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Published on September 21, 2009

Author: kevinvaneck

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Check out our brochure for sellers of Chicago real estate! If you have any questions please let me know.

a company of accomplished salespeople it gives our clients great comfort to know that, above all else, @properties is a company of accomplished real estate salespeople. Simply put, our greatest strength is our ability to sell your home for the best possible price in the shortest amount of time. To achieve this goal, we listen to our clients, study the market intently and work harder than any real estate brokerage firm around. We are practiced communicators, skilled negotiators and persistent closers. Finally, we are perfectionists. We place great importance on delivering the same high level of service at every stage of a transaction, from showing through closing and beyond. 2

fast company Local real estate brokerage firms aren’t supposed to land on the Inc. 500 list alongside microchip makers and management consultants. They aren’t supposed to make Crain’s “Fast Fifty” list of the fastest- growing companies in Chicago or its “40 Under 40” list of top young executives. They aren’t supposed to enjoy 5-year, quadruple-digit revenue growth or gobble up market share like a Silicon Valley sensation. But since @properties was established in 2000, we have done all of that. Our success is no coincidence. It’s a result of our commitment to form a next-generation real estate company that continually raises the bar on service, professionalism and performance. It’s a byproduct of a culture that has attracted hundreds of top-producing Realtors® and produced thousands upon thousands of satisfied clients. It’s the effect of industry-leading technology, high-visibility office locations, and marketing programs that are second to none. And it’s a demonstration of our ability to better relate to today’s homeowners and to consistently achieve superior results for our clients. today, just a few short years after opening a small, four-person office in river north, @properties has become the largest, independently-owned residential brokerage firm in the city of chicago. and we continue to charge ahead. Prior to establishing @properties, company co-founders Michael Golden and Thaddeus Wong were Chicago’s top-producing real estate agents. Today, surrounded by more than 700 agents, Golden and Wong come to work each day with the same market awareness, professionalism and drive that catapulted them to the top of their field. 4

Their experience in the trenches and hands-on involvement in the day-to-day operations of the company are a major distinction between @properties and a lot of other large brokerage firms in Chicago. And it’s one reason why the company, its agents and its clients have fared so well. @properties is never beholden to the demands of shareholders, the impulses of absentee owners or the inefficiencies of corporate bureaucracy. The company always has its finger on the pulse of the local market and always has the ability to respond to changes swiftly and decisively. Since its inception, @properties has sold more homes within new-construction and condo-conversion developments than any other real estate firm in Chicago. But what does our status as the city’s undisputed development-sales leader have to do with helping you sell your existing home? Interestingly...quite a lot. First conceived as a sales-and-marketing company for real estate developers, @properties originally built its marketing programs to support this niche. That’s significant because marketing new construction requires an extremely high level of sophistication, planning and creativity. In fact, tools such as database marketing, professional merchandising and virtual tours, which have only recently crept into traditional brokerage, have long been the standard in development sales. To us, it seemed only natural that existing-home sales would benefit from more evolved development-marketing concepts, and, of course, they have. @properties continues to develop and refine marketing programs for both new- construction and existing-home sales, taking best practices from each and applying them to the other. the result is that we are the only real estate firm in chicago to serve both segments of the market so successfully and on such a large scale. thaddeus wong michael golden co-founders 5

eXposure: Just how important is exposure when it comes to selling your home? Well, how important is breathing? Exposure is everything. And if the broker you hire isn’t equipped to maximize your home’s exposure to the marketplace, then, quite simply, they’re not equipped to sell your home. That’s why @properties’ entire marketing program is built around exposure: exposure through our own sales force of several hundred @properties agents; through an in-house marketing department with full capabilities from e-marketing to graphic design; through the more than 15,000 members of the Chicago Association of Realtors and almost 50,000 members of the Multiple Listing Service of Northern Illinois; and through an exhaustive catalog of mass media, online and grass-roots initiatives custom-tailored to each individual listing. Our fully integrated approach showcases your home before the largest possible audience of qualified buyers. 6

