Proposal for bare feet zone in Al Haram

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Information about Proposal for bare feet zone in Al Haram

Published on March 1, 2014

Author: AhmadZamriAbdulRazak



with millions of pilgrims annually, this proposal is to ensure cleanliness and hygiene around the praying areas and to solve the problem of missing / losing shoes or sandals. besides Al Haram (in Makkah), this proposal can also be suggested to the area around Masjid Nabawi (in Madinah). it is just my humble observation of the many lost or missing shoes and sandals of pilgrims being swept away by the cleaners


OBJECTIVE • To solve the problem of where to put our shoes / sandals (rather than carrying them in a bag) or avoid losing them when going to and from Masjidil Haram (Al Haram) to perform our prayers and other rituals like tawaf especially during the peak seasons of Haj and Ramadhan

INTRO • Al Haram is Islam’s holiest mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia where many (millions) pilgrims visit as part of their Umrah / Haj rituals • For example in 2013: “Almost two million people have so far arrived at the site in Saudi Arabia for the rites, which reach a peak on Monday - and another million are expected.”


EXPERIENCES OF OTHER PILGRIMS • “I note that my sandals were not in the particular place where I had stored them.” • “I lost my shoes on my second day at Mecca. It is mind-boggling because our shoes were altogether inside one bag but only mine were taken.”

EXPERIENCES OF OTHER PILGRIMS • “… especially considering the amount of times my brother lost his shoes.” protect-the-shoes/ • “When we emerged from the mosque our shoes were gone. Not stolen, I was certain of that but there were so many shoes and so many gates and surely everyone was exhausted like us and just grabbed something to wear.”

THE PROPOSAL • To recommend a bare feet zone from the nearby hotels around Al Haram (like when we are at our own homes) especially during peak • To ensure hygiene, there will be specified places to wash feet as well as the available ablution areas • The bare feet zone will be tiled in white marble (as in pic above) plus special non-slip mats in the specified places

LIMITATIONS OF PROPOSAL • The hourly/daily cleaning costs involved around the bare feet zone • Those pilgrims who needs to wear shoes for medical reasons (perhaps to wear non-slip socks as an alternative) • Those pilgrims who have just arrived, from their bus to hotel, among many other things

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