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Information about Proposal Scalp clinic Products from Iljin Cosmetic Co., Ltd.

Published on February 28, 2014

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Explanation of Phytostory Professional for Scalp clinic
which has three different lines such as Neroli(sensitive), Lavender(Oily), Juniper(Dandruff) and essence as well.

OCTA course for SPA clinice

Color and Manicure

ⓐ Aroma Scalp Therapy LAVENDER LINE (For oily scalp) JUNIPER LINE (For dry scalp) NEROLI LINE (For sensitive scalp) ⓑ Aroma Hair SPA OCTA COURSE SYSTEM (8-STEP CLINIC)

LAVENDER LINE (For oily scalp) 4-STEPS Lavender cline 20ml lavender cline is effective in removing hardened sebum stuck in the pores with water, preventing bacteria and itching and strengthening a feeling of refreshment. ⓐ ⓓ ⓑ Lavender energizer tonic (5ml, 80ml) A scalp strengthening tonic containing biota seed ingredients, effective in anti-oxidation, anti-bacterial and controlling the secretion of sebum, that suppresses and inhibits the production of 5alpha-reductase and also containing labrador tea iris ingredients, helpful in promoting blood circulation and moisturizing effect, that are effective in preventing from having an itch on your scalp and from getting inflammation. ⓒ Lavender shampoo (300ml, 800ml) Lavender shampoo working up a fine and rich later, which contains vegetable cleaning ingredients and sebum control ingredients that alleviate inflammation and itching and deliver cleaning effect at the same time. Lavender hair pack (250ml) Keeping a good balance between a healthy scalp & hair, and repairing hair with clean ocher soil, plant complex, etc. which are effective in controlling secretion of sebum on the scalp and allowing nutrients to be penetrated deep into the scalp.

Juniper LINE (For dry scalp) 4-STEPS Juniper cline 20ml Controling dandruff with it's exfoliants ingredients , preventing itching and prvides moisture together w ith feeling of refreshment. ⓐ ⓓ Juniper shampoo (300ml, 800ml) Controling dandruff through the synergy effect of antibacterial oils and preventing the division of epidermal cells from promoting by allowing plant extract to stimulate the scalp. ⓑ Juniper fresh tonic (5ml, 80ml) Dedicated for dandruff removal containing anti-bacterial ingredients and natural extract, which inhibits the proliferation of dandruff bacillus and strengthens hair roots. Also It enhances moisture in the scalp and a feeling of refreshment by preventing keratin from forming. Juniper hair pack (250ml) Controls the proliferation of dandruff bacillus and peroxide lipid oxidized by microorganisms or oxygen in the air. And it provides nutrition to the scalp also effective in preventing from itching. ⓒ

Neroli LINE (For Sensitive scalp) ⓐ 4-STEPS Neroli cline 20ml It is effective in having an anti-bacterial effect, alleviating an itching symptom and strengthening moisture and a feeling of refreshment. It soothes the scalp become sensitive by the sterilization effect of a sebum barrier. Neroli shampoo (300ml, 800ml) Containing plant extract, which is effective in cleaning the scalp fatigued from the scalp stimulating factors such as pollution, climate change, frequent hair dyeing or perm. ⓑ Neroli moist tonic (5ml, 80ml) Containing aroma oil and natural extract that have a soothing and stabilizing effect and a hair root strengthening ingredient that keeps the dry and sensitive scalp healthy. It alleviates the irritation in the scalp and soothes hair roots. ⓓ ⓒ Neroli hair pack (250ml) Controling the unstable scalp caused by irritation, itching, etc and taking even hair treatment into consideration. It contains plant complex extract, soluble ceramides and etc., which are effective in preventing hair from crumbly by strong sunlight.