eXposure is everything. 7

eXposure: a market within a market In an industry where word-of-mouth is the most important medium for procuring sales, @properties relies on an exhaustive network that keeps thousands of Realtors® citywide in the loop and up to date on the latest @properties sales and listing activity. It all starts at home, where @properties has cultivated a powerful market within a market that produces the highest ratio of intra-office sales – more than 40 percent – in the city. In fact, by the time your home hits the broader market, it has already been showcased to more than 700 top-producing @properties agents – and their spheres of influence – through a series of e-mail alerts, in-office presentations and exclusive previews. But our micro-marketing is just the beginning. On a macro level, @properties connects with the many different audiences that comprise Chicago’s vast brokerage community via targeted e-mail and printed communications; broker open houses; special events; a one-of-a-kind “agent-appreciation” program; and many other forms of high- and low-tech interactions. Our agent outreach is so efficient that @properties boasts the shortest average market time and highest ratio of selling price to listing price of any major Chicago brokerage firm*. * based on 2007 multiple listing service of northern illinois data real mark flyers are sent to the brokerage community 8

40% our agent-outreach is so methodical and efficient that @properties boasts a 40% ratio of intra-office sales. the highest among any major chicago brokerage firm 9

eXposure: atproperties.com The National Association of Realtors reports that 80 percent of homebuyers begin their search online. Our in-house research indicates that percentage is closer to 95 among Chicago’s city homebuyers. It’s clear the Internet is one of the best ways to reach prospective buyers. With more than 100,000 unique visits a month, atproperties.com is a popular destination for homebuyers. Every @properties listing has its own web page complete with photos and a virtual tour. The site also features the @home agent search function, which e-mails your listing directly to buyers when it matches their search criteria. 80% of home buyers begin their search online 10

atproperties.com attracts more than 100,000 unique visits a month 11

eXposure: every @properties listing has its own web page complete with photos and a virtual tour property virtual tour on atproperties.com

our proprietary @home agent search function e-mails your listing directly to buyers when it matches their search criteria just listed email

eXposure: internet marketing Beyond the exposure your property receives being listed on atproperties.com, the @home agent function includes your property in agent e-nouncements that are regularly sent to @properties’ network of more than 350,000 contacts. @properties also pulls in buyers from other popular real estate sites like Realtor.com,Yahoo, Trulia and Zillow. And we post your listing on popular local sites including ChicagoTribune.com and Craigslist.com. We were one of the first real estate firms in Chicago to post video property tours on YouTube and to purchase Google AdWords in order to assure higher rankings in online searches. listing your property with @properties: 2 1: all of our 700+ agents are 1 notified via email 2: agents email their personal 3 database contacts 4 Real estate 3: property is posted on Real estate Real estate atproperties.com Real estate Real estate 4: property is posted on 400+ Real estate additional real estate websites Real estate bottom line: if your home is listed with @properties, buyers will find it on the internet. 12

@properties email announcements are sent to a network of over 350,000 contacts just listed email property update email 13

in addition to its exposure on atproperties.com, your property can be found on: > aol.com/realestate > chicagotribune.com* > citycribs.com > craigslist.com* > cyberhomes.com > edgeio.com > excite.com > googlebase.com > hotpads.com > juno.com > msn network > netZero.com > oodle.com > propsmart.com > realtor.com* > searchchicago.com > terabitZ.com > trulia.com* > unitedonline.com > vast.com > world now & internet broadcasting networks streaming real estate content to over 165 local tv affiliate sites > plus, over 400 more * showcase listings


eXposure: signage & marketing Most property-specific inquiries are the direct result of on-site signage, and @properties’ ubiquitous for sale signs are the most highly noticeable property advertisements on the streets of Chicago – by design. In addition, @properties will create branded property brochures, flyers and direct mail pieces to highlight your home. These professionally-produced collateral materials include detailed property information as well as multiple color photographs. High-end listings feature @properties’ distinctive Luxury Collection design. mobile marketing @properties is the first real estate brokerage firm in Chicago to institute a comprehensive mobile marketing program, making it possible for homebuyers and their agents to receive instantaneous property information by sending text messages from their cell phones. Mobile marketing also allows your @properties listing agent to capture and respond to leads within seconds, potentially turning a curbside inquiry into a showing or sale. Homebuyers text a “short code” found on a property For Sale sign or in an ad and instantly receive a text message containing a property description, features and multiple photos. Users can then scroll over the listing agent’s e-mail address or phone number to directly contact that agent to set up a showing or request more information. The technology automatically optimizes the user experience based on cell phone and carrier, so enabled phones receive mobile web sites or photos. it’s the perfect way to market to homebuyers on the go. 14

