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Published on June 2, 2007

Author: ngogerty



Property law wiki is a first approach to solving the problem of dead capital.

What if ?

You didn’t have the legal title for your property?

It would be worth less.

Your family would be vulnerable.

You could be evicted… You could not sell your house… You could not leverage the capital…

What if getting a title to your property took:

2 years wages cumbersome legal procedures illegal activity

This is reality for + 1 billion people

Unregistered property is called…

Dead Capital

There is $9.3 trillion of dead capital in the 3 rd world.

What if dead capital could be

brought to life

$9.3 trillion in poor peoples hands

More money than all 3 rd world charity


What if poor countries can fix the problem on their own.

People first need: to understand the problem

People need to share how property laws work

People need to share how property rights go wrong

People need to suggest making property laws better

A place for knowledge

Property Law Wiki asks: How do we improve property laws?

Property Law wiki is for: Citizens Students NGO’s Legislators Economists Researchers

The opportunity is $9.3 trillion for the world’s poorest. Property Law Wiki

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