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Published on November 21, 2010

Author: njo4


Properties of Air : Properties of Air Big Question: What causes changes in the weather? How does air support life? : How does air support life? Air Mixture of many gases Makes up the Earth’s atmosphere Atmosphere acts as an insulating blanket Earth doesn’t get too hot or too cold Protects us from harmful rays from sun Sound Waves : Sound Waves Sound waves and air Sound and ears The Ear : The Ear Temperature Affects Air Pressure : Temperature Affects Air Pressure Cold temperature = more air molecules; more dense; higher the pressure; Warm temperature = less air molecules; less dense; lower the pressure Air Pressure – the force of air pushing against something Warm and Cold Air : Warm and Cold Air Cold Air sinks because it is more dense. Warm air rises because it is less dense. Earth’s Permanent High and Low Pressure Areas : Earth’s Permanent High and Low Pressure Areas Polar Regions maintain high pressure areas because air becomes cold and sinks. Equator is very warm and receives the most direct rays of sun for much of year. Air Properties can be measured : Air Properties can be measured Barometer – measure s air pressure Anemometer – measures wind speed Beaufort Wind Scale – labels winds by speed and force How can these instruments help meteorologists predict the weather?

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