the ubiquitous @properties for sale sign with mobile marketing 15

eXposure: detailed property brochures, flyers and direct mail postcards are created to ensure maximum exposure luxury listing brochures property listing brochure

open house signage an @properties listing gets the highest ratio of sale to asking price compared to any other regional brokerage open house flyer direct mail postcards

eXposure: print advertising @properties’ multi-million-dollar annual print advertising budget gets your home in front of hundreds of thousands of Chicagoans each week.Your listing is part of @properties’ full page weekly advertising in the Chicago Tribune Sunday real estate section. We also feature our Luxury Collection listings in weekly Tribune ads, and in specialty publications such as Modern Luxury’s CS. Depending on your specific needs, we can customize an advertising program for your listing to include additional local, national and community media outlets. in addition to property-specific advertising, @properties places corporate advertising in local publications, on billboards and in other highly visible media throughout chicago. 16

by reinforcing the overall @properties brand, we make all of our marketing efforts work more effectively on behalf of your property 17

eXposure: property ads run monthly in chicago social & ultimate address publications custom ads for your property are sent out to thousands within the brokerage community

your listing will appear in our chicago tribune full-page weekly advertising spreads

eXposure: luXury collection marketing chicago’s luxury property market has changed dramatically within the past decade – growing from a small, self-contained specialty, served by a handful of brokers, to a vast and highly competitive marketplace requiring an ever-increasing level of sophistication and reach. Today, what drives success in the luxury market is not only a skilled and accomplished corps of agents, but also a comprehensive marketing strategy to brand individual listings and reach a relatively diverse audience. That is why we offer the Luxury Collection, a sales and marketing program that leverages @properties’ unmatched resources and relationships to meet the needs of Chicago’s luxury property owners. From new-construction in Lincoln Park to landmark mansions in Wicker Park, from vintage high-rises along Lake Shore Drive to the newest generation of super-luxury towers, @properties has successfully marketed and sold hundreds of millions of dollars in high-end real estate throughout the city. our custom luxury collection marketing program includes on-site signage, brochures, email announcements, postcard mailings and open house invitations to brokers 18


eXposure: luXury collection advertising @properties’ luxury collection advertising program targets high-end homebuyers through chicago’s most upscale media outlets, where prominent placement and compelling design lend added cache to the properties that make up the luxury collection brand. Our dedicated Luxury Collection display ad in the Sunday Chicago Tribune reaches almost 1 million readers a week. Our monthly spread in the Tribune’s Ultimate Address magazine reaches more than 300,000 upscale consumers in high-income zip codes in the city and suburbs. And our glossy, four-color Luxury Collection spread in CS Magazine reaches nearly 300,000 readers with an average household income of more than $250,000. 20


pricing your home: comparative market analysis (cma) your home has many values: One to the tax assessor, one to the appraiser and another one to you. It also has different values to prospective buyers depending on their needs, wants and financial resources. However, in the end, what determines the selling price of your home isn’t necessarily any of these things, nor is it what you paid, nor the proceeds you might need from a sale. What determines the selling price of your home is the market. One of an agent’s most important jobs is to set a listing price that creates a market – the best possible market – for your property. In order to do that, your agent will perform a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA. A CMA compares your home to similar properties – both currently on the market and recently sold. It takes into account factors such as location, price, features and property condition. But a good agent will probe beyond the information a computer spits out. They will look inside the numbers for events like price reductions or re-listings. They will rely upon first-hand experience in determining how the presence or absence of unique features impact the value to potential buyers. And they will conduct their own, independent analysis to gauge market forces such as supply and demand and consumer confidence – on a macro and micro level. 22