Angel finger 19 soft silicon bumps that are used to remove the pollutants between the pores and control proliferation of the bacteria that cause dandruff and scalp troubles. It helps clean the scalp far cleaner by removing sebum and widening the pores. Scalp Diagnosis Trolley

Aroma SPA therapy : Phytostory Hair SPA’s purposes “there in tension slackness & reduce stress” is branched to hair health in scalp that is healthy by Aroma SPA therapy. Phytostory Hair SPA wishes to reflects ILJIN’s philosophy & reliablity to do focusing on well-being and organic. Iljin Cosmetic introducing organic plants which grows without any artificial fertilizer in a farm. For the valuable customers with carefully concern on their Hair condition. Phytostory Aroma Hair SPA proposes the most Comfortable hair restoration with one stop well-being concpets.

OCTA COURSE SYSTEM (8-STEPS)  Shampoo S (850ml) STEP-1 •Concentrated recovery shampoo •As the first stage, cleans out waste from on hair. STEP-2  Provita Ampoule (10ml) •As a pre-treatment stage Provides Vitamin to inside of hair

OCTA COURSE SYSTEM (8-STEPS)  High PPT (850ml) STEP-3 • Helps to open hair cuticle layer And provides polymeric protein. STEP-4  Treatment T1 (500ml) • Penetrates nutrition onto cortex.

OCTA COURSE SYSTEM (8-STEPS) Treatment T2 (500ml) STEP-5 • Makes a film onto the remained nutrition after T1 treatment. STEP-6  Shampoo S (850ml) • Intermediate treatment shampoo stage.

OCTA COURSE SYSTEM (8-STEPS) Treatment3 T3 (850ml) STEP-7 • Makes a coating film onto double nutrients stacked hair by T1&T2. STEP-8 Vita E Capsule (50ea) •Finishing stage

For Gray Shade : DN4 BLACK DR5 DN6 Very Dark Brown Black Dark Red Brown Dark Brown DM6 DW6 DR7 DW7 Natural Mocha Brown Dark Golden Brown Natural Red Brown Natural Golden Brown For Gray & Fashion Shade : 5DB 5MG 5PR Dark Blue Dark Khaki Brown For Fashion Shade : 6NB 6A Dark Pink Red 5OB 5CB 6RB Dark Orange Brown Dark Copper Brown Red Brown 7CB Deep Pink Red Orange Brown Light Copper Brown 7YB 8MG 8OR 8RB 9NB Light Khaki Brown Orange Red Light Red Brown Light Natural Brown 9A 9OB 9MB 9YB 10NB Light Ash Brown For Gray & Fashion Shade 7OB Ash Brown Natural Yellow Brown For Gray Shade 7PR Natural Brown Light Orange Brown Light Natural Mocha Brown Light Yellow Brown Very Light Natural Brown 00 12Y Bleached Color Lightest Yellow Gold For Fashion Shade

HERBA Hair Manicure: Brand New Color landing mechanism which is called multi division system. It complete vivid color hair dyeing and it Enhances the color lasting by strong injection. The synergistic by brand new system such as polypeptide, silicone, & etc. that provides hair nourishing and conditioning & shining after finished hair coloring. Acid Coating Color : A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 Black Coffee Dark Brown Mahogany Brown Mocha Brown Honey Gold A6 A7 A8 A9 A10 Pretty Lemon Mandarin Orange Casual Orange Wild Red Cherry Red A11 A12 A13 A14 A15 Rose Pink Violet Iris Purple Indigo Blue Marine Blue A16 A17 A18 A19 A20 Pure Green Olive Green Ginger Green Silver Gray Clear Cool

Etc. IJ Cream Color & Treatment Color C: Ammonia free & No scent (Minimizes hair stimulation, Provides uniform and natural color) T: High density combination of color pigment, provides maintain uniform brownie reflection light. Hasuo treatment hair color (For grey hair) - Odorless Natural oriental hair dye - As a cream type of hair dye it is not containing no ammonia to prevent occurring any bad smell and hair damage. - Hair nutrition supply + hair color change at once.

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