thanking him/her

Social Entrepreneurship: Stichting Hoedje van Papier Rotterdam Business School Pagina 7 again attached with a document containing your notes. That way the other person can check if everything is clear to you and you have the correct information.

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