A CMA tAkES intO ACCOUnt: PROPERty fEAtURES > Location > LivabLe square footage and Lot dimensions > condition of property inside and out > unique features MARkEt COnditiOnS > suppLy and demand > interest rates and avaiLabiLity of financing > state of the economy > seasonaL demand COMPEtitiOn > price, Location, features and condition > market activity > market time > price changes, re-Listings 23

pricing your home: showing activity the greatest amount of showing activity occurs within the first few weeks of market time, so pricing your home correctly is crucial to a timely and lucrative sale. The longer a property sits on the market, the more negatively it is perceived – and the harder it is to sell. Therefore, overpricing a property out of the gate virtually assures a seller of a longer market time and a lower return. Remembering the time value of money, a home that sells for $500,000 today returns more than a home that sells for $500,000 at any point after today. 98.5% @properties list price to sale price ratio average #1 in chicago - mlsni 2007 24


pricing your home: the time value of money in the simplest terms, the time value of money shows us that, all things being equal, it is better to have money today than to have it later. And the time value of money is what pricing your home for sale is all about: achieving the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time in order to maximize your return – today and in the future. It’s a delicate balancing act, and one that nobody handles as deftly as @properties. Consider that @properties boasts the highest ratio of selling price to listing price among any of Chicago’s major real estate brokerage firms and the shortest average market time among any major brokerage firm. There isn’t much more that needs to be said. 57 @properties average days on market #1 in chicago - mlsni 2007 industry average: 80 days 26


preparing your home: getting it ready part of attracting the best possible offer for your home is attracting the widest possible audience of potential buyers. but every buyer sees your home from their own unique point of view. Maintaining a neutral décor and a clean, uncluttered environment gives your home the kind of mass appeal you need in today’s ultra-competitive real estate market – one in which buyers give just as much consideration to what’s wrong with a particular home as they give to what’s right. @properties will help you see your home from a buyer’s perspective and suggest ways to enhance its marketability. In most cases, that won’t mean spending a lot of time or money – just enough to create that crucial good first impression. 28

preparing your home: here is a checklist of preparations to make before showing your home. be sure to consult your @properties agent to find out what improvements they recommend. de-clutter maintain your home’s exterior Go through your home room by room and ask yourself If you live in a single-family home or townhome, maintain what you can throw away and what you can box up and your lawn and landscaping. In winter, shovel and de-ice put in storage. Then do it again. Pay extra attention to areas walkways. In a condominium, pay attention to the area in like bookcases, shelves and kitchen and bathroom counters. front of the doorway. Keep it neat and inform the superintendent of any problems, such as burned-out lights. organiZe Make balconies, decks and patios inviting with potted Storage space can be a dealmaker or breaker, so go through plants and flowers. your closets and pantries and throw away, give away or put away anything you don’t need. Clean out bedroom closets make repairs so that hanging clothes are aligned and have ample space. Consult with your agent prior to undertaking a large-scale Remove items from closet floors. Reorganize and clean home improvement project, but go ahead and make easy out your kitchen cabinets and line up dishes and glassware. repairs such as touch-up spackling and painting, replacing a Make sure bathroom and kitchen drawers are neatly cracked window or torn screen, fixing a leaky faucet and organized – even your junk drawer. changing burned out light bulbs. clean remove personal property Give your home a deep clean from top to bottom, If you do not plan on including personal property such as including windows, upholstery and carpet, and the window treatments or light fixtures as part of the sale, then refrigerator and oven - yes, buyers actually open them.Vacuum remove them and put them in storage before your first floors, wipe down kitchen and bathroom countertops and showing. This prevents a buyer from wanting them and empty waste baskets daily. trying to negotiate for them as part of the deal. paint remove pets A fresh coat of paint is the least expensive, most effective Keep pets out of the home during showings. Also be sure way to enhance the appearance of your home. Be sure to to conceal their food bowls and litter boxes. use neutral colors, but keep in mind that darker tones can give smaller spaces, such as powder rooms, an intimate feel. hire a home inspector Consult your agent for recommendations. At a minimum, Hiring a professional, licensed home inspector prior to make sure to wash all walls and windowsills. putting your home on the market allows you to spot potential problems and make repairs before buyers make brighten your home them an issue. Light gives the impression of space, so it’s important for every room in your home to have ample light at any time disclose everything of day. Prior to showings, wash windows, raise blinds and By law, sellers must disclose existing structural and turn on lights. Add floor or table lamps to brighten dark mechanical problems, flooding and other defects to rooms or corners. potential buyers. Withholding this information can cause a much bigger headache than the problem itself. 29

preparing your home: setting the stage over the past few years, and thanks to a number of successful cable tv shows on the topic, staging has become a popular practice in real estate brokerage circles. More than simple cleaning, de-cluttering and repairs, staging involves the retail merchandising of your home to help it show to its full potential. Staging can be as simple as rearranging your living room furniture to highlight a beautiful fireplace or as involved as hiring a professional to furnish an empty home right down to the artwork on the walls.Your @properties agent can give you some specific suggestions for staging your home, or help you decide if you would benefit from a professional stager. 30

preparing your home: > Use neutral colors and décor to help your home appeal to the largest number of potential buyers. Add color through accessories like pillows, throw rugs and candles. > Arrange furniture in small groupings that demonstrate a room’s functionality, and do not overcrowd a room with furniture. Float furniture away from walls, and place pieces in a way that dictates logical traffic flow. > If possible, position your most attractive piece of furniture so it is seen when entering the room. > Open the blinds and drapes to let in extra light and make rooms seem larger. Use light, airy window treatments, like simple sheers on a curtain rod. Hang window treatments so they cover the least amount of glass making windows appear larger. > Higher wattage light bulbs can brighten up dark areas, while dimmers are a low-cost way to add a desirable feature and allow you to increase or decrease light levels in different rooms. > Camouflage outdated furniture or worn upholstery with slip covers, and replace worn bedspreads and throw rugs. > Keep kitchen counters clean and clear of all items, and remove all magnets and notes from the front of the refrigerator. If your kitchen needs an update, paint cupboards with a neutral color and replace knobs on cabinets. > Remove all personal items from the bathroom counter. Stock fresh towels and get a new shower curtain and rug for the floor. > Personal photographs and mementos add warmth and character to a home, but use them in moderation so the buyer will focus on your home, not you. > Use interesting accessories to draw the eye to desirable features like built-in shelving, book cases or fireplace mantels. > Display knick-knacks and collectibles in neat, uncluttered groupings. > Adjust the temperature in your home according to the time of year. In winter, warm rooms create a sense of coziness, while ceiling fans and air conditioning make your home a welcome oasis for buyers in hot weather. > Remember outdoor spaces like your back yard, patio or balcony. Add furniture, plants or potted flowers with seasonal settings. 31

negotiating offers: priced correctly and marketed aggressively most homes will draw a timely offer. How your agent handles that offer and guides you through subsequent negotiations is important for getting the best possible terms for your sale. Your @properties agent will conduct negotiations with professionalism, attention to detail and a loyal representation of your interests. The following principles guide @properties’ agents in every negotiation. confidentiality communication Our fiduciary duty to our clients begins and ends Your @properties agent will involve you in all with confidentiality, which is vital to the integrity aspects of the negotiation and communicate your of the deal and to our reputation as professionals. options clearly and candidly. responsiveness strength Time is of the essence in a real estate transaction. We do everything in our power to help our clients We will expedite the presentation of offers negotiate from a position of strength. Our goal is and counteroffers, and quickly act upon any to achieve an outcome that meets or exceeds your opportunity. expectations. resourcefulness Real estate sales are multi-faceted transactions. We examine all angles of a deal to find strategies and solutions that help you accomplish your objectives. 32

negotiating offers: what to eXpect in a negotiation remember that most transactions involve a fair amount of negotiation between the initial offer and a signed contract. An agent’s objectivity, experience and counsel are usually indispensable in these situations. Keep in mind that price isn’t the only thing that’s negotiable in the sale of your home. A potential buyer can add any number of terms to the contract, which may make the offer more or less attractive to you. some of the most common elements to consider are: price Your agent’s knowledge of the current market is invaluable in helping you decide whether to accept the offered price or counter with a higher one. They will also help you consider the time value of money in your decision, i.e. will a higher offer offset potential additional carrying costs? mortgage contingency Most buyers purchase a home subject to obtaining a mortgage. The terms of the mortgage and a timeframe for securing financing must be stated in the contract. Make sure you are comfortable with these terms and the buyer’s ability to obtain a mortgage, because if they cannot, the contract will be void. home inspection Most buyers choose to conduct an inspection of the property with a licensed home inspector to identify potential structural or material problems. If the inspector uncovers any issues, you and the buyer must negotiate what items will be addressed, by whom, and who will pay for them. attorney approval Attorney approval is usually a one-week period, in which both you and the buyer have your attorneys review the contract and suggest alterations. Upon attorney review, if the contract is not acceptable to either party, both have the option to cancel. closing date This is the date when ownership changes hands and usually, but not always, the date when you must vacate and the buyer may occupy the property. If you have specific requirements for scheduling the closing due to your own move, the buyer’s flexibility in this regard might be an important factor in deciding to accept an offer. 33

contract to closing: putting a deal together is half the battle keeping it together is the other half, and it can be every bit as challenging. In the world of real estate, the time from contract to closing is loaded with loose ends and potential pitfalls. Fortunately, @properties agents are just as diligent in the post-contract stage as we are during marketing and sales. Our follow-through, organization and attention to detail ensure that deadlines are met, documents are distributed, and every item is in place to make your transaction efficient, convenient and trouble free. our agents and support staff will: > Distribute contracts to all relevant parties > Coordinate attorney review > Coordinate a home inspection > Collect earnest money > Distribute required disclosure forms > Collect important documents such as the tax bill and condominium declaration > Coordinate an appraisal > Update you when contingencies have been satisfied > Coordinate your closing > Review settlement figures for accuracy > Help you find a new home > Follow up to make sure you are happy with the service you received > Provide information to lenders 34

contract to closing: closing costs: who pays for what? sale price buyer seller commission 6% of purchase price s loan origination 0-1% of loan amount b loan discount 0-4% of loan amount b appraisal $250-500 b credit report $50/report b inspection fee $350+/visit b underwriting fee $150-300 b processing fee $100-250 b flood certificate $20-40 b tax service $50-90 b commitment fee $100-250 b attorney fee $400-1,000+ b s document $60-150 b settlement closing $150-450 b title insurance $150-300 (buyer) b title insurance $300-1,000 (seller) s recording fee $60-80 b s state transfer tax $1.50/1,000 s county transfer tax $3.00/1,000 s city transfer tax $7.50/1,000 b survey $150-500 s home inspection $200-600 b termite inspection $40-$100 b s interest per day loan amount 365xrate b s tyPiCAl ClOSing COStS ARE EqUAl escrow taxes 1-5 mths (if applicable) b tO APPROXiMAtEly 1% Of thE PURChASE PRiCE fOR thE SEllER. escrow insurance 1-5 mths (if applicable) b escrow pmi 1 month (if applicable) b to obtain the best possible estimate for taxes and closing costs contact tax proration 100-110% of last tax bill s your real estate attorney. 35

good karma = good business long before starting the process of buying or selling a home, many of our clients are already familiar with @properties – not only through our reputation in real estate circles but also through our reputation in the community. We are proud of the fact that philanthropy and volunteerism has become such an important part of the culture at @properties. Our agents and employees consistently donate their time and money to worthwhile causes including local, national and international charities, relief efforts, civic organizations, children’s charities, hospitals and neighborhood groups. We are a frequent sponsor of community events and a visible presence at neighborhood festivals. In 2007, we introduced the @spot – a neighborhood coffee shop where neighbors can gather to talk about real estate, of course, but also to form the bonds that strengthen a community. 36

Sunday, September 30, 2007 good relationships, good business, good karma. it’s what keeps @properties front and center in the community and strengthens our reputation as a trusted partner. 37

at the end of the day: eXposure is everything. 38

it is the policy of @properties to abide by all local, state and federal fair housing laws and not to discriminate against any individual or group of individuals. the agent may not lawfully disclose the racial , ethnic or religious composition of any neighborhood, community, or building, nor whether persons with disabilities are housed in any home or facility, except that the agent may identify housing facilities meeting needs of a disabled buyer. 39

RiVER nORth: linCOln PARk: lAkEViEW: gOld COASt: BUCktOWn: 618 West fuLton 1586 north cLybourn 3101 north greenvieW 212 east ohio 1875 north damen chicago, iL 60661 chicago, iL 60642 chicago, iL 60657 chicago, iL 60611 chicago, iL 60647 t: 312.491.0200 t: 312.254.0200 t: 773.862.0200 t: 312.506.0200 t: 773.432.0200 f: 312.491.0228 f: 312.254.0222 f: 773.305.0480 f: 312.506.0222 f: 773.432.0050

our greatest strength is our ability to sell your home for the best possible price in the shortest amount of time 3